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  1. I love your worldmap! @K4thos@White Agnus@AWizardDidIt@CrevsDaak I enlarged viewable areas including two labels. When I drag the map up and left in order to view the far southeast, it will let me drag it beyond the frame. What controls this please? screenshot and code at https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/79201/enlarged-worldmap-dragging-issue Thanks
  2. [updated link above to the meteor swarm screenshot] To recap, I faced a challenge in forming the primary dummy spell. I believe OlvynChuru resolves this by creating an invisible creature and scripts. I will play around with it
  3. Thanks but Comet cant use VVC as it starts too high - it must be invoked as a projectile (extended flag 13, per OP). I was suggesting the same method that you are - secondary spells with CastSpell(), not secondary projectiles (#3 not #2 in the OP) "Cast spell at point, Self" - Are you sure the secondaries wont just fall on the caster? I will test later. And thanks for the lighting ideas for me to play around with. I am still not sure what form should the primary dummy spell be? Spell form = Normal or Projectile? Number and type = 4-Area? Which projectile?
  4. @temnix Thankyou, great ideas In the OP I have tried the primary/secondary spell idea but I had problems. "In your starting spell put Cast spell on point A" How exactly? Spell form = Normal or Projectile? Number and type = 4 Area? Which projectile? I tried with fireball as the primary spell but the secondary Cast Spell () applies only to creatures hit by the original AOE. The secondary comets then track the movement of the target creatures up/down/left/right, which looks bad. When there is no creature hit by the primary projectile, the secondary Cast Spell ()s does not
  5. Is there a simple way to make Ilyich more difficult in SCS please? I gave him a higher level in EEKeeper but no effect I always liked Slightly Improved Ilyich https://forum.sigil.cz/viewtopic.php?p=35203
  6. Next I intend to make 6 explosions; the five extra VVCs wont play on the ground so I will export, layer and merge a new BAM
  7. Thankyou https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qB9p_HuCwwN-ZSWIbG8OheK7T05ttWP2/view?usp=sharing
  8. The aim is to have 3 or more comets fall together in a swarm. I dont think this is possible with 2 extra Play 3d effect (vvc) because they wont start in the sky and fall. I think this behaviour is done hardcoded in comet.pro (extended flag 13) which controls the falling spcomtrv.bam At least three possible ways: 1. merging bam frames together to less than 256x256. The changing centre of even one comet cycle makes this difficult. 2. Ive been advised to consider Secondary Projectiles. Which existing spells use them? 3. A dummy AOE spell to "Cast Spell (Mage/Cleric/etc.)" wi
  9. What do Layene (Twisted Rune), Shade Lich and Elemental Lich use for weapon immunity from Dragon's Breath +4 halberd? It lasted way longer than Absolute Immunity /PfMW should have. I couldnt see in fightlog or in bcs file.
  10. How can I put the avatar waist behind the magic ring bam please? screenshot with vvc data alongside is >10Kb so uploaded here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iyHDaFUml6iszYCiqZN-ifT9olqS890Z Ive looked at https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/file_formats/ie_formats/vvc_v1.htm
  11. @K4thos Wonderful job, thankyou Do you have a png of the EET worldmap without AR codes please for framing? : ) With icons, with names...preferably without unofficial locations. Thanks
  12. 1. Tamoko twitches even when I set ActionOverride("Tamoko", ChangeAIScript("",DEFAULT)). She only has a Default script in her CRE. 2. PlaySound(...) is really quiet unfortunately
  13. How can I modify the right sidebar and dialogue box to show M sized portraits at 110x170 please? Per https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1027520 Am running 1920x1080
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