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  1. SSweeeettt Im glad Im not the only one who hates shandra's whinning butt! JJJEEEZZZ we were trying to help her! when she did die... AAAAaahhh....but them Ammon Jerro kinda made me sad that I wanted her dead... >.<
  2. -w-.......... I don't want to spoil this all at once... I'm just going to wait for the full... and unleash the epicness it has > 10 bucks that the full will be released late next year!
  3. Well, they probably, should, and do perahps have one... They have one with gann, I don't see why they don't have one with safiya... hmm... I think Berlinde needs to help with this... considering I don't even like having safiya in my party..
  4. Well, they probably, should, and do perahps have one... They have one with gann, I don't see why they don't have one with safiya... hmm... I think Berlinde needs to help with this... considering I don't even like having safiya in my party..
  5. ! OOMMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME APPLE PWN SAUSE! So... does that mean sand will have a confenssion, a wall scene, and commenting flirts like in the NWN2 and MotB Romance packs?!?! !! :laugh: :( :p If that were, that'd be OVERLY THE TOP AWWEESOOMEEE!!! Well, all stuff aside, time, problems, etc.... When is it possible to release his FULL romance? Valentine's Day? (OOO,the Irony.....) March? July? December 2011..? Heck, just give a very rough estimate... BG2 projects, and Unfortunate events thrown in there to make one's heart go up and down a roller coaster added in...! ;n;
  6. Wait....... How to you get the cutscene and how you get it to play in the toolset? I'm still learning cutscenes... >.>
  7. OH YES!!! definatly asking for it!! XDD ehehehehe die bishop die.. =w=
  8. Wait.. question, when this installs will interfere with the other romance mods?
  9. ehehehe... I dont mind waiting six months or more for this.. as long as its done right... 'specially if it you put in a wall scene and maybe an ending in MotB like with the others Which is more then I can say for dragon age two... DX [YOU KILLED IT YOU BASTARDS!!] I neverminded casavir, just that he ALWAYS AVOIDED ANSWERING THE QUESTION!! And he seems to have the same view and lawful justice and for the good of all that I have. But I'd still pick sand ten times over and KILL casavir take your sweet time, Im just happy that this is coming out at all... -sigh- Considering I need a replacement for Dragon Age... hello Vindictus... or Elder Scrolls 5..
  10. :OOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Speaking of which.. Does the sand romance have an ending like the original romance options?! =w= that's like the icing on the cake! :)
  11. Nevermind... I figured it out... I read the missing flirts thread and put two and two together.. talk to him in skien, raise his influence to 76 or higher... Flirt with him... then say... "I love another!" HAH! I just got the ending right now! But... are you SUPPOSED to be standing outside when the ending is done...? I still liked it more then the credits.. but is that supposed to happen? (kelvnmor is TAAAAAALLLLLL) Well done =w= I got my resolve! the whole mod was nicely written and believable too =D ^_^
  12. Ok... while flirting with gann... here are my options... 1. [Watch gann on the streets of mulsinter] 2. Have a drink with me sometime, Gann! 3. [Push the hair back from Gann's Face] 4. If you were a frog as a prince and I kissed you, you'd still look like a frog.. 5. I wish I wasn't to recruit prisoners. You are a pointless, useless creature with an ego. Argh. 6. Gann, I like you, but lets not flirt for a while.. there's no "can we talk?"
  13. Err wha...? D8 "talk to gann"...? is that supposed to be before the "flirt with gann"? When you say "I wanted to ask you something.."? I don't have that... I even put gann's influence to 100 and it's still not there.... oh no... I feel the nwn2 game ending depression setting in... D:
  14. Ok... I've played through MotB TWICE now. I told gann off, specificied to Jerro that "no he can't be dead, I would feel it!" for Casavir.. and told in the end that I still liked Casavir to gann... and yet... I still get the "Gann's a loyal companion and loves you" Ending while everyone completes their rest... but no happy ending! TAT Someone tell what went wrong here..... And if I HAVE done everything right... Use WE Game if the game is still installed, record it, and put it on youtube... I just want to see it.. -[side note]- Yes, I am a sand fangirl, but HELL he ain't a romance option (yet), I took what I could get and I DEMAND A CLICHE HAPPY ENDING!! T^T
  15. SSQQQUUUUUUEEEEEE!!!!! :D :3 Its about time someone put this up! I was thinking about making my own.. but I didn't want to go through all the time learning how to script D: Sand is seriously my favorite game character EVER in ALL the GAMES!!! =w= so happy to see this coming out... be sure to send the link when it officaily comes out!!! Heh... I ussaully reject all the in game romances for sand in the MotB ending -returns to crossroad keep with khelgar and sand - Casavirs DOUBLE my age and seemily has a thing for girls half his age ._.;.... and bishop's just an @$$#$%&
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