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  1. Will eventually look into these, but I currently do not have the time. Thank you for the reports, .
  2. Dispel Magic is not party friendly, and its effects remain the same. It's only Remove Magic where alternative options are offered, so Inquisitors' and Clerics' Dispel Magics are unaffected. At some point, I might also include the same alternative options for Dispel Magic, but at this time, I'm currently unable to do much modding.
  3. Sure. As for the cloak...true, but on the other hand, it annoyed me enough that I was constantly taking it off and putting it back on because I hate the effect so much, so I designed a way to fix it without removing the effect entirely, and at the time, people liked the idea, so it stuck, .
  4. Blur visual effect: Intended. Designed to reduce the visual annoyance of always having the blur effect on. IRR's Cloak of Mirroring works the same way. As for the actual rolls...uh, I'll look into it, but I'd expect it to work correctly. Belt of Inertial Barrier: Will do. Resurrection: Not even a spell SRR touches, I don't think, but I'll look into it and see why health isn't being fully restored for the temple version. Horn: Yeah, it's been on my mind, but no time as of late. Will get to it, though, .
  5. It should really just be noted in the readme description of the component as to the unfortunate but necessary way it functions. I'll, um, get around to that and a couple of other things, eventually...
  6. When does the crash appear to happen? Immediately upon the fight starting, after a spellcasting animation...something else?
  7. Yeah, I'm not familiar with EE-only weapon proficiency mods, so I really just don't know for sure.
  8. Probably, but it's also probably not a foolproof idea. By doing that, you're going to make it so that people who play with less restrictive weapon proficiency mods (or similar) won't be able to customize weapon usabilities as they expect, since such mods almost certainly do not take into account any presence of opcode 319. ...Although my experience of weapon proficiency mods is only for ToBEx games - maybe there is an EE mod that would detect such things, since some classes (shamans for short bows?) already have to use opcode 319? Don't know for sure, I guess.
  9. @NdranC @Mike1072 From what I could tell, Mike is correct. The reason the option is disabled for EE games is because it doesn't work - the EEs don't have this functionality. The penalties are still being added because there's no downside to doing so, as the penalty doesn't do anything anyways. Sorry, no ranged backstabs for EE players.
  10. Yeah, I was writing up this edit to my reply before the website started going all "forum is not currently available" on me again: The description of the subcomponents in the readme merely says the first option will enable variable backstab penalties for weapons usable by pure thieves, while the second component says it'll additionally enable backstabbing for some other types of non-thief weapons (not perfectly clear on which ones) but apply the listed penalties, while the third option will enable backstabbing for *all* weapons (including ranged ones) but apply the penalties to them.
  11. Didn't the same thing used to happen with the 3rd subcomponent? Thought I fixed that, but then I overwrote my fix with Subtledoctor's official fix for it. I'll see about it, thanks.
  12. For items whose spell-like abilities are actually governed by what spells are currently in your game, their descriptions should match. Should. I think Mike covered everything else besides your last two. The debugging bit: not really sure. Probably not something that I'd be suited to answer. I guess you'd want to have the weapon-type identifier identify if it's a valid weapon type (to make sure you aren't catching stuff like creature weapons, or at least not too many of them), then check it against the list of items installed by items.2da, and exclude it if it's already there. I'm not real
  13. Crom Faeyr: Odd, as Cromwell's strings are actually updated. IR/R: What will effectively happen is that divine spells will usually be cast as per vanilla spells, while arcane spells will be cast as per SR spells. In most cases, you probably won't notice the difference in a functional sense, but there may be a few odd discrepancies (like, I don't think Deafness does any damage in vanilla, so items that cast Sound Burst will continue to do damage...similarly, that one harp will still continue to cast Break Enchantment and not Remove Curse, etc.). Ring of Kangaxx: Neat idea, but I'd str
  14. Oh, interesting! I've run into weirdities over the years using it that I eventually decided to just...stop using it, and instead use Near Infinity's save game editing when I can (even though it's a bit more difficult and less convenient to use). Good to know I'm not the only one. @Guest: I really dislike the design of most EE items, and in addition to the work it'd take, that's a part of my hesitance to integrate those items into IRR. Some are underdesigned a la vanilla BG2 items, some are stupidly overdesigned and just don't fit alongside other BG items as a result, some overpowered or a
  15. I've always wanted an Air Elemental Transformation ability as well, but no icons for it + I never wanted to figure out how to add brand new HLAs made it a difficult task. Water elementals virtually don't exist in the BG series and there aren't water elemental summoning spells, so I didn't feel the same way about those.
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