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  1. Keep up the good work BigRob and Good Luck I agree aswell 100%. Cant wait
  2. BigRob and Jester I'm working on getting more info onto myr forums and others but as I’ve said before I get seriously self conscious about it but I’m getting over it a little. Caedwyr Thanks for the vote of confidence. Domi Criticisms good and appreciated and I know there no excuse for sloppiness in that I’m sorry. I just get really nervous when typing on forums.
  3. No replys huh. Ok anyone got any ideas that would make people take him seriously or am I basically being the real version of noober pestering you hard working people. When no ones interested.
  4. I have this idea for a Npc character Ive been working on. I was just wondering if anyone had any view suggestions or anything they would like to add and thanks again to everyone whos commented before on him. Info on http://www.phpbber.com/phpbb/index.php?mforum=raven.
  5. A new custom kit sounds really confusing but i will give it a try. His portrait is nice isn’t it Plasmocat done it for me. Thanks for the reply I didn’t think many people were that interested but I guess I need to give a lot more information on him. But you’re along the right lines.
  6. Sorry if this isnt the right kind of topic for this forum but im looking for some suggestions I have this npc I have been working on for about a month now but while playing baldurs gate 2 with him he didnt seem right. The cleric part made me think of him more as a priest then just a healer. Hes like strider out of lord of the rings in that he knows of the wild and about tracking. Hes a half elf who grow up round only the elf. which gives him his healing abilitys.so I think I will need to try and learn to give im just the inate abilitys other then a full class. So he can just be a ranger for now. Other then a cleric/ranger. the healing abilitys come from When he was younger they would make fun of him because he was half human and because he couldnt see as well as them in the dark so they used to hurt him real bad. The elfs can be crual when they want to be. So hes had to protect himself and in doing so tot himself to heal. a little more info is on my forum but i dont get any replys proparly cause theres so many other npc out there or hes not that interesting yet http://www.phpbber.com/phpbb/index.php?mforum=raven any thoughts on class? sorry about spelling and grammer but spending the past couple of hours at the computer while drinking vodka and coke will do that to you.
  7. I never really thought of him as a romancable character Even though he called the main character my raven. But this has got me very intrigued. Thumbs up to you all and keep up the good work. I cant wait
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