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  1. Smoketest

    ToB news

    Have to agree; take your time. I've been downloading updates as they happen, but I'm not going to play this mod until it includes ToB content. In the meantime I have much to keep me busy.
  2. Most of the arrow types have some reference to "magical", "enchanted", or words like those in their general "An arrow is..." descriptions. Given that just about everything in the game uses magic to attain a "better than normal" state, it's safe to assume that all non-normal arrows (and other missile ammunition) are magical. Arrows of Fire also allow a save to avoid the fire damage, which is silly because if the arrow hits you at all, you will be burned, unless you have 100% or better fire resistance. Kobold arrows of fire have +2 THAC0 and damage, the little cheaters. (They also use co
  3. My two cents... I had to edit and parse the TP2 manually because I have roughly 40% of the fixes already in place through prior efforts and I didn't want the fixpack messing them up. The remaining fixes that I hadn't gotten around to yet were good catches and I had fun implementing them, though I did save the bigger blocks for WeiDU after I made sure they were 'safe' for my install. As to the fixpack's effect on the game, as you say it will either be noticed or not noticed depending on the player and their play style. I have a reputation for noticing minute details, and indeed I make a
  4. Congrats on the progress Bri. I don't post much here, but I always check for updates. Was on my way to meet the original Delainy again, but got sidetracked with bugfixing. Hope you get your video card whipped into shape. I had similar issues a few months ago and ended up going back to the tried and true, at least until I can upgrade my core hardware.
  5. *gathers some sticks and bark and builds a fire under Bri* I'd lend you my muse but she flew the coop years ago. As for Cam, the "too many irons in the fire" saying applies here. This project is getting old, but not nearly as ancient as Return to Windspear. Maybe Cam prefers the stack method of First In, Last Out. Regardless, I haven't given up hope. Still waiting for a good reason to have a bard in the party. (hint hint)
  6. Thanks for the update Bri. I miss the snow. Let's hope your muse also gets those four weeks off.
  7. This time of year can be hectic, so I understand. I'll be breathing a big sigh of (stress) relief when January gets here.
  8. Yep, I'm still waiting too. Been keeping busy doing QA on the Yasraena mod to fill the time.
  9. Congratulations on the new computer. Believe it or not, I never use spell checkers. May your days be virus-free and Delainy-productive.
  10. It won't happen, but imagine her being modded into the game, with voice and everything. haha. I had an odd experience happen to me outside of Candlekeep. After I left Gorion to die at Sarevok's hands, I found myself standing alone on the road, with this panicked, naked fighter running around nearby. I couldn't talk to him, and he had my character's name, but I could kill him, as he only had one hitpoint. Imoen was nowhere to be found. The cause? I'd inadvertently changed what I thought to be an unused CRE to 'empty' status, with default values. In this case it turned out to be Imoen's
  11. And so another school year looms on the horizon, so perhaps Bri will be able to get more done, or not. I know how intruding RL can be at times. Indeed, my last few weekends have been entirely sacrificed for my new girlfriend. In the interest of making time pass faster, and thus 'speeding up' Delainy's release, I'm playing a new game of BG1, after a loooong hiatus. This way I'll get to visit her once again on the secluded isle and rekindle the love that existed once before. Weeee. I wish you many creative moments Bri, and you many moments of coding genius Cam. Since the time I have lef
  12. I browse dialogs because there are always misspellings, incorrect punctuation, and grammar errors to fix, not to mention unclear wording at times. Better to fix the errors than to pollute my TLK file with distracting text. Yes, it can ruin the surprise at times, but if quality control was better, I wouldn't have to bother. (Not to seem too hard on modders, I find lots of errors in Bioware's work too, including situations where spoken words don't match printed text. Ugh!) Usually I try playing the mod first, but if I see several errors in relatively quick succession, I'm off to rewrite the
  13. RE: latest diary update Hang in there. It may not look like it, but I'm still awaiting this mod, more so since I haven't been privileged to test any of it. In the meantime I've been working and playing other games so that BG2 will be fresh again. I haven't been able to think of any new ideas that you or someone else hasn't already considered, thus no recent posts here. I'm more or less just waiting.
  14. I'm in no hurry for a big download, which a full speech pack would likely be. Since the mod is likely to be released before speech is recorded, I think it'd be best to provide the speech as a seperate download, especially since, if it's done well, the speech rarely has to be changed, while the mod itself might go through a patch or two after release. It also eases the burden on us 56k folks, and those players who might prefer to play female PCs and don't care about the romance portion. Still, I'd rather download a large file for Delainy than I would for... certain other NPCs. Only 53,0
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