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  1. I tried this and it give me the same result ("Invalid directory, or incorrect BG:EE+SoD installation.") To be sure, I tried : /Applications/Baldur\'s\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition.app/Contents/Resources/data /Applications/Baldur\'s\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition.app/Contents/Resources/ /Applications/Baldur\'s\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition.app/Contents/Resources
  2. I'm trying to install BG Trilogy. I have installed BG EE (with dragonspear the BG1 NPC project) on my applications folders I have installed BG II EE (also in my application folder) Both BG are the latest version from GoG I put the Trilogy files in my ressource BGII folder then start "setup-EET.command" After choosing language and starting installation I'm asked "Enter the full path to your BG:EE+SoD installation then press Enter" I tried every possible path : /Applications/Baldur\'s\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition.app (given my sliding the BG app in the console) /Applications/Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition.app /Applications/ /Applications I even tried /Applications/Baldur\'s\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition.app/Contents/Resources None work. I always receive the "Invalid directory, or incorrect BG:EE+SoD installation." message. I tried the same without dragonspear but the result was the same. I imagine it could because I haven't run modmerge but I can't find how to make it work (all I get when I unzip modmerge is a file named "modmerge-osx" that OSX recognize as a text file) Can someone help me ?
  3. Hello, First, thanks all the community and moders for all this work. I have replayed BG 1 and 2 with great pleasure thanks to you. I just buyed the GoG version of the game for my mac book air (Mavericks). The game work but I can't seems to install the mods (tweak pack, fix pack and unfinished business). First, I'm not sure where to unzip the file. In windows it's simple, but in mac I'm not sure. Is it in the same folder as the game or do I do a "show package content" on my IWD folder and unzip somewhere inside (likely in the same folder as icewind.ini) ? Second question (and the bigger one), the readme say i just have to click on setup-g3daletweaks.command to install the mod. But when I click on it i have a message sayong that the file couldn't be executed because I don't have the permission rights (not sure it's the good term, I translate the error message from french) even if a) I'm administrator and b) permission are on read and write for me. If someone can help me, I would be very grateful.
  4. I'm about to start a new game with Kivan as a love interest. Usualy I start and do a big part of the guard tower during the SOA part of the game (just after killing bodhi), will the "Recieving the Watcher's Keep Quest" banter work if I do so ?
  5. Ok, so if I correctly understand,in BGT the romance end up with the 3 "after gorion's letter talk" and the last "romance" talk is "LT25: *Dynaheir wakes you, and the haze of sleep weighs your brow. The Hathran looks fresh and rested, however, and her eyes sparkle brightly. She places a cool finger on your lips forbidding you to speak.*"
  6. After finishing the original campain, I start the MOTB one. Then talking to safiya, there is a new option (I think we need another companion with us) which allow me to add most of the OC companion I'm puzzled about this option. Do the OC companion have special banter during the motb campain or some interaction with the motb companion ?
  7. When neeshka reply to my flirt, there isn't any sound, is it normal ? If it isn't, could it be because I use a french version of the game ?
  8. Firts, my situation : - DynaheirRomanceActive is at 2 - DynaheirLoveTalk is at 51 (since a loooooooooong time) - I had the 3 talk after Gorion's letter (in the last one I told her I don't need her to vow me an oath after she offer me to do so) - Just before going to the duchal palace I take a sleep in an inn and had a talk about tamoko (Dynaheir told me how different I were from sarevock and I accept the compliment) - I finish Dynaheir quest and I just kill winski monster So I go to the undercity => no lovetalk (other characters speak to me but not dynaheir) I continue, kill the group of the iron throne, then tamoko, then sarevock and friend => still no lovetalk Can someone help me ?
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