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  1. Hello, In accordance to the GDPR, could you please delete my account and all associated data?
  2. Since the code is available, would it be possible to integrate the Widescreen Mod's functionallity into Gemrb? It would be a step forward if GemRB could check the configured resolution, and that if it wouldn't match the desired resolution, then it would change the resources accordingly. Congratulations on the constant work, the results are awesome!
  3. Micru

    bg saga runthrough

    Maybe you could use this checklist to keep track of all the quests that are completable. Or are they all already completable? http://www.forgotten...1/checklist.htm
  4. There is a patch to convert Planescape: Torment into traditional Chinese: http://goo.gl/99IJs It was created just by taking the files from the original localized version. In this patch a "setfont.exe" program is supplied, but I don't understand what it does. It would be great if someone could try it and see if it works (for me in win7, it doesn't) and maybe translate this screenshot: And how does it work exactly? Is there any pre-generated BAM/bitfont or the fonts are taken straight from the operative system?
  5. Micru

    Capture mouse pointer

    You mean the key "scroll lock"? In my whole life I never pressed that button. I'll clean the dust from that button, and I'll give it a go this afternoon. It can be what I've been dreaming about :-)
  6. While using virtualbox i discovered a great feature: capture mouse pointer. It works as follows: - Passing the mouse over the window has no effect on the window - On click over the window, the pointer in the window becomes active and it is enclosed inside the window - On pressing a hotkey (in this case Right Ctrl), the mouse pointer can travel again outside the window boundaries I think it would be amazing to have something like that in gemrb. When I execute in windowed mode (always), it is annoying to scroll... What do you think?
  7. Micru

    Test package (.deb)

    Thanks for the reply!
  8. Micru

    Test package (.deb)

    Yesterday I started to configure my ubuntu box for gemrb. After a few tries I could build the code and run it Then, I created an install package for testing purposes using checkinstall (very easy!) but I don't know if it will work in other computers... The package can be found here. Could please somebody tell me if it works? https://sites.google.com/site/dacuetu/build...0808-1_i386.deb BTW when is the next release planned?
  9. Hi Avenger, thanks for the fast reply. What I meant are, for instance, the sounds that are played when: - A party member is removed. Examples: NOR176 : "I will wait here pending further orders." -> Removed from party. Engine. ANA456D: "I won't wait here forever." -> Removed from Party. Engine. - Cannot remove a default weapon. Examples: ANA366D: "Touch my blades again, and I'll put them in your skull." -> Cannot remove default weapon. Engine. ANA462C: "I'm not giving that up." -> Cannot remove default weapon. Engine. - Inventory is full: ANA474C: "I couldnae carry it, so I had to drop it." -> Inventory Full, Item Dropped (STRREF 37081) - TNO is resurrected # ANA506D: "Creepy rising from the dead you are." -> After TNO resurrection. Engine. # ANA507B: "Didnae really think you were deathless, cursed you are." -> After TNO resurrection. Engine. # ANA508D: "Just seein' ya crawl back to life like that, gives me the shivers." -> After TNO resurrection. Engine. And repeat selects, deaths, etc. Most of this sounds are hardcoded in the exe file....
  10. I've found a comprehensive list of sound files used in PST http://www.shsforums.net/topic/40799-compr...of-sound-files/ Some of them are hardcoded. Would it be possible to implement them in GemRB? Could the texts be displayed as subtitles or overhead text? Also, when a text starts with the string "NOTE:" in the original is displayed in white color. This should be configurable (maybe config file?), because in other languages is different... yes I know it is a finesse, but nice to have
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