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  1. It seems so, I'll make some more test later in the day, but i casted 6 fireballs and they all got through
  2. Gotcha! The bug with the "mirror image fix" component it's not present IF you install Cure Sleep Fix and Deva and Planetar Animation first (possibly only cure sleep fix or only planetar animation, I haven't tested) It is exactly what it is supposed to happens. Mirror image is not supposed to protect you from aea attacks anymore with the fix ! The "->" part was added by me, wasn't present in the weidu log. Anyway, thanks to both you and Bartimeus for the help!
  3. Draztik, what have you used as base version of SR, V15 beta 15 or V15 beta 14? Edit: sorry stupid question, it's in your weidu log
  4. The bug is there with V1.00h. Draztik: how many aoe spells have you tried? there is always a small chance like 1/9 that you hit the real one I too have BG2ee latest patch
  5. It's SRR, the problem lies within mirror image fix I tested vanilla bg2ee + SR beta 15 main component only, the bug is present, mirror image protects against magic attack vanilla bg2ee + SR beta 15 main + mirror image fix -> mirror image doesn't protect against area attacks anymore
  6. New test for mirror image: 1) Vanilla bg2: ee with no mods installed: created a sorcerer, cast mirror image, proceed to cast fireball on myself 6 times -> mirror image is bypassed each time (the bug was fixed by beamdog apparently) 2) installed spell revision revised main component (the only mod): created a sorcerer, cast mirror image, proceed to cast fireball on myself -> mirror image is not bypassed, an image disappear for each fireball. Proceed to cast delayed fireball on myself, same result 3) installed "mirror image fix" component over spell revision main component: sam
  7. 1) Fire Shield and Mestil (and possibly Prismatic Mantle) are bugged on my install too. They work normally for the player's part (tested by creating a charname sorcerer and then make an ogre attack it), but they don't work at all for enemy. Maybe they don't consider player 'hostile'? 2) When enemy (and only enemy) cast mordenkainen's sword, the sword dies instantly. 3) In my game AoE spell don't bypass mirror image (i'm playing on ee, and have the SR mirror image fix installed (i'll try to disintall it this afternoon and see what happens) 4) Maybe its a vanilla bug, but stoneskin s
  8. Fireburst is not blocked by Spell Deflection. Sometime, apparently at random, Dispelling Screen doesn't work for some characters (e.g. enemy mage casts remove magic, on charname and jaheira dispelling screen works, on aerie both dispelling screen and active buffs are dispelled).
  9. In my game (I'm playing bg2 ee too) problem seems to reside in singular spells. Meteor swarm seems to be deflected correctly by spell trap, but for example burning hands is not deflected. Oh and, meteor swarms doesn't seem to have any animation (the spell works however). WeiDU.log
  10. If I remember correctly the logic behind banishment not affecting demons and celestials is that they are "gated" creatures, not summoned. Maybe banishment could affect gated creatures if they fail a save vs spell at -2 or something? Is this doable in the engine?
  11. If we were talking P&P I'd agree with you, but this is a game, and SoA throws epic level liches in your face when you are long away from XP cap and expect you to win. After all If it's unrealistic that a lv 20 wizard defeats a epic lich, then it is also unrealistic that a 14 level six man party or something like that defeats said epic lich. All imho of course.
  12. On point 3 I was suggesting of creating two different spells rather than replacing the current Aoe Dispelling Screen: Dispelling Screen: Personal - only affect caster and Dispelling Screen (AoE) - works like the current Dispelling Screen In alternative (I don't know if it can be implemented), when you cast Dispelling Screen you can choose wheter is Personal or AoE. ScS mages would use the personal version of course. Imho it's not just a question of solo mages (who indeed suffers from this change, bg 2 is full of high level wizards), if SCS mages use x3 dispel magic sequencers, a
  13. I'm with Hicuty, getting dispelled too often can be frustrating, and in BG2 you'll have no choice but face casters much higher in level than you. What about simply creating a "dispelling screen, personal" that grants immunity to dispel for 5 turns flagged as SI: Abj like in older versions of SC? not cumulative with normal dispelling screen and maybe as an optional component, if someone doesn't want it. Or in alternative, adding immunity to dispel to Spell Shield (the first spell protection that is brought down, so it doens't become to difficult to tear down a spellcaster's protections
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