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  1. To say the truth, I've NEVER seen in my game a familiar. I've disable the AI for npc because during battle I want to check personally who they are fighting and in which way, so also the special ability class-related have been disable. If I've never seen a familiar before, is it still possible to have that bug?


    PS: off topic. I've discovered this mod http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2M...etail&id=61 is it compatible with your mod, are they doing the same things, is it inside your mod...? Sorry for being so talkative, but I am really afraid of crashing the game :-P

  2. In this case there's a big problem:

    1) my game has been installed for the first time about 3 weeks ago (just changed my PC, the PC before this one, was unable to run the game) and immediately after, has been patched (I first patched the game and only after I've started playing, so I've never entered the game before patching it). In this case, I don't think I can have that problem, having the latest patch installed

    2) I've never use a familiar or a companion in the game. I simply think they're quite useless (and too easily killable). So again, I don't think this is the case...

    :mad: I am getting more and more confused!

  3. Ok, bigger problem:same scene, I was exploring new answer option just to check the entire situation in case of bug. Now the game stops also if I answer different things, at the same point (just before the last sentence by bandits before they attack us). Now I am a little worried, since I am unable to pass that scene... I hope to be able to finish the game. I am keeping on trying...

  4. Ok, I've just tried again. The crash happened again at the same point, if I choose the same answer.

    When the bandits shows, if I choose "the odds are unfair. Bishop. back off to even things up", I receive the answer in Italian by the bandit and then the game crashes. 3 times on 3. If I choose another answer, no problem. Ok, of course I am going to change answer, but I suppose you would need to know the fact!

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