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  1. Thank you..... couldn't do with hurting Gavin's feelings at this stage Kath STonedog
  2. Whoa! On my second run (having managed to save over my save games) and all was going very nicely.http://forums.gibberlings3.net/style_images/g31154335502/folder_editor_images/rte-align-left.png PC is engaged to Gavin and loving him. Frequently. Anomen passed his test just before we left. At that point PC told Anomen that he/she were just friends - PC hadn't encouraged him, honest! He winced and took it. Hadn't had a Gavin/Anomen conflict but thought maybe there hadn't been time. Just collected Imoen in spellhold. Gavin has just walked close by and smiled encouragingly. At which
  3. Haer-D'alis's special gift in the promenade: the mnerchant describes it, HD responds and instead of two options like other gifts, only 2 No thank you (or whatever) appears! However, keying 1 will mean you buy the item Kath Stonedog
  4. When Miranda talks to talosian she calls him Thondar - but he speaks as Nirkhaus Kath Stonedog
  5. EDIT: Looks like I'm going to have to do that. The error message does appear a couple of times here at G3, including a PS:T widescreen problem - the advice seems to be to manually uninstall and then procceed.
  6. I'll give it a whirl - I know I can always go back and start again after all! Thanks Berelinde! Kath Stonedog
  7. Oh dear. No, I hadn't done anything before I tried the uninstall the choice of R, N, U, Q then "Removing [Gavin for BG2] (component #0) ERROR: This Mod is too old (or too new) to uninstall that component for you. Upgrade to the newest bersions of this mod and that one and try again. [Failure("TP" not found!")] ERROR: Failure("uninstallation error") PLEASE email the file SETUP-GAVIN_BG2.DEBUG to berelinde@gmail.com Using Language [English]" then back to the choice line Some of it I can't even parse! this mod? that mod? LOL IS providing a weidu log or the debug file going
  8. I was trying to uninstall gavin for bg2 so that I could reinstall the latest and take him through from BG1. It says that the current mod is too old or too new to do this? and can't find tp2. I'm trying to run setup-gavin_bg2.exe in my Program Files/Black Isle/BGII - SOA. Kath Stonedog
  9. LOL I was trying to go to Imnesvale and put it off because Minsc was creating! Thank you Berelinde! Kath Stonedog
  10. did I send the wrong zip? wouldn't be the first time.... Kath Stonedog
  11. I just want to say: happy happy joy joy! Oh yes indeedy! Kath Stonedog
  12. Dinner cooked. Rug laid. Have emailed the zip file to you. Had to run cmd.exe as admin to get write access to the folder and then archive to desktop which is what took the time - sorry. Running Windows 7. And I went and found a later numbered weidu file, following a 404 on the link, so I hope that's all right. Kath Stonedog
  13. I went back to last save rather than restarting - let me know if this is wrong. Charname is Sancha. The loop is SANCHA - Running block 11 of minsc.BCS Now off to do the rest of the instructions. And cook dinner. And lay the new rug. Bear with me *roll eyes* Kath Stonedog
  14. I'm having problems with Minsc (whatever party position he is in) losing his movement marker after a short period of walking. Is this what you mean by "lags"? Kath Stonedog PS I'll hand hold Minsc through the entire game if that's what it takes to have Gavin!
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