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  1. Few things I noticed: Replaced Mantle and Improved Mantle spells are still mentioned in Breach and Pierce Shield spell descriptions. Mantle scroll and spell are also mentioned in IR on the upgrade dialogue and description of Improved Cloak of Protection +2, should be Prismatic Mantle. Summoned Sword Spider from MSIV has Web Tangle ability that is not mentioned in spell description. (BTW I noticed this when testing whether caster level bonuses from several items stack; they do not, pity.)
  2. All clouds-based spell are party unfriendly if memory serves well. Mist of Eldath should not be any exception, especially considering that there doesn't seem to be any valid reason for it to not be beneficial to all breathing creatures. Unless the mist itself isn't life force that is absorbed when entering the mist but only a medium that druid uses to transfer life force to his/her allies from some natural source.
  3. Tortoise Shell I vote to make it caster only for reasons by Demivrgvs.
  4. Bestow Curse Sounds interesting, even better if AI starts intelligently using it. (I too didn't like TDD version but mentioned it as a possible inspiration.) Mass Cause Wounds Is this spell party friendly and/or can it be used to heal allied undead? Animal Growth Sounds good, resistance wouldn't be OP I believe, this is 5th level druid spell after all. Animal Rage Concerning this spell and Blood Rage: Chose whichever spell, level and name you prefer though this level seems to have a lot of other good choices. Conjure Lesser Elemental Naturally. (Call) Lightning Storm
  5. Spells using different spell levels depending on caster type I really don't care about the same names, they are practically same spells so why bother giving them different names if other is just on another level and a little bit more powerful. Stoneskin is a classic wizard spell so no renaming it and it would make no sense to name druid's version to improved stoneskin when they don't get the normal one. Maybe druid version could be Druidic Stoneskin or something like that if renaming is absolute necessarily.
  6. Bestow Curse As I was checking TDD spells, I thought that I could mension TDD version of Bestow Curse that randomly causes -6 to random abilty score (10% each) or -4 to damage and saves (40%). Unique but I don't know how appealing as it might be as it might do nothing useful even if target fails save.
  7. You know what? I might do that (not sure, but it may not hurt). If you want to help me out and you're already "working" on it, having a list of all overlapping spells and filenames would be great. I can help, I just checked all spells yesterday and finding scrolls shouldn't be any harder. Their spells work a lot like PnP spells so there shouldn't be problems with AI (Especially if SCSII is installed as it overwrites their TDD AI). Only difference what I remember is if Mind Blank is made to effect whole party instead of single target but from single target to whole party shouldn't be problem
  8. 5th Level Divine Spells I generally agree. Flame Strike d6 is enough in my opinion. Slay Living Sounds very nice especially in case of multi-class, hopefully this doesn't give problems with AI. Stoneskin Stoneskin to others is OP I would say, extra skin or two should definitely be enough. True Seeing I don't really think that mage's need balance but if it last round or two longer that could increase it's appeal if that is needed.
  9. SwP is at will ability with description (From aTweaks readme): Speak With Plants This spell allows the caster to converse with plants and to exercise limited control over them. Creatures entwined by an Entangle spell can be released (even if the spell was cast by an opponent) and are protected from all subsequent entangle effects for 1 turn. Furthermore, by communicating her intent to nearby plants, the caster can prevent her own Entangle spell from affecting her allies - this ability is always active. EDIT: To clarify from what I read from forums, Druids' own entangle doesn't e
  10. Wierd Yes, I know that you didn't just invent, just that for some reason that's the way it was implemented in PC games that I have played (well, except TDD which had also the str drain). Yes, unavoidable stun should be reserved only to some HLAs. Spell Revisions and TDD Most TDD spells I mentioned use vanilla game's spl-file naming with unused spell numbers (spwixxxx etc.) for their spells and even others don't have special TDD prefix to them, so some them get already overwritten by SR3. Scrolls also seem to lack real prefixes so they were overwritten by other huge mods until recent upda
  11. Wierd Ahahah, posting from work is making me mess half of my posts. Anyway, I wanted to say Weird has tons of possible secondary effects to keep it useful even if its death effect is way inferior to WotB's one. Within PnP creatures who fail only the first save vs. spell and don't die (save vs. death) still take a small amount of subdual damage (nice imo), are stunned for 1 round (very good) and suffer STR damage (wtf?!?). Now, I think we could keep the stun part as it is, remove the absurd (imo) STR drain, but make the subdual/psychic damage take place even on a successful save vs spell. I
  12. Cloak of Bravery I like this idea. Makes Cloak of Fear more useful and nice reverse spell for it. Dimensional Anchor I at least would always cast this to my PC if there is a risk of imprisonment and it would also be a good protection against Maze for characters with low INT. Striking/Smashing Wave Sound good. Blood Rage Really nice addition.
  13. Call Woodland Beings Maybe you should look what was done in aTweaks if you already haven't as your suggestion sounds very similar. Death Ward I agree completely. DW and NPP together would make a lot more useful spell but clearly not OP.
  14. I'm uncertain too. The Refinements uses Boneguard (and Apocalyptic Boneguard at higher levels) as HLA summon so I would go for mummies.
  15. Mantles Without DS it simply has no means to. Tell you what, let's just make 8th a mass PFMW and remove 7th Mantle completely, to save the headache. Mmm, that means IR's improved Cloak +2 will need to be tweaked a little. That's pretty much what I was tempted to do, but if we really accept my crazy suggestion about Improved Mantle than we may as well keep Mantle as a fair PfNW+PfMW (you know, PfMW in theory doesn't work against non-magical weapons). The improved 8th lvl version would be pretty much the same but extended to those who stay very close to the caster the whole time. I was th
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