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  1. Anyone here, please? My flirt menu doesn't work, it doesn't show all the options available. Can someone help me?
  2. So, I discovered I miss some contents in the flirt menu. Without repeating everything, the entire problem is explained here http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?s...st&p=182689 Can you help me, please?
  3. Thank you, this helped a lot! So, now I NOW FOR SURE that I don't get ANY "Daydream about Bishop" option in the flirt menu at all. So, this is a bug. Maybe a problem with the multilanguage game? Same for the Karnwyr option. It simply doesn't show. Thank you very much. I'm reporting this problem in the bug area! :-)
  4. Are you saying that the dreams happened BEFORE the start of the romance? Because: 1) as soon as Bishop enters the group, I got a first romance dialogue (attached to the conversation when Marcus ask for his knife... I can recognize the romance dialogues because my game is in Italian and the romance pack in English, so when the language switches...) 2) in the toolset, I saw there are some dreams (the sunny ones) in chapter 2 and others (the morbid ones) in chapter 3. I'm confused :-( please, help! I will be posting a screenshot of the flirt menu this evening... as soon as I'll be at the computer with NWN2 installed :-D
  5. I'd noticed that difference, but here I'm referring to something else. Which is the way I can get the dream options? Because with "examine" it doesn't work. Or I can examine him only in specific moments? Because it seems to me quite strange that I have to click every 2 minutes throughout the game, just to be sure I am not missing something. So I think there is something that triggers the "dream" option. So, what is it?
  6. I've tried "flirt mode", but some sentences have never come out. About "examine", I just get the usual pop up window with the basic description and... how don't know how I can ask to pet Karnwyr :_(
  7. Hello. Just for introduce the problem: SPOILER I'm in chapter 3. I've already obtained the True Names, obtained all the alliances and my Keep is at about 75%. So I'm quite ahead in the game. END SPOILER since 2 days ago I was having a look at the dialogue files in my toolset, I noticed tons and tons of content that I haven't seen in my game. So I am wondering if there is something going wrong with the mod. ie: I had not seen at all the interactions "dream (about Bishop)", nor the dialogue about Karnwyr. Not in chapter 2, neither in chapter 3. Plus some other parts (even quite long) of dialogues. Is there something I've missed to do, or maybe I have a problem with my game?
  8. I am FULL of interesting ideas :-D (but Neeshka is dead if she tries to touch my Bishop!!!)
  9. Oh, don't worry! I have asked in the bio forum and I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel :-D But I suppose it would take a lot longer for writing the script able to trigger time-related dialogue! But I am working on it :-)
  10. You're welcome! ^^ Let me know if all works smoothly!
  11. Ok, new question. I read the other link you gave me and now I have another curiosity. You said (in the other thread) that there's a big problem in adding new NPCs in the game, due to the lack of several scripts. But from what I've seen around, there's a mod ("dark soul" or something like that) that adds Bishop in the entire MotB, with a new area (I suppose to bring him off the wall... I haven't finished the OC yet, so I haven't even tried it) and also many dialogues. So, combining the two things (what you said in the other thread and the things added by this mod) I suppose the person who created it, had solve the problem. Could be correct? Because if this is the answer, I could ask him/her about the script, maybe s/he has already written one... Or in your opinion is there another way to add a character? Hope I was able to express my question in a comprehensible way! :-P
  12. 1) thank you for the "splitting", so I can ask some further questions :-P 2) I supposed script were triggered entering the area... but in a different way. I supposed that each time you enter an area, all the scripts area-releted would start. Maybe an example would help. This is what I had understood: Let us suppose that our party, the PC + 2 companions (Kelgar and Neeshka) enter the Flagon. As soon as the area (Flagon) loads, some scripts start their execution. a) check area script: "are we in the Flagon? yes" b) check quest script: "have the characters finished the quest X? yes" c) check item script: "is it item Y in the inventory of someone? yes" logical AND => then do the thing Z (ie: trigger a dialogue) From what I've understood now from your post: As soon as the characters enter the Flagon, they must to walk into a specific are to get the same dialogue initiated. Is it correct? I am going to read the thread you linked, but I really would like a comment on my previous examples. And another question: has anyone tried to create a "they are in the Flagon-check" script?
  13. Vaalyah

    A book

    Congratulation! And since I am a theoretical physicist, maybe I could have a look at it! ;-)
  14. Domi, sorry for the off topic, but I am starting learning about NWN2 scripting just in these days and maybe I have misunderstood the whole thing. From what I've read so far, you can trigger dialogues with a script that checks several things (ie: the state of a quest, the presence of an item in the inventory, your influence with a companion, one of the abilities, etc). But from what I've understood in your last post, you are saying that the only way of triggering a dialogue is by adding it to an existing one. So is it impossible to say, "ie: Casavir would start this dialogue only if 1) the PC is a female, 2) the trial quest is ended, 3) the PC has at least 10 points of influence, 4) they are at the Flagon" ? Have I misunderstood everything about scripting? I am confused o_O
  15. Sorry for stupid question, Domi, but I am reading your updates and I haven't understood a thing. You have to "tie" your dialogues to some already existing dialogues? So if there isn't an already existing dialogue, you can't put a new one in the game?
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