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  1. You could try to ensure no quest or unique items are kept in bags, and use the bags for generic stuff like gems, scrolls and gear. Most scripts are checking for quest/unique items (even door keys), and there is poor/nonexistent optimization in the game code that looks into bags for these items. I can successfully use a "bottomless" bag of holding in BG2/ToB by keeping quest items out of it. So perhaps empty your bags and try to place only generic items into them. That way you could possibly keep the extra storage space and still run lag-free.
  2. The only thing that immediately grabs my attention is your sound hardware. In my experience, on-board sound is typically not as robust as an add-in board. I'm using Soundblaster X-Fi Gamer right now and will never go back. Other things I note in your INI file: - You're running in a window instead of full screen; this can cause performance issues on some systems. - You're running 16-bit color, which is fine unless your desktop is 32-bit, in which case you might try 32-bit color. - You have Footsteps enabled, and this can tax on-board sound systems. Your video reminds me of issues I had in BG2, which were caused by three things: 1. Many overlapping environment sounds playing at once. 2. "Enhanced Pathfinding", which re-tests walk paths every few seconds 3. My inventory was full and the scripts that check for quest items were taking forever to locate certain items in my pack. My old system (K6-2 400Mhz with Voodoo3 video) also had trouble playing the game with 3D enabled, so I disabled it. My current system (Athlon64 2.4Ghz, NVidia 7950GT, 1GB RAM, WinXP SP3, etc.) plays all IE games with all options maximized, although translucent floaty text in IWD2 causes severe screen lag (the bigger the message, the greater the lag). Perhaps recent drivers have fixed that; haven't launched the game in about a year. I wish I could be more help.
  3. I voted to overthrow Cam just because I found that funny. I'd never do it though because he's the heart and soul of this place, and though I haven't done any IE modding in over a year, I still enjoy being a gibberling. You could always do what I do and keep your mods offline to yourself and your local friends/family. Sure, it's hard to break the "must be online" mold that grew out of the last two decades, but there is a world offline. You can update your mod all you want, you don't have to deal with complaints or providing technical support to the classic person with 100 mods installed and this odd problem after installing yours... or maybe it was number 49, or maybe... But seriously, just pester Cam and see what he thinks.
  4. In BG1, DEATH.2DA (1 = activates death reaction) and INTERACT.2DA (i = insult, c = compliment, s = special) determined which CRE sound slots were used when a party member died or the internal banter timer expired and reset. I believe this functionality is lost in BG2/Tutu due to using the BG2 engine, thus making these sound slots seem useless. Also if you look at BG1's CH1CUTxx.BCS scripts you can see Bioware using the VerbalConstant action to activate CRE sound slots. The same script action exists in BG2. Hope that made some sense; I'm having a cold and not thinking straight.
  5. Smoketest

    ToB news

    Have to agree; take your time. I've been downloading updates as they happen, but I'm not going to play this mod until it includes ToB content. In the meantime I have much to keep me busy.
  6. Smoketest

    Female Gamers

    There are quite a few adventure games (TLJ & Dreamfall, Syberia I & II, Mysterious Island) that feature female protagonists, and they're refreshing after years of playing stereotypical male protagonists. World of Warcraft has gender-neutral quests and relies on players to generate any gender-specific content (thus the "dynamic content" warning on the box cover). Also each race provides male and female options. Quite a few guys play female characters (and a few gals play males), but with 10 million "subscribers" there is a statistically large percentage of female players spread across the many servers, and I'm honored to know a few of them (and their moms, aunts, daughters and friends). I'll never abandon singleplayer games though, and lately I've been playing Titan Quest, which has gender-neutral quests and male/female protagonist choices. Hopefully Dragon Age is more female-friendly.
  7. The bugs/oversights I noticed with TakePartyItemNum and TakePartyItemAll (in BG2) were tied to carried containers such as bags. - If you had only 20 Arrows and they were in a bag, and you used TakePartyItemNum("arow01",99), the item stack would appear to the player to have been completely removed, though a hidden "phantom" stack with a quantity of zero would remain in the bag's STO component. - If you try to remove all instances of an item with TakePartyItemAll, it will ignore whatever is stored in carried containers (bags). This annoying limitation is what prompted me to use TakePartyItemNum instead, which led to the above observation.
  8. Yeah 26499 fixed saves for some folks, but broke random map spawns for everyone who uses it. I never have problems with long saves, so I stick to 26498.
  9. Smoketest

    Bard Songs

    Thanks for the compliments. Just my way of showing that I haven't given up on this mod, and maybe I can restore some of Bri's inspiration with a bit of my own. I know she can write volumes when she's in the groove, and I'm looking forward to playing this mod.
  10. Smoketest


    Heh, not the Nemo I think of when I see that name I'm not much into Pixar's movies. Good for families I suppose. Most CG effects in non-cartoonlike movies seem overdone to the point of being a distraction. I might still see Transformers (siblings grew up with the cartoon) but I'll wait until it's on DVD.
  11. Smoketest

    Bard Songs

    Thanks, KIrving. Still sick as a dog; it's a shame I can't find such inspiration when I'm well. Here's another one, a bit darker and more melancholy, based on Sleeping Sun by Nightwish. Delainy and Charname have gone to bed and the campfire is low. Charname is already asleep and Delainy is looking at him with tears in her eyes. In the distance, the moon is reflecting off the Sea of Swords. Delainy begins to sing in a soft voice...
  12. Smoketest

    Bard Songs

    Delainy and friends decide to camp on a hill as the sun is setting. A full moon is rising and they share a meal and drinks. Delainy gets caught up in the revelry and breaks out in a comical song... (sung to the rhythm of Weird Al's White and Nerdy) After a stunned silence, everyone applauds, and the party goes on into the night. Hope you like it. I'm drugged up to get rid of a bad cold and a headache, but that didnt stop me from trying my hand at a funny song for Delainy. I could see her singing this maybe after a few drinks and silliness sets in. Oh, and I know Delainy isn't conceited.
  13. Tutu only copies critical BG2 files to the new Tutu folder, so the BG2Fixpack is virtually useless, and may not even install correctly due to missing BG2 files. Edit: removed information that didn't apply to EasyTutu (it applied instead to the older BGTutu installer).
  14. Since Wing Buffet is a natural dragon ability involving the use of its wings (which we're left to imagine in the IE), I favor it not being caught by a Spell Trap. Instead dexterity and a saving throw versus breath should be useful against a wing buffet. It is a physical act with physical results, not a spell, despite Bioware's typical shortcut approach to the matter.
  15. The game only cares about the actual numbers; labels are for our benefit. A value of 60 in game time is a turn, or 10 rounds, or 12 game minutes, but 60 seconds or one minute in real time. I wanted meaningful labels so a seperate IDS made sense.
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