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  1. Yeah, I didn't have the fights turned off; just the "never angry about reputation" patch. I don't think anyone leveled up just before Tiax left. It's possible, though. IIRC, I was in the process of climbing the tower of the fellow who wants you to steal the nymph for him. Why do you think that would matter? I'm on a BGT playthrough now, which annoying uses the broken option here instead of the proper one. And I was so happy with my functional BWS installation... Oh well. I'm fixing that one setting to see if it makes everything explode.
  2. Hey, for what it's worth, there's a BGT version of Finch now. So.
  3. I'm using this mod on top of a BWS setup that includes Divine Remix. Will, for example, Anomen's Lawful Good kit be de-Divine Remix'd? Will he in general? Can I expect any other noticeable O_O bits? I understand that BWS is a big can of worms, but.
  4. Oh - re: that thread. I have an ATI RADEON 3xxx card, so I don't think that thread can explain my graphical glitches situation. Playing with .ini may still fix it somehow, though, maybe. New install before that, I think! Slightly more minimalism this time. I installed Ps:T while I was waiting and had some fun, but now I have my second wind. ^^
  5. Edit: I figured it out. Silly me. ^^;
  6. Bonus hints -- When I start the game, I'm asked to put disc number 2 into "drive c:". (I have the disc in the E: drive, but...) So...that's sorta funky... O.O
  7. I have had exactly the same problem as TC. After looking at the linked full install help file, my Torment.ini file start looks like this: [Alias] HD0:=C:\Games\Black Isle\Planescape - Torment\ CD1:=C:\Games\Black Isle\Planescape - Torment\ptdisk\CD1\ CD2:=C:\Games\Black Isle\Planescape - Torment\ptdisk\CD2\ CD3:=C:\Games\Black Isle\Planescape - Torment\ptdisk\CD2\ CD4:=C:\Games\Black Isle\Planescape - Torment\ptdisk\CD2\ Where CD1 and CD2 are renamed versions of 20060531_041138 for CD2 and whatever it is for CD1. (The default 2 CD solution maps CDs 2-4 only CD2, so I figure that's the solution.) I literally copy-pasted the E: drive with the disk inserted to ptdisk to make the two CDs. Am I doing it wrong somewhere? I should note that this second attempt is before installing all the SPS fixpacks, so if those are part of what lets the Widescreen mod go, that's probably the problem. I sort of doubt it in that the very same problem is manifesting.
  8. Thanks for your advice. I'll check out that SHS thread, then. I should add that I never had these problems with my old Tutu install, though; I decided to switch to BGT and add lots of the content-heavy mods for my second playthrough. It's possible that I'm being too ambitious, though. That's what I meant by whether it was worth it; the project itself is of course really neat. On the graphical side of things -- I get a kind of stutter whenever I move the map around (e.g. with the arrow keys -- this is something I would ge used to after 20 minutes or so if I sat down and played, though I didn't have it before); the borders of the Fog of War look ODD, but it's more like an ugly fuzz than black boxes, unless you mean really small black boxes around the Fog of War; and all the magic effects are weird (examples follow). (I'm a poor judge of what "weird" is, though, because I had the IWD spell animations installed on my first playthrough, so SOME of the weirdness could just be the "restored" BG1 effects.) For example, mages who use magic make cool-looking white-and-black vortexes in front of them instead of something green. That much is fine. But I'm like 99.999% sure that Magic Missiles aren't supposed to look like geometric squares with white middles, so I think. Gorion's (or Tomoko's?) flame arrow spells looks fine, oddly enough. It's just Magic Missiles that's all funky, plus the "casting" animation (but that one is kinda cool-looking messed-up so). Is there no chance that One Pixel Productions or Infinity Animations is to blame for the graphical stuff? That's where I was leaning, since I didn't use those with Tutu. The replaced paperdolls are awfully pretty, though.
  9. Related question -- True or false: "BWS is worth it at this stage" This was my fourth install, and I'm starting to lose patience. Will everything still be awful even if I do this by hand?
  10. Ah, it looks like there might be a glitch. Trying to do it manually (ask about uninstalled bits, skip installed ones) leads to an error loading override/pdialog.2da and an error parsing LEVEL1NPCS.TP2 on that basis. So. That's no good. It also takes like 20 seconds for the Weidu log to start up, which is a little odd, but I guess that's just because I have a gillion mods installed. I'll try reinstalling the old bits instead of skipping them, I guess. Can't hurt. My installation has really funky graphical glitches, anyway. Side question so long as this forum is active -- if Magic Missile looks like a funny black square (or a bunch of them, I guess), that's bad, right? That's not a "fix" designed to emulate BG1 graphics via One Pixel Productions or something? Is it known what could cause that kind of graphical error?
  11. K. Well, then, I hope it doesn't make anything explode if I fix it on top of everything. O_O
  12. Hi everyone -- So, I'm about to start a BWS (Big World Setup) playthrough with lots of mods including this one, but the "Mod and NPC" option wasn't listed as part of BWS. Does anyone know whether: a) this is a glitch b) this is because it's risky to change kits or something c) the player is expected to do this manually after BWS has installed all the mods* d) kit-changing is something that takes place after the game has started (e.g. by running a script in-game) d) etc.? BWS itself emphasizes that Level 1 NPCs is the best mod ever and should be used in place of other mods that change NPC's classes or give them kits, so I'm pretty sure they're compatible, but I can't quite figure out how it's done. If you don't know the details of BWS and just know how Level 1 NPCs ordinarily works, that would still be helpful information. Thanks -- Iec
  13. I'm about to begin a second playthrough of Tutu and then BG2, but I have to have the kits between the two games match-up so there's no shenanigans when I import a hypothetical fancy deity'd Cleric into BG2 (as happened due to Mur'Neth only being a BG1 kit; screwed up the kit assignment in BG2). Kinda makes you wish you'd done BGT a little but ye know. Anyway, my concern is that if I install UB to Tutu and BG2, it might add an extra ranger mod in the latter case and get everything off by 1 kit. Which is a huge pain, etc. Side-question -- will my headaches about this kind of thing totally go away if I just buckle down and uninstall everything and install BGT? Cuz I sorta wanna a little, even though I apparently can't use Mur'Neth that way.
  14. Ack, that looks like it might've worked. I had people talking about how I need WK equipment, so I uninstalled bits of SCS2, killed him easily, then reinstalled it for TOB. ^^; I'm on Yaga Shura now. I'll play through everything with an Evil character after this, though, so I'll be in a position to try again.
  15. Well, everyone played fair up to this point. This fight is a major outlier. ^^ Running away doesn't work. Slayer is too quick. Believe me, I'm an expert at that strategy. I may end up uninstalling it just to finish the game in a bit.
  16. So, I don't even have Improved Irenicus installed. I just have Smarter Mages. I lose in like 4 seconds, not counting time for pause and Time Stop. Here's Slayer's early moves during a typical (actual) encounter: Stoneskin Protection from Magical Energy Protection from Cold/Electricity/Fire/Elements Spell Trap Immune: Divination Globe of Invulnerability Improved Invisibility Mirror Image Improved Haste ~ Chain Contingency (Immediately) Protection from Magical Weapons Improved Haste (again) Immune: Abjuration ~ Then I can't interrupt him because I can't even target him due to the auto-invis ~ TIME STOP Spell Sequencer! Vanilla Haste (LOLWAT) Fire Shield: Red/Blue Melee Imoen! 25 damage on crit. She survived this time, though. Lucky girl. Summon: Dark Planetar just before TIME STOP ends ~ I tried reading this board for advice, and the best I could find is that someone summoned Fallen Deva all around him so that he couldn't reach the party. <_< Which is illegal without BG2 Tweaks, and more than a little silly. So. Umm. Seeing as how this is the "easy" SCS2 version of Irenicus -- how does it go? Party is PC (Fighter Duelist), Mazzy, Valygar, Anomen, Imoen, Edwin. I can kill two of his demons before the first Time Stop, but. Ye know. Doesn't matter.
  17. Ah, I see. It goes to an ugly, messed-up Fullscreen and I have to manually switch over to Windowed from there, but it works. Thanks. Is there a way to keep it playing in the background? Windowed mode without that is pretty similar to fullscreen and alt+tab.
  18. So, I've played through all of Tutu and most of BG2 at 1280x800, which is my monitor resolution, but I've found that the windowed setting does not work. I've tried changing resolutions, editing baldur.ini away from Fullscreen=0 (no effect), using the built-in Configure GUI and in-game Graphics tab, and the Alt+Enter keystroke, but nothing has any effect whatsoever. What works works perfectly (i.e. no complaints with the fullscreen mode), but the windowed option would be nice. Apologies if this is actually very simple.
  19. Done and done. So long as I already have a thread here, I might as well ask it here (I'm not sure where is best, so...). Through my Tutu playthrough and my current BG2 playthrough, there's a bit of a glitch where the game never recognizes that a battle has ended. It finally fixes itself when I go to the menu and return. Is there something obvious that would lead to this problem?
  20. It wasn't read aloud in my case. Teth just teleported me off with an item in my pocket. Then Ajantis reacted before I could get to my inventory. At the time, I figured Ajantis wasn't supposed to say anything about it until later on (because I hadn't perceived any big reveal). XD Maybe I hit "enter" twice or something.
  21. Retaliator looks cute. I'll go with that. I still have the lingering annoyance of having to have a BG kit that's unplayable in Tutu, though. I was planning to play through Tutu again after this with an evil character I'd take all the way through ToB. Ah well. Maybe it'll give me an excuse to jump right into BG2 sometime. Edit: While I'm thinking about it, can anyone think of a kit like that that would ONLY make sense as a role available in BG2 on flavor grounds? Like, maybe a kit that would be more common in Amn? I'm trying to work out a circumstance that minimizes my dissonance there. This is my first time through the games, so if one of Ipsy's works for that, let me know. So much the better.
  22. Like, something simultaneously not all that broken, still on the internet somewhere, and WeiDU? And just one kit in the set? I found a Hellion kit that seemed neat, but all the download links are broken. Most sites aren't as well-maintained as G3.
  23. Ohohoh, it's Mur'Deth, isn't it? That makes sense. Do I just need to change the rows (like, the 32/33/34 numbers), or will this mess up other files, too?
  24. OK. It looks like this is my BG2 file: 32 A#HEXBLADE 74134 74135 74136 A#HEX 53 0x00004000 2 33 A#DUELIST 74137 47505 74138 A#DUEL 54 0x00010000 2 34 A#FISTOO 74139 74140 74141 A#FIST 55 0x00004000 2 35 A#BLACKGUARD 74142 74143 74144 A#BLKGD 56 0x00004000 2 36 A#FBLACKGUARD 74148 74149 74150 A#FBLKGD 57 0x00004000 2 37 KHDUSK 74152 74153 74154 KHDUSK 58 0x40000008 2 38 A!ACROBAT 74221 74222 74223 A!ACRO 59 0x00010000 5 39 A!CHORISTER 74224 74225 74226 A!CHOR 60 0x00004000 5 40 A!DIRGESINGER 74239 74240 74241 A!DIRGE 61 0x00004000 5 41 A!GYPSY 74245 74246 74247 A!GYP 62 0x000000340 5 42 A!ADVENTURER 74249 34934 74250 A!AV 63 0x00100000 4 43 A!BURGLAR 74251 74252 74253 A!BURG 64 0x00004000 4 44 A!SOULKNIFE 74254 74255 74256 A!SOUL 65 0x00040000 4 45 A!SHARPSHOOTER 74259 74260 74261 A!SHARP 66 0x00100000 4 46 A#SHADOWDANCER 74262 74263 74264 A#SHAD 67 0x00040000 4 Whereas this is the Tutu one: 32 A#GHAUN 125539 125540 125541 A#GHAUN 53 0x00040000 4 33 A#HEXBLADE 126051 126052 126053 A#HEX 54 0x00004000 2 34 A#DUELIST 126054 47505 126055 A#DUEL 55 0x00010000 2 35 A#FISTOO 126056 126057 126058 A#FIST 56 0x00004000 2 36 A#BLACKGUARD 126059 126060 126061 A#BLKGD 57 0x00004000 2 37 A#FBLACKGUARD 126065 126066 126067 A#FBLKGD 58 0x00004000 2 38 KHDUSK 126069 126070 126071 KHDUSK 59 0x40000008 2 39 A!ACROBAT 127677 127678 127679 A!ACRO 60 0x00010000 5 40 A!CHORISTER 127680 127681 127682 A!CHOR 61 0x00004000 5 41 A!DIRGESINGER 127695 127696 127697 A!DIRGE 62 0x00004000 5 42 A!GYPSY 127701 127702 127703 A!GYP 63 0x000000340 5 43 A!ADVENTURER 127705 34934 127706 A!AV 64 0x00100000 4 44 A!BURGLAR 127707 127708 127709 A!BURG 65 0x00004000 4 45 A!SOULKNIFE 127710 127711 127712 A!SOUL 66 0x00040000 4 46 A!SHARPSHOOTER 127715 127716 127717 A!SHARP 67 0x00100000 4 47 A#SHADOWDANCER 127718 127719 127720 A#SHAD 68 0x00040000 4 So this sorta makes sense, since it maps to 34. No idea what Ghaun is, but that appears to be the reason for it being off by one. So, what numbers exactly do I need to edit in here?
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