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  1. why? Jaheira IS LI for PC, and i would prefer Khalid
  2. could u kill Jaheira instead of Khalid and make him LI for PC?
  3. luda_


    if my PC is Cleric of Sune, can Aren marry and have children with her...?
  4. why dont you put all the other NPC mods stuff in Crossmod Banter Pack?
  5. safiya is nicer then dove and her familiar is cute. i didnt try to romance her, i prefere males. cassavir in MotB would be good...
  6. i reinstall/uninstall/install often, i have more mods then in the list that are uninstalled right now (no Fixpack though) edwin flirts come first coz i tryed this mod before (never worked) and i tryed reinstall/uninstall/install it... i was in chapter 2
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