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  1. Thanks, you are right. I don't know a good reason for why you would want to code like I did then, but it's still possible to do in SSL, that's good: IF TRIGGER OR(2) See([PC]) See(SecondNearest([PC]) Target(LastSeenBy(Myself)) THEN DO Action(Spell, WIZARD_FIREBALL) END
  2. Seems very useful. Why are targets separated in different blocks? Wouldn't it be sufficient to simply add an OR(x)? Example: Library definitions: For example: TARGET=test [PC] SecondNearest([PC]) Action definition: BEGIN_ACTION_DEFINITION Name(Spell) TRIGGER HaveSpell(scsargument1) !CheckStatGT(scstarget,0,SANCTUARY) CheckStatLT(Myself,50,SPELLFAILUREMAGE) !CheckStat(scstarget,2,WIZARD_SPELL_TRAP) ACTION RESPONSE #scsprob1 SetGlobalTimer("castspell","LOCALS",6) Spell(scstarget,scsargument1) END ssl script: IF TRIGGER TargetBlock(test) THEN DO Action(
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