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  1. Hi... I'm trying to make a new installation and when I try to make a backup of BG2EE I can't. This is what I have... Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Ok. I will start with the files.... thank you! ¡Nos vemos!
  3. Hi... could I make the spanish translation?
  4. could you send me or post here the files to translate, please?
  5. could I make the spanish translation or the update?
  6. lisandro

    Updated GUI

    I think this GUI is great! It is true anyone can't use widescreen, but if someone use it, this would be an option.
  7. Hi... I've updated spanish version. Now all special character are displayed. Can I send you? Option for attach there isn't Thank you! ¡Nos vemos!
  8. I've made tra directory
  9. I've made the spanish translation. how can I send you it?
  10. I've made the spanish translation Can I send you it?
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