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  1. More a typewriter than a keyboard. And I thought my computer was big.
  2. I am pretty close to what I expected. True Neutral Dwarf Fighter Bard (Dunno how I got bard in there) Follwer of Dumathoin Came pretty close to Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral as well, judging by the results.
  3. Haha, I just recently had this happen to me. But my Planetar that was summoned was called "Enough talk then. Let's see how tough you really are!" it was funny every time it cast a spell or took damage because it always said "Enough talk then. Let's see how tough you really are! - Casts Aid: Enough talk then. Let's see how tough you really are!" Pretty funny if you ask me. After uninstalling and reinstalling a couple of mods it worked out fine, though.
  4. Can I just make a suggestion about the Sharpshooter? I've made suggestions similar to this one few times in the last few days... I like the current state of the kit, very nice, very nice. But its name in the character generation screen reads "Sharpshooter." Whats the problem you say? It should read "SHARPSHOOTER" so that it fits in with the other kits. Great work otherwise!
  5. I'm interested for Arcajarn, my little half-drow fighter/thief over at RPGDungeon. He probably won't be released for a some time, although probably before Tameons Vengeful Rhapsody mod. Isn't that right Tame? I quite like the idea of this cross-mod banterpack actually. Theres no reason mod NPCs can't have a banter or two with each other. Added
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