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  1. Just an idea - you can make a use of the "flying ship" landed in Kuldahar.
  2. I'm completing IWD in NeJ3 now (playing, testing). It's fully compatible with BGT. My installation is based on BGT and I've tested from the very beginning. Everything looks fantastic so far. Plus selected NPCs from BG1/BG2. Watch our forums.
  3. Hi all, Has someone encountered a problem with playing songs under Windows 7 64-bit? The song starts, music plays for about 3-5 sec and then fades. And this is with every song in the game, no matter the game is modded or not. I've made a simple custom script block and inserted it in the different NPCs scripts in the game just to play the song while they initiate a dialogue, but to no avail. The problem still persists, which makes me think that this issue is with Windows, not with the game. I don't have Windows XP these days to prove my assumption. Any insights into this matter?
  4. I have set temporary forum boards until Baronius resurrects BWL. If you have questions or would like to visit us there follow the link below: http://vladp.10.forumer.com/ TS v6.05 compatible with NeJ2 is ready for upload. NeJ2 v6.02 (final cumulative patch) also is ready for upload. Good luck!
  5. Vlad

    IETME Woe

    Well, I actually do not wish to interfere here, but... DLTCEP area modding capabilities are potentially far superior over IETME, however and unfortunately - only potentially. IETME still offers nice graphic editting features such as making walls, search and height maps with several mouse clicks or making/locating traps, containers, ambients etc visually. The best way to make areas is combine both programs + Photoshop. Bryce is great! I have recently purchased the new version 5.5 from DAZ, the rendering times really twice faster than of the previous DAZ 5.01 version. I also use Vue 4, and this is another very good 3D landscaping program. Photoshop is very handy for making BMPs of the area you are working on, then normally you should load this BMP into IETME and make all other work on it until you get your TIS file. Unfortunately IETME has a bug in saving and re-saving WED files particularly with doors and animated overlays. Here comes DLTCEP which allows you to extract smoothly already made areas from BIF, and then correctly re-save them after you finish your modifications in Photoshop and/or IETME. All in all, it's a long story, and there are very good tutorials around on making areas, particularly look for those of Cuv. I have planned to write my own tutorial but it takes a lot of time from actual modding, anyway I'm still planning to do this.
  6. P.S. I have solved this problem but only partially. When the spell is memorised it works perfectly, but when being cast from scrolls the caster still moves to the point of his LOS.
  7. Does someone know how to disable LOS (line of sight) through solid objects in a spell "Dimension Door"? Unknown 11, which is *No LOS needed* in DLTCEP disables LOS only if there are no obstacles on the line of sight, but is it possible to simulate CTRL-J to any arbitrary chosen point within the same area map with "Dimension Door" spell?
  8. I understand that this should be discussed at the proper WeiDU forums at PPG but as the invisible eye of Jason watches all the modding forums I would like to bring this to his attention here. At present I'm successfully uninstalling WeiDU mods manually without any problem. I have always made a backup of DIALOG.TLK and OVERRIDE after each installation of the mod, and if I want to uninstall it then I replace DIALOG.TLK and OVERRIDE with their backups, BACKUP (replaced with empty one), remove newly created .BAT files, and manually erase the corresponding line in the WeiDU.LOG. Why not to automate this process? I really would prefer my DIALOG.TLK left untouched as it was before installation of the corresponding mod because of the reason mentioned by Sim. Grim, you are lucky!
  9. Well, Grim, it will be surely created but with a lot of warnings. I really don't understand why this file should cause so much troubles if it doesn't exist in the installation package, and it cannot exist in the installation package because then it overwrites the previous one and makes all WeiDU mods uninstallable that I really don't care because actually WeiDU doesn't uninstall mods but just remove installed files and replace the modified files with their pre-installation versions leaving dialog.tlk messed with alien strings.
  10. Yes, you are mistaken, may be not horribly, seanas. MUSICLIST.IDS is included in ToB latest patch. It doesn't exist in the unpatched ToB though. And every player/gamer is supposed after installation of his ToB to install ToB patch. It's a RULE! The unpatched SoA-ToB game is very unstable and causes a lot of problems. Minotaur, I have installed myself on the fresh installation of SoA-ToB (+patch) this version of TS. I know that many people have already installed and there is no reason that it would fail unless you didn't install your original BioWare game correctly. For now switching between installation of ToB patch and Baldurdash causes more problems than you could imagine before. Baldurdash v1.12 SHOULD be installed ONLY over ToB patched version. I hope you read his instructions before installation. Then go all WeiDU mods. Please prepare the fresh installation of BG2-SoA, then ToB, then install the latest ToB patch. Then you may install Baldurdash or not, it's really dependent on your desire to experience original bugs or not. Only then you may proceed with installation of WeiDU mods. Please take into account that there is no WeiDU.log file in my installation package. If you install TS v6.0 first among other WeiDU mods, you should manually create the blank WeiDU.LOG file using any text editor. Just pay attention that the file should be with extension .LOG and not .TXT. Good luck. P.S. I have double checked again. The MUSICLIST.IDS has appeared in my override folder after installation of the ToB patch.
  11. Hi Minotaur, It means you didn't install either of two very important things: 1. Latest ToB patch. 2. Baldurdash fix pack. MUSICLIST.IDS is supplied with both.
  12. Very good point. At least TS has not been a beta for two years.
  13. Domi I wonder do you intentionally neglect your original Valygar romance + his flirt pack + NPCs interjections?
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