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  1. Thanks, it looks promising because what I have noticed that ALL original spells have the offset 0x54: 7f 96 98 00 Then in my opinion it cannot be "the IDed description offset is 0x54 (also 4 bytes)". If I use DESC than it is really written into 0x54 (4 bytes). [EDIT] Also there are only a few values appearing at offsets 0x44 and 0x58 which might be evaluated then by changing them.
  2. Well, then first I am going to report this to Jon. Second, what are the offsets 0x44 and 0x58? Third, I still cannot get the description of the spell in my game whilst spell itself is installed without any problem: COPY ~NeJ2/spl/SPWI527.SPL~ ~override/SPWI527.SPL~  SAY NAME1 ~Xan's Eye Bite~  SAY NAME2 ~Xan's Eye Bite~  SAY DESC ~Xan's Eye Bite (Enchantment/Charm)...~ Do you see any problem in this code? [EDIT] I am not talking about kits. This is just about spells.
  3. Here is just my own observation, though it would be probably better to post it at PPG forums. I noticed that the following with respect to spells doesn't necessary add the descriptions: SAY UNIDENTIFIED_DESC ~Unidentified Description~ // unidentified description for items, spell description for spells SAY DESC ~Identified Description~ // identified description for items, unused for spells If you look into NI then after compiling this part you would see something like this: Unknown - Offset 0x42 - 00 00 Unknown - Offset 0x44 - 00 00 72 62 00 00 55 6e Unknown - Offset 0x4c - 00
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