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  1. For the life of me, I cannot remember what exactly...oh, yes, right! Okay, I think the main thing that set all of this off was because 1pp officially updated and rejected some of my fixes (or at least what I would've considered fixes), and almost categorically rejected all of my changes (i.e. the more subjective things I did...which was actually quite a lot, probably a hundred-plus changes, a lot of them color fixes for stuff that seemed plainly wrong to me). Additionally, the entire mod was completely more or less remade from the ground up, so the question was - was I going to remake my
  2. Man, for how many files I looked through and compared, somehow I missed the contents of something literally right in the stratagems\mage\ folder being straight up missing. Good job, me...and actually good job you for spotting it!
  3. IIRC, it's done via its script, nishru01.bcs, but don't quote me on that.
  4. I went ahead and installed a brand new copy of BG2:EE, then installed the latest version of IRR without making any changes. The Shield Others effect seems to work perfectly fine - however, I was curious to see if your alternative idea would work as well. Putting the projectile to SHLD07 and removing it from SHLD07A made it no longer work at all for me. So consider me very confused.
  5. Can you further explain what you mean? Functionally, the aura seems to work as I want it to, so what's the intent of switching it?
  6. Yeah, I think Kreso made it so that it slayed the character after 1 turn to 'fix' the problem, crude solution as it is. No ideal way to solve the problem that anyone's ever been able to think of, unfortunately. I wasn't able to figure out if Dimensional Anchor would actually prevent someone from being imprisoned in P&P (not that there's any need to follow P&P - I was just curious if it would). From what I was able to tell, it seems like the spell is geared towards preventing the target from trying to do anything extradimensional, not to prevent extradimensional things from happeni
  7. I'm sure he'll profusely apologize for continuing to make significant time in his already busy life to support a massive mod for games literally decades-old, literally fifteen years after the mod's initial release. Wait...no, for some reason, I don't think he'll do that. Literally hundreds, maybe thousands of mod-makers over the last two decades in the BG community have simply disappeared without a word when they're no longer interested in or no longer have the time to continue working on their mods. Maybe get some perspective, pal. (e): He replied to me again, but I refuse to contri
  8. SR does the same, but it has its own problems, like not being able to leave the current area - meaning you have to kick them out of your party anyways unless you happen to have a Freedom on you.
  9. I don't think it's directly to do with that component itself, even though installing it causes it - I did a total folder compare between 33.4 and 33.5 to see what might be the culprit, and there were precious few files changed for the Smarter Mages component at all, and I investigated each one and the changes seemed to be what looked like only a few basic maintenance changes (outside of making it so conjurers can't cast divination spells and that the cult wizards in Ulgoth's Beard weren't overleveled). My hunch is that it's more likely to do with this listed change for 33.5: "Under the hood: m
  10. He performs maintenance and such when he has time - it can be weeks or months. The bug occurs in a BG1:EE installation with only SCS's initialization + Smarter Mages components on 33.7a. It does not occur with the same setup except with 33.4 instead. The bug also occurs on 33.5, making 33.4 the last version without the issue. General mage movement (at the very least - I did not look at other caster types or indeed characters in general) appears to be broken, as mages never attempt to attack nor do they try to avoid being attacked or indeed move around at all as they did prior to 33.5.
  11. Y'all do know you can just download the latest repository and it makes no difference whether it's called V1.3.256 vs V1.3.300, right?
  12. Just SRR on BG2:EE, Faerie Fire is there, and Sunschorch's icon is correct. Installing the two Faerie Fire and Sunscorch components from this mod...did not result in Faerie Fire being missing from the spellist for me, but did result in Sunscorch having the wrong icon. This is because Sunscorch and Fearie Fire have their resource names (before being ADD_SPL-ed) switched between SR and SRR - I don't know why they're switched (probably something to do with before SR was ADD_SPELL-ized years ago), so I'll just switch them on SRR. Done...and that fixed it. I would warn that while the Sunscorch
  13. Don't think I have anything outstanding, so sure, why not: V1.3.400 released. It's mostly fixes: 1. Some faulty immunities in the Protection from Cold and Protection from Fire scrolls were removed (the result of changing spell resource names that are no longer static). 2. A long list of minor item characteristic and text inconsistencies were fixed, such as weight, stack size, backstab flag, targeting, dispel type, animation percentiles, etc., were fixed. See the following posts (thanks to @ptifab) : Tansheron's Bow was missing its Phantom Arrow effects due to a typo in its in
  14. I just use CLUAConsole:/C:SetCurrentXP("MinimumforLevel") right before dual-ing. Don't like being stuck at 64013 or whatever, .
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