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  1. Ok, I didn't know that was a vanilla game behaviour.
  2. In my game, Spellstrike removes SI:Abjuration. Is this intended or is this due to incompatible mods? I can't find it documented anywhere. I'm using V3 with SCS and Refinements among other mods. I btw found an incompatibility between SR and Refinements; it seems Refinements includes as an undocumented fix the Dispel Magic exe fix and using both that and the fix from SR results in DM always working, no matter the level difference. Maybe it's worth mentioning this incompatibility in the ReadMe. I'm using classic ToB, non EE.
  3. Nevermind, it seems to be included with Spell Revisions.
  4. All right. Strange that I was under the impression this had been added to Fixpack. Is there any mod out there that includes the exe hack or some other way to get it?
  5. I was under the impression that Fixpack fixed the infamous Dispel/Remove Magic bug as per this thread here which I remembered from back in the day: I noticed in my current run (GOG original BG2, not EE) that dispel magic would always dispel every buff no matter the level differences, which I have never encountered before (this weird behavior is another story, which I'm not focusing on here). So I did a completely fresh install (GOG original BG2) with only BG2 Fixpack and did some testing with a level 9 mage and a level 8 druid. My conclusion was that dispel magic did not have a 40% chance (50% base - 10% for 1 level difference) of dispelling Stoneskin, more close to 0% chance. I never observed DM working in some 20 castings of the spell. What's going on here? I thought this spell was fixed. I can't find anything about it in the docs, nor any more discussion on the forums.
  6. Yeah, I would require my players in a PnP game to do some quest like finding a Grand Master and convincing him to teach them, but first they'd have to find something for him. In fact I'm running a 2E game now where one player will be given a chance to achieve High and Grand Mastery through some epic means. Glad to be of help. The PurpleWorm site is very handy.
  7. In 2nd edition Grandmastery (+++++) granted +3 hit, +5 damage, and +1apr:- with the Revised table you get one point less of damage which isn't a big difference imo - with True Grandmastery you get half an attack more than PnP, which is quite noticeable imo, especially at lower levels and then again later on when the uber-powerful items make a big difference if they hit more often in less time I don't know what your PnP sources are but that is not how GM works in AD&D 2E. Weapon Mastery was first introduced in BECMI D&D and then later for 2E in Player's Option: Combat & Tactics. This is how it works for melee weapons (ranged did it a little differently): Level / To Hit / Dmg Proficient / 0 / 0 Specialized / +1 / +2 Mastery / +3 / +3 High Mastery / +3 / +3 Special for High Mastery: - Weapon speed increased by one category (fast = 1-4, average = 5-7, slow = 8+; so slow becomes average, average becomes fast, basically -3 speed). - Crit on 16 (instead of 18) or better if target is hit by a margin of 5 or more. Grand Mastery / +3 / +3 Special for Grand Mastery: - One additional attack per round above and beyond a specialist's attack for their level, so a 12th level GM would attack 3 times per round. The key to understand the number of attacks is the example given which is taken directly out of the book. - Weapon's base damage die is increased to the next greater die size against all opponents. So 1d8 becomes 1d10, 1d10 becomes 1d12 etc. Weapons that cause multiple dice of damage have their number of dice increased by one. So 2d4 becomes 3d4 etc. I believe the increased dice mechanism must have been trouble to implement so instead they just added fixed extra damage. Specialist Attacks per Round Level / Att/round 1-6 / 3/2 7-12 / 2/1 13+ / 5/2 Grand Master Attacks per Round Level / Att/round 1-6 / 5/2 7-12 / 3/1 13+ / 7/2 So, True Grand Mastery got the number of attacks right. You can read about Weapon Mastery here: http://www.purpleworm.org/rules/ under Player's Option: Combat & Tactics chapter 4: Weapon Specialization & Mastery. True, it was called Expertise. You can read about it on the website I linked.
  8. What...? Excuse me but how in the bloody nine hells does this disappoint you? They're taking the publishers out of the equation which can only mean good things when it comes to creative control. Its not even a question of a bigger budget because this game would not be funded with the traditional module. What would you suggest they do?
  9. I'd very much like it if you could send me the hotfixes. I'm using version 2 because I generally don't use beta versions, so your guess is correct. Also this was the version I had on my computer, I downloaded v2 a pretty long time ago and the download link for the mod still directs to v2 so I didn't bother checking the forums for a beta version or fixes. A question: If I download v3 can I reinstall the mod by removing v2 first and will it work for with current save game?
  10. Hi, I'm using version 2 of the mod. Couldn't find an appropriate thread for this since you are all talking about version 3. Whenever using Belt of Inertial Barrier the spell animation for the slow effect renews on every tick (each second I think) effectively clogging up my screen with the animations (Teleport Field animation IIRC) and slowing my PC down a lot. I don't think this is supposed to happen. Is there any way I can hotfix this myself?
  11. Maybe a bit late for an answer. There's nothing special needed AFAIK, I've never had any problems with him. Still stuck on him? Anyway, people still playing the supposed "Beta version"? Or have you just blown IA completely off? I'm still turtling my way through ToB when not playing Skyrim.
  12. I think I see your point when looking at the house to the right. Fair enough. Keep on doing what you do best.
  13. Looks fantastic. But I'll say that I prefer the original ground; the other one just reminds me too much of Athkatla and I think a new city should feel unique as far as the game is concerned. Just my humble opinion though.
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