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  1. Hi everyone and sorry for intruding once again... The other day I had this really funny banter (which I am assuming it's part of the project),upon entering Baldur's Gate city,between Imoen and Xan;she complained he was too gloomy,and to "cure" him,she decided he had to wear all sort of pink stuff,head to toe. Of course poor Xan was doomed to loose the quarrel,and his portrait changed accordingly;I was a bit alarmed,not by the change in colors (which I found earnestly amusing),but because the portrait "in pink" was the original BG one,and not the amaurea's one I was using. Since I was reassured everything would've gone back to the normal in 1 hour,I continued playing;to my joy,after 1 hour Xan in fact complained once again and begged to have his old clothing back,so his portrait changed back to "normal" colors once again....except it was still the vanilla one,and not the amaurea's one! What I want to know now is: is there a way to change Xan's portrait back to the amaurea's one I was using?and If so,how? I also would like to know if it would be possible to use a "pinked up" version of Amaurea's potrait in place of the modified vanilla one for that banter;I would love to work on it with photoshop,if I am permitted to,and I think that banter would be even more awesome with portrait consistency (of course,on my end) Please let me know your thoughts on the matter,if you're willing;i would love to continue playing with my "amaureaded" Xan,pink or not
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