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  1. I could do it with this script https://www.gog.com/forum/baldurs_gate_series/installing_mods_on_the_linux_version_of_bgee/post3 No installation errors the game launches. Still in Candlekeep so I can't say more :).
  2. I'm giving up for now. NTFS doesn't work either. After symlinking dialog.tlk: WeiDU v 24600 Log weidu --log setup-stratagems.debug stratagems/setup-stratagems.tp2 [./chitin.key] loaded, 520222 bytes [./chitin.key] 80 BIFFs, 36993 resources [./engine.lua] loaded, 101 bytes [./dialog.tlk] claims to be writeable. [./dialog.tlk] claims to be a regular file. WARNING: parsing log [WeiDU.log]: Sys_error("weidu.log: No such file or directory") Choose your language: 0 [English] 1 [Espanol (www.clandlan.net)] 2 [Polski (Yarpen)] 3 [Deutsch (Leonardo Watson)] 4 [Francais (Mornagest/Isa
  3. Thanks for the help. Yes, I meant DIALOG.TLK. If this post is still relevant, there's no easy solution, other than mounting the game on a NTFS partition. I'll try to do that. http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/topic,29613.msg338303.html#msg338303
  4. Yes, I started and selected english. No change. It must be the lowercase thing because it looks for DIALOGUE.TLK, and existing files are lowercase. Is anybody maintaining Linux WeiDU? Because I guess it's WeiDU that should ignore case for the files it looks for.
  5. No I don't have SoD, I'm just trying to install BGEE + stratagems + cdtweaks. I'll try to reinstall BGEE from scratch, maybe I messed up something. Or maybe is the lowercase issue I read about? Must stratagems/cdtweaks be lowercased on Linux? Thanks
  6. Installed GOG version of BGEE, but now SCS? I extracted the stratagems directory in /game (where chitin.key is), then run: weinstall stratagems and it complains about some dialog.tlk it can't find, but all those files are in the /lang directories. What's going on? Are there more precise instructions somewhere? thanks
  7. Last time I played (it was with RC6 or 7) I found that most NPCs lost their vanilla special ability in BG1 (like each of them has one, that is not part of the class kit, and it was lost, for example Branwen didn't have Spiritual Hammer ability).
  8. And other 2 AI-related things: - I turned Xan into a sorcerer but he didn't cast Mage Armor as mages/bard did - I can't see a way to make thieves search for traps automatically (I remember it was possible)
  9. One more thing, about the reduced reputation: is it possible to have the reduction when it would give 2 point, but no randomness otherwise? Randomness tempts me to reload every time, and sometimes a rep increase is all you can get from a quest.
  10. Ok thanks, I can add the TWP points with EE Keeper, so nothing game-breaking.
  11. Hello, I've been playing SCS RC4 on BGEE. I have a few questions: - I saw that at level 0 you can change class/kit, is this a SCS feature or BGEE? - Rangers per description get 2 points in Two Weapon Fighting, but when I level them up they don't get them - I made Kivan an archer, but he couldn't wear the Ankheg plate, I'm rather sure I could do this in one of my previous modded BG games, also the description says it's no heavier than studded leather. Is this from SCS or BGEE? I'm using SCS and no other mods. Also, is there a mod that change monster experience to something more se
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