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  1. Thought I would let you know how it all turned out. I decided to cheat a little with the Level 1 NPC mod and change Imoen into a class that would better suit my party. It was a nice suggestion to replace Mazzy for her, with Imoen as a acher, or well pure thief, she could take over the role of using a shortbow quite nicely and I then replaced Korgan with Jaheira since there was no point keeping the former without the later. Only reason I wanted Korgan and Mazzy was for their conversaitons together, without one the other turned boring. Still I don't regret it. Imoen and Angelo in Spellhold was nice and it also gave me a chance to see how Angelo reacted to Yoshimo's betrayal. Somehow I like the idea of Yoshimo turning on the party more then Saemon being behind the surprise myself. I imagine Saemon would have been watched more carefully on the boat then Yoshimo were. ^_^
  2. If it's just Spellhold I might just skip Imoen this time and perhaps even Seravok later but we'll see. I'm almost considering taking Imoen temporary and then getting rid of her later to see the dialog but nott sure. I really do wish I could add a 7th member to the party.
  3. Hello! I'm currently replaying SoA with a few of the mods I recently discovered or overlooked in the past, one of them is Angelo. I originally got the recommendation for playing it from Kulyok over at the Pocketplane forum when I was dropping a review for one of her mods. At any rate I'm having a bit of trouble balancing my party around Angelo. It's a bit amazing how it can be so hard to put together a party and fit everyone in when Baldur's gate 2 has a six player party compared to usual two companions in more modern Bioware games. Before I get into all that though I wish to just thank you for the lovely mod and say I enjoyed Angelo a lot so far even if I'm not even half way through SoA. His conversations been both charming and adorable at times and there was especially one a brief while ago that made me laugh, it's the one when Angelo and the PC does talk about becoming lovers and Angelo list all the bad things he's done in his life yet in the end when the PC can bring up that she is the daughter of Bhaal he simply did not care at all. I can't remember the exact quote now but it was my favorite moment to date in the mod so far. Eh, anyway I do have a small problem and feedback would be welcome.At the moment I'm at the stage when I realise I will have to go to Spellhold sooner or later and it has the potential to ruin everything when it came to my carefully planned party. It looks like this at the moment. 1: Enia, my character. Halfling assassin - Crossbow Archer 2: Angelo - Melee/Mage support 2: Korgan - Melee 3: Mazzy - Short bow Archer 5: Branwen - Kulyok's mod to serve as my cleric, I use her to buff the party and for summon spells before hitting things with a hammer. 6: Jan - Mage/thief. Was suppose to be the main mage and main thief but currently has less mage levels then Angelo. x) The problem is that I love them all but there simply is no slot for Imoen. I already planned to give up Korgan for Seravok in TOB, it's not something I want to do but I rather have Seravok then the dwarf when it comes down to it. However there is no one in my party I want to sacrifice for Imoen. The problem with some characters like Imoen or Jaheira is that I used them so many times I more or less know all their dialog already and I did semi-want a party that would feel fresh and work together. Sadly the Angelo Readme state that Imoen is highly recommended and I'm not sure if it will mess up the romance or make the whole thing a little weird if I leave her behind. So my question is simply how much impact it will have if I leave Imoen behind? It's something that's almost impossible to justify since it's the players own sister but I would mostly try to forget about her entirely if possible. At the worst case scenario I will have to sacrifice Jan and let Imoen take over the mage/thief role but I would prefer not to do so since Jan's dialog is quite amusing and he does talk a lot under normal quests and add things to the game that I have not seen before or mostly forgotten since I havn't used him in a long time. I realise it's a rather old mod and these forums might not be monitored too much anymore but it will probably take me a few more days to reach Spellhold so I figured it was worth a try. I would appreciate a response if you do see it and have time to answer.
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