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  1. Mod has been updated to version 2.6! Fixed several bugs (including the above bugs with sahuagins and the lack of a magic lamp image on some versions of the game)! https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/releases
  2. Oh, I apologize and thank you for letting me know! Fixed: https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM You're right. This BAM file was originally in SoD. Therefore, on EET, the item will have an image. But I forgot to change this for other versions of the game (without SoD). I'll fix that too tonight. Thanks for reporting the problem!
  3. All the edits that you indicated, I have now added, thanks!! I also added your name to the "credits" in readme file. MOD UPDATED! Many corrections have been made to the English texts, thanks for the proofreading Guest Raelis!
  4. The archive with the mod has been updated! New version - 2.5! https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/releases/tag/v.2.5 Added full compatibility with the "Gavin BG2" mod. Previously, when installing these mods together, there was an installation error. Now all the components of the mod will be installed as expected. Reworked the riddle in the quest "MaeVar's Stash", now it should be easier to solve, including in English. The answers to the riddle will still be 5 digits, but different, and the principle of guessing has changed.
  5. The archive with the mod has been updated! New version - 2.4! https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/archive/main.zip Fixed the repeated start of the same dialogue of Korgan about his debt (it started in the case of a combat solution to the problem with his duty and replaced the correct dialogue, which led to problems) Fixed an issue due to which, after killing Owney, sometimes the exit from the location did not appear Fixed the problem that a random encounter associated with Korgan's debt could start without his presence in the party, if he was excluded from the party after the start of the quest (which led to bugs) Fixed minor bugs with Sheila All files of the English translation that have been proofread recently have been added, only the setup.tra file remains unread The conflict between the first component of the HTaM mod and the "Gavin BG2" mod has been removed, now they will be installed together! The conflict with the third component will be removed later.
  6. These bugs have been fixed. The archive with the mod has been updated: https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/archive/main.zip Thanks for the bug report!
  7. Yes, it was specially made there to look like a real investigation - therefore there are clues that will not lead to anything, there is no single and immediately understandable direction of action, the player must think over all the information and then decide what to do. In real-life investigations, the detective can often go on the wrong track
  8. I see that you do not have a variable, which is set after talking to the boy Brus at the beginning of Chapter 2. Apparently, you installed this mod component after you talked to the boy. Because of this, the courier does not appear. To fix this now, you can use the console - for this set the CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("ANbrusTalk","GLOBAL",1)
  9. At the moment, you can talk to him (including some NPC who will take part in the dialogue) or attack him, but there are no quests with him. In the future, we may add some kind of quest for him.
  10. I fixed a bug due to which the orcs from the Jackal's group did not leave the location if the player refused to help the Jackal. An updated ANchain.d file is available here: https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/archive/main.zip The poem describes five mountains, each of which symbolizes one of the fingers of the hand. And the features of the description of each mountain suggest which finger it is about. If it is still not clear, I will write a sequence, but I will have to first look at it in the code, and then I will write to you in private messages so as not to spoil it here. File not available.
  11. Oh, yes, the Russian original meant exactly what you said - "there was no choice" or "what else is there to do?". This is a machine translation error... Thank you so much for your help!! 1) I'll check it out, thanks! Previously, when testing, there was no such error, but I might have missed something. I will clarify. 2) The answer to this riddle can be found in the poem written on the pirate Fayaz's scroll (which you received from Lorna before visiting the house). The poem is called "Five peaks".
  12. Here is a list of conditions under which a courier from Quayle will appear and call to the circus to start the quest: - Timer "ANQuayleTimer" must expire, that is, 1 day must pass after the completion of the main quest in the circus. - You must be outdoors, not indoors - You must NOT be in the Waukeen Promenade location - Aerie and Quayle must be alive - The chapter should be 2 or 3. If this is chapter 2, then the messenger will not appear until you talk to the boy Brus (who will meet you after leaving Gaelan Bayle's house) I also have a request - if you can make text corrections to the files themselves, it would be very helpful. They are in the tra/english folder. For example, the texts of the novel with Aran are the file ANAranSoA.tra. The fact is that now, in order to make your edits, I need to look at the screenshot and look for the desired phrase from the screenshot, then translate your text into Russian to understand what you are proposing, and then translate it back into English to add the necessary fragments to the tra-files. It would be much easier if you just fix what you see fit right in the file itself. But if you can't do it, I'll try to do it myself. It's just that it will take a long time - most likely a few days, because I can only do this in the evening, after returning from work.
  13. Sorry, it will take me some time to fix the two bugs with Sheila that you found and make changes to the texts you indicated. So I will stop for now and get down to it. You can try different options for now and then, if you have any questions, write them in one message, please.
  14. 2) The key cannot be stolen from the director in any way, only removed from his corpse. And for this you would have to attack him during the day in front of the guards. This was done on purpose so that the consequences of such a decision were serious - a difficult battle and a decline in reputation. 3) If you mean the safe itself, then it opens with a key and nothing else (why - I explained above, this becomes clear from a conversation with the senior clerk). And if you mean a door to a room with a safe, then it can be opened with an Open Locks skill of more than 120. I have done it now, for verification.
  15. 4) There are two ways: - Complete all of Owney's tasks in the bank, then talk to him again and ask if there are other quests. - If another (parallel) branch of quests is selected for passing, then instead of Owney, this quest will be given by the head of the bank's security named Shahbaz. When you get to Brynnlaw, talk to the sailors on the dock - one of them will tell you the information you need and direct you to the right character. 5) At the moment, there is no such walkthrough for any mod quests - neither in Russian, nor in English. If someone writes a text description, I would be glad, but I myself cannot do it due to the lack of time to write large texts. However, if someone has difficulties with the walkthrough and cannot find a solution, ask, I will answer!
  16. This file has been proofread, but additional verification of the English text may be needed. 1) You can refuse to help Owney or help him. Depending on this, further events will develop in different ways - if you refuse to help him, then soon he and his group will disappear from the bank (since they will be killed without your help). You can find out the news about what happened in the dialogue with the senior clerk (named Uri). 2) The key to the safe is kept by the director of the bank, who is there during the day. The senior clerk can tell you in detail that the locks in the bank cannot be broken in the usual way and why, if you ask him about it. Owney's quest is carried out at night, when the director is not there, so you will not have the key to the safe. 3) Yes, the bank can be robbed, and it has nothing to do with Owney's quest. This location is available at any daytime, but at night the entrance to the bank is closed, and you can get there only if you kill the guards. The door to the bank vault can be broken if you have a high skill in picking locks. But after that, additional guards will appear. But even if you kill all the guards, you can open the safe only with a special key, which the director has. Therefore, you will have to kill the director by attacking him during the day, when he is in his office.
  17. Sorry, but I didn't quite get it - are you talking about Owney's second quest?
  18. 1) This seems to be the option I forgot to test:) I'll check, thanks! To get the full version of the dialogue with all the options, in the dialogue with Korgan, you need to select the option "we will pay your debt". 2) OK thanks!
  19. More details needed. How exactly did the dialogue with Owney go? It provides about 4 different options - full pay, gradual pay, refuse to pay, and fight. What entries are added to the journal? The exit from the location appears in most scenarios - perhaps you acted outside the box and therefore the required condition did not work. Also, It seems that the variable that should complete this quest was not assigned, so the dialogue resumes. Something clearly went wrong with you, but without details I cannot say what exactly. And yes, if Owney is dead, then this whole quest line will end.
  20. When choosing these options, a meeting with collectors will take place. The only option in which the collectors will not meet and the series of quests will not start is if the player refuses to help Korgan and tells him to deal with his problems himself. You can check the journal entries, they always tell you what to expect.
  21. 1) The answer is given in the previous post 2) This is as it should be - he will talk about Madeen (standard dialogue), but at the same time he will talk about his debt. You can agree to it or refuse. If you agree, then expect the appearance of a random encounter after some time. They will meet when moving between different locations in Athkatla. In order to see the further events, and not just one quest of Korgan, I advise you not to kill Owney and his group, but to negotiate with them.
  22. Oh, sorry, I wrote it wrong. The code is I have corrected my previous post. We had several different versions of the code, and then we had to change it in order to somehow translate it into another language, and I myself got confused by them We will think about how to improve the English description of the subject to simplify the riddle ...
  23. No, I don't know how to use it, I'm used to writing on the forum)
  24. Many thanks!! I'll check it out and fix it! I tested all the quests several times, but still missed some bugs.
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