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  1. I tried this and it give me the same result ("Invalid directory, or incorrect BG:EE+SoD installation.") To be sure, I tried : /Applications/Baldur\'s\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition.app/Contents/Resources/data /Applications/Baldur\'s\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition.app/Contents/Resources/ /Applications/Baldur\'s\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition.app/Contents/Resources
  2. I'm trying to install BG Trilogy. I have installed BG EE (with dragonspear the BG1 NPC project) on my applications folders I have installed BG II EE (also in my application folder) Both BG are the latest version from GoG I put the Trilogy files in my ressource BGII folder then start "setup-EET.command" After choosing language and starting installation I'm asked "Enter the full path to your BG:EE+SoD installation then press Enter" I tried every possible path : /Applications/Baldur\'s\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition.app (given my sliding the BG app in the console) /Application
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