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  1. Mod updated! New version - 3.5.1! Fixed a bug due to which the dialogue of the protagonist with himself when turning into the Slayer could get confused with the dialogue from Renal's quest (in component number 3). Thanks for the bug-report Ulpian! https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/releases/tag/V.3.5.1
  2. Mod updated! New version - 3.5! Fixed a bug due to which the storyteller could tell two stories in a row (thanks to Thrasymachus for the bug report!) Minor text improvements https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/releases/tag/v.3.5
  3. Small episodes you might have missed (added also in the first post): 1. On the second floor of the bank, pay attention to the cat walking around the location. You can "talk" with cat. 2. If in the Jackal's quest line you did not share money with Sheila, then in chapter 6 you can meet her again in the Slums. She will look a little different and you will find out how her story ended. 3. In the dialogue with the city crier, you can now ask him if there is any news about the hero from Baldur's Gate 4. If the protagonist is an elf, the group is in the forest, there is Aerie in the party and the romance with her is not active, then an additional new dialogue will arise between Aerie and the protagonist 5. If the reputation of the group increases more than 17, and there is Edwin in the party, then he will start a new small dialogue with the protagonist 6. If in ToB the player decides to attack Marlow instead of helping him, then good characters (Mazzy, Keldorn, etc.) will speak out against such a decision, leave the party or even attack the protagonist 7. If you have Viconia in your party, now she will have interjections in the scene where the protagonist sees members of the House DeVir in cages in the Underdark 8. If there is Anomen in your party, he is accepted into the Order, and Anomen's father is dead, then try to return to Anomen's house - and an additional conversation will begin between Anomen and the protagonist. If there is Minsc in the party, then he will also take part in the conversation 9. In dialogues with bank employees on both floors of the building, there are several reactions from Jaheira and Jan 10. In the Bridge area, Anomen will have a new dialogue with a prostitute 11. There are new characters in the Bridge area - a tramp and his little daughter 12. After defeating Firkraag and solving Trademeet's problems, go to the tavern of Umar Hills and the Copper Coronet. There you will meet an old storyteller talking about your actions. Many NPCs in your group will have reactions to this. 13. At the end of Aran's quest about the magic lamp, there are several solution options, depending on the player's choice and on whether he has time to find a solution in time
  4. Hello! As I wrote above, these problems are solved in the latest version 3.4: https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/archive/refs/tags/v.3.4.zip
  5. Hello! This archive has been checked, but the download page still has an old version without translation I'll clarify that in recent tests, this version worked well on both WeiDU 247 and 246.
  6. Sorry, the problem was in GitHub - for some reason, the release version did not update after removing and re-downloading the corrected version. I have not mastered GitHub well enough and, apparently, made a mistake when updating. Here is the new version 3.4, in which the error should go away, check: https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/archive/refs/tags/v.3.4.zip Or: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9oz200sfnmvmi6j/Heroes%2C_Thieves_and_Moneylenders.rar?dl=0
  7. This text indicates that the program is trying to delete temporary files (which were created during the previous installation and were not removed properly). You must completely remove the mod (all its components), make sure that there are no mod files left in the Override folder, and then install the updated version. Or upload the full debug file, I'll check.
  8. Oh, this is my fault! I added lines to the Russian version, but forgot to duplicate some lines in the English version. This is now fixed, the English version of the setup.tra file has been updated: https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/releases/tag/v.3.3 Thanks so much for finding this bug!
  9. Mod has been updated!! New version - 3.3! Download from GitHub Download from Dropbox Added a major quest from Alisia to component №3. It has 203 new lines, 8 journal entries, new characters! The quest is available for any characters. If you are planning to start a romance with Aran, then now it will start after completing a new quest. Added cross-mod reactions to Smiling Imp's Garrick from the "BG1 NPC to BG2" mod when placing him a statue in Trademeet and meeting with the storyteller (component №1). Ideas and replica texts - Alisia. Minor bugs fixed, code improved Taking into account two quests that are not related to the romance, the name of the third component has been changed to "Shadow-Covered Love & Death" Important! If you have component 3 installed, and especially if a romance with Aran is active, do not rush to complete chapter 3 and sail on the ship, otherwise you will miss something! If anyone can help with proofreading the new text, please see the ANbeshaba.tra file, lines @79-122 in the ANAranToB.tra file, lines @1107 - @1114 in the setup.tra file!
  10. Hello! yota13 translated this mod into Russian. Please add this to the mod! russian.rar
  11. Hello! fufel007 translated "Angelo" mod into Russian. And also our Arcanecoast Team made several technical fixes in this mod. I am sending a link to the result along with the included translation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3on7ozehrjee878/Angelo.rar?dl=0 And here is the changelog: I sent these changes to Sister Vigilante last year, November 9th, but the mod is still not updated and I didn't even get an answer. Can anyone from the administration please update the mod?
  12. I repackaged the files and PM them in a different format) Also I uploaded them in the first post again!
  13. Hello! Staylos, Apxu & Arcanecoast Team translated this mod into Russian. Please add the translation to the new version! RE v.7 russian.rar
  14. Thank you! The problem is now solved!) But there is one more point, which was reported by our testers: the setup.tra file must be without Russian translation, otherwise, when installing, it is a solid unreadable text. Replace it with an English setup.tra file, please (in ANSI encoding).
  15. Mod has been updated to version 3.2! Download from GitHub Download from Dropbox Changelog: Expanded ToB-part of the romance with Aran in component №3 (a new small episode just before the very end of the game), texts by Alisia! Fixed several minor bugs and issues in ToB
  16. TeamBG "BG1 NPC in BG2" mod (Author: Smiling Imp, additions - Austin & Arcanecoast Team) This mod adds the majority of NPCs from BG1 into BG2 SoA&ToB. They have new banters and interjections and a few of them have encounters and quests as well. The mod is broken down into different components, allowing for easy mixing and matching with other mods that may also add NPCs from BG1. Additionally, you will be able to visit a new city area, the luxurious Water Gardens, where all the rich and famous of Athkatla go to unwind. The mod is compatible with BG2, BG2: EE, BGT and EET. Version 12.6 includes the following changes: Added a LOT of Garrick's texts by Alisia! English proofreading and minor edits - sarevok57. Full changelog: Fixed a bug due to which Garrick could not appear in the tavern in the Docks A new (optional) group of components has been added, allowing some NPCs to be customized with special kits (for example, making Branwen a Priestess of Tempus, and Montaron an Assasin) Download mod Visit the Forum
  17. Hello! In the Russian version of the mod, the encoding of the ee.tra file is incorrect - it should be 1251, not UTF-8. Because of this, the game has unreadable characters instead of these lines. Please change the encoding, here is the corrected file! ee.tra
  18. Hello! Add translation from the my post above, please! And in the first message of the topic, the download link does not work!
  19. Mod has been updated to version 3.1!!! Download from GitHub Download from Dropbox Changelog: Added a new mini-quest in component №1 (texts by Alisia)! This is a small incident that will happen in the Tethyr forest, if Aerie in your party. Fixed bugs in component №3 related to the division into male/female character Now the quest about the magic lamp Aran will give in almost all cases: - a female character, even if a romance not active (provided that it did not start), after the completion of the first Aran quest and the expiration of two days - a female character with an active romance - after completing the first romance quests, as before - male character - after the completion of the first quest of Aran and the expiration of two days Added cross-mod reactions of Smiling Imp’s Garrick and Сoran from the "BG1 NPC to BG2" mod and the Kulyok’s Сoran from the "Coran" mod BG2 "on the romance with Aran Improved English text of component №3 Fixed a bug that appeared in version 3.0 when installing the first component on BGT (the function file was rolled back to an earlier version until the problem was fixed)
  20. Before solving the problem with the new version of the function, I returned the old version of this file so that no one had installation errors. https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/releases/tag/v.3.0
  21. Thank you! If you can, please check if the first component of the mod in the latest version 3.0 is installed on the BGT without errors? TotoR wrote the error log above. It looks like it's related to Vlad's VCv21 mod, not BGT, but I'm not sure.
  22. Exactly. Because I cannot find the cause of this error, I have HTaM installed along with the Xan BG2 mod without problems (both on the EE version and on the classic version). But I don't have BGT and I don't have Vlad's mod, which is present in the log above. So I cannot verify this myself.
  23. Hello! Please try to install the mod before installing BGT. Judging by the log, you first installed BGT, and only then HTaM? In this case, the reason may be this.
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