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  1. Actually, I've accidentally created a LN human cleric of Helm with CHA 12. I think that she's very pretty, but Coran apparently wouldn't - oh well, his loss! I think some requirements are useful, such as racial ones and reputation (even though the way it works in the game is silly) and stat-related ones (you could argue about some of those, as in CHA isn't all the looks, but that's not my point here). Sure, the Bio romances had only racial requirements... which hardly was realistic. It's just sad that those three women would get into self-degrading and humiliating hair-pulling catfights
  2. Well, personally I am against putting many requirements on the romances, but the alignment ones are my special pet peeve. I think I'll now go and create a blonde elven LG mage with Charisma above 13 and then get all Coran, Ajantis, Xan - and maybe even Kivan - in my party. I'll probably have to call the PC Marisu. *sigh* Heh, it might be fun to watch.
  3. Can I check up the status of the romance with the CLUA console or something? Incidentally, I would say that my LN cleric *is* a paragon of virtue, her reputation is as high as 16. Ajantis should be swooning for her, I think!
  4. So far, none. I'm left with watching Khalid-Jaheira romantic exchanges, and those are pretty sweet. I initially thought about romancing Xan with my female Charname, but the romance seems to have been broken at some point. Or did it even start? Not at all sure about that. In any case, since my Charname is a human LN cleric of Helm, I thought she might be just the right girl for her fellow Helmite, Ajantis. So, I pick the paladunce up. Again, silence. I check the romance guide, and it turns out that Ajantis has his Alignment Detector set in a such way that he only finds the Good C
  5. That is tough for the project. We now stand at 3 romance options for female PC's and 2 for male PC's, with Shar-Teel not having as full-fledged romance as the rest of them, if I'm not mistaken. This leads to a question, after Branwen's demise, will we now consider a new romantic option for a male PC to make it more equal for male and female PC's?
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