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  1. oh... all right then! There's probably a reason why I can never role play evil
  2. I'd forgotten that bit! I was /so/ close to telling Imoen to find her own way back
  3. Angelo: you are reprehensible and possibly unhygenic. So why do I /keep/ on romancing you with a series of characters?
  4. KathStoneDog

    Praise for Angelo

    Just jumping in to add that Angelo really is rather wonderful Kath Stonedog
  5. I'm now fixated on Sean-Bean-as-Aran When we get to launch, can someone help me out with inserting a suitable photo? I do understand that we are getting so many desireable images that they probably can't all be included. Kath Stonedog
  6. me too! Not that I'm an addict or anything.... Kath StoneDog
  7. here! http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?s...154&hl=beta it's "revealed" rather than "out" though. I can confirm it's terrific Kath Stonedog
  8. Thank you! Kath Stonedog
  9. What can I say? It works Berelinde has thought it through and - it works! It won't be for everyone but then what mod is? we've probably all got an hour into something and then uninstalled it. It isn't a light and fluffy piece. Very real. I'm someone who fails utterly to play evil PCs because I can't deal with the dissonance between them and "my" paradigms. I don't have a problem with this mod at all. Kath Stonedog
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