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  1. In game. I do need to check the file to see if they match the description.
  2. That was my first thought as well, but the WPO merges all bow types together, specifically to allow characters to use all types, subject to the various strength limitations. Her strength is 9 which should be fine for longbows that require a 6.
  3. You were right, the apparent anomaly with Khalid was indeed the shield penalty from IR. I take your point about usability vs proficiency, but Imoen is still just a thief (early days yet!) and her 9 strength should allow her to use longbows, which have a requirement of 9 strength. I was unaware of any limitation to wooden weapons for forest druids, there's no such mention in Grammarsalad's partially complete readme and nothing in about that her class description accessed from the record page, although that appears to be an incomplete update of the normal druid information. It just mentions
  4. Went back in and deleted the option in the Tweaks Anthology, but no significant change. My Knight of Eternal Order doesn't have any proficiency in club/mace and gets the +2 penalty. Khalid does a have a point of proficiency and has an unexplained +1 penalty. My Sonnlinor does have a point of proficiency and has neither bonus or penalty. Jaheira has 2 points of proficiency, but is still banned from using it. Jahiera has the attributes of a Forest Druid, but has the class description of a vanilla druid, though I'm not sure if that's actually relevant.
  5. Well, not entirely. There's something weird going on with maces. My created cleric with one point in mace/club can use one without penalty, but my created paladin with one point in mace/club gets the +2 penalty for lacking a proficiency. And Jaheira with 2 points cannot use one at all. Looking at the weapons, they're categorized as mace/morningstar so I think that this must be some sort of interaction between the Tweaks Anthology's weapons proficiency option, where I chose option 1 to merge morning stars into maces, and the WPO as the characters' proficiencies show as mace/club, although I'm
  6. It's official, I'm an idiot. I forgot to switch the Ease of Use AI to prioritize ranged weapons, so the characters switched back to their melee weapons ASAP.
  7. Intrigued by YARAS and WPO, I adopted it for my mini-mega modded version of BG:EE, but now have a strange bug that is sort of halfway between vanilla and your revision. Forex Khalid has the Bows proficiency, but cannot equip a shortbow. It doesn't show in his inventory outlined in red as an inappropriate weapon, he just can't equip it. And even though I selected option 1 in the Tweaks Anthology's weapons proficiency to move morning stars into the mace category, it doesn't seem to have any effect. Jahira has proficiency in Club/Mace, but a mace in her inventory is outlined in red. Similarly lik
  8. Crap, now my whole game is borked. And Beamdog Client crashes right away when I ask it to reinstall the game.
  9. I thought as much. I'm as puzzled as you are because I'd figured on one of the many item-altering mods in my installation being the culprit. Imagine my astonishment when rolling them back one by one showed that the bug didn't show up when I finally got to F&P. Thanks for putting so much effort into your mods. They've added a lot of spice to a game system that I've been playing for a very, very long time.
  10. Weird bug that I'm having in my EET game with 0.80.3. When I right click on the unidentified belt where Garion got slaughtered, my game crashes. I can move it between characters no problem. Should I go back to an older version? Weidu log attached WeiDU.log
  11. Thanks, I must have missed it when I checked earlier.
  12. For an EET installation, should this mod be loaded before the main EET file, like most of the other BG:EE specific mods?
  13. Playing the Mac version 1.21 that Bartimaeus was kind enough to send me and I'm having a problem with this dagger as it's not throwable. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. And when I click on the knapsack icon to switch it to throwing, it disappears from my weapons slot and appears in my general inventory. I don't want to do a reinstall with the latest version since it took me 4 days to install SCS with only a moderate number of mods, but it would be nice if this was a known problem and could be fixed simply. Happy to post my weidu.log if someone will remind me how to make
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