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  1. Yeah, to try and clear it out and make the OS think it's not installed anymore. If you haven't any experience with regedit, it's probably not the safest to mess around with, though.
  2. Yeah, I recall the DVD versions of the Infinity Engines having some oddities that can annoy. I would probably try deleting every IWD-related key in regedit before going straight into reformatting, but that's just me.
  3. IWD: Inserted IWD disc, and had to extract disc's contents to desktop - would not run from the disc without doing so, as it would close with a bogus "insufficient memory" error. Did a full install to C:\Games\Icewind Dale. It asks to install DirectX 7.0, won't install, but game launched fine okay anyways. HOW: Inserted HoW disc. Again, refused to run from disc - extract to desktop first, and did full install. Launches fine. TotLM: Installed patch (aka Trials of the Luremaster). No errors. Game launches fine. Windows 10 1809 x64.
  4. The mod "Level 1 NPCs" also does it via the "tweak weapon proficiencies for some classes" component.
  5. Ah, now that you mention it, I think somebody else mentioned this before, and I kind of ejected it out of my memory because it's EE-only (...and I don't play on the EEs).
  6. The only exception I would fear might not work is Dispelling Screen. You should probably comment out a line near the bottom of the file that says "INCLUDE ~spell_rev\lib\dispelling_screen.tph~" if you're going to disable Dispelling Screen, as it'll otherwise try to patch Spell Immunity in unexpected ways. To be honest, I don't even know what the "BEW Tool" is. I presume some kind of multimod install tool, but I am simply not familiar with it. Jarno can be fairly knowledgeable, but instead of using that knowledge for good, he uses it to endlessly berate and act superior towards others (and usually on the most ridiculous/inexplicable/incomprehensible of technicalities) while the staff looks the other way because he's a long-time member...even though his behavior clearly pushes away other users and, ironically (as we're on the subject), makes the forum look bad for never dealing with him. It is a bit of a shame for everyone involved.
  7. My suggestion would be to only not install the base spell and its scroll if you're going to try to do that. So, for example, you crossed out all of Flame Arrow (and all of its subresources), when really, you should only cross out spwi303.spl and scrl1f.itm. So it should look more like this... Only the spwi303.spl and scrl1f.itm are crossed out. This makes it so all the other resources will still install and shouldn't cause errors. In almost all cases, such extra resources will not be called upon by the vanilla versions of the spells - they're just installed to make sure the mod is able to successfully install.
  8. No Armor of Faith, Unholy Blight/Holy Smite, Harm, Grease, Obscuring Mist, Invisibility, Chaos Shield, Remove Magic, Flame Arrow, Haste, Invisibility Sphere, Slow, Skull Trap, Melf's Minute Meteors, Improved Invisibility, Stoneskin, Greater Malison, Emotion: Despair, Dispelling Screen, Spell Shield, Mislead, Improved Haste, Project Image, Improved Chaos Shield, Simulacrum, and Horrid Wilting. I'm surprised you didn't run into more errors, to be honest. Just the two is pretty good.
  9. To be totally honest, I'm not sure. HLAs in spellbooks is ludicrously dumb for at least a couple of reasons, and I haven't had it that way for years and years. There used to be a single-purpose mod to changing HLAs to innate abilities on Spellhold Studios that you could install, but then SCS added it as an option, and I've always installed that since. So I just checked, and SR (and SRR) do indeed set them to innate abilities. Alright then. I guess at some point between then and now, SR also decided to do that. I can hardly fault it, although I might've left it as an optional-but-recommended component.
  10. Sequencers are still memorizable spells in SR (though with a new "universal" school). I am not sure about whether or not HLAs are moved to innate by SR. In regards to crossing out spells from being modified by SR, that's possible in theory, but...because of a lot of various addons over the years, may be more difficult in practice.
  11. Looking at just spwi303d here: according to your debug file, spwi303 (Flame Arrow) and its associated files were never installed. This later causes a crash in the install when a different part of the component has assumed that it was indeed installed. Did you disable SR's Flame Arrow from being installed?
  12. It's definitely beneficial to keep wackier/experimental ideas as separate components like this when possible. The monstrosity that has become my settings.ini file for SRR (...and IRR, for that matter) is proof enough of that. Of course, part of the problem is that I'm working inside the frameworks of those mods, and they do stuff like completely changing the behavior of petrification when that pretty obviously should've been a separate component with at least a couple different options to choose from with clear explanations as to what they effectively do...but since it's not, I'm kind of in a bind, especially when you consider that so many people use automated installs where, if I start putting "essential" (to them) parts of the mod in new components, then I'm effectively removing those features from their install. For stuff like individual spell tweaks, it's perfectly fine for stuff to stay as additional components in a separate mod. Protection from Poison (what Neutralize Poison effectively currently is) has value as a spell in of itself, and that should probably stay, but uh, maybe at 3rd level, not 4th - after all, its greatest use is definitely in BG1 (I would think?), and poison really just doesn't have the power that elements do in BG2. I don't know for sure, I guess. Remove Paralysis is a dumb spell, too, speaking of.
  13. I am way too stressed out at this time to be working on really designing anything, so it's a moot point for the time being anyways. I also don't get the impression Subtledoctor particularly cares, especially since SRR is not something he uses and reaches a relatively small audience. My favorite ideas are: 1. Sunfire/Fireburst neutral-friendliness. This spell needs something, and I think that might be its something. 2. Mirror Image 3rd level spell (but probably won't happen). I think SCS will use it correctly as long as the IDS entries for the two different versions are updated (the 3rd level version would take the 2nd level version's identifier, while the 2nd level would get a deprecated tag). 3. Otiluke's revision (which I can legitimately claim I already had a vision for...and my implementation might end up being pretty different anyways). 4. Energy Drain kill effect. Also a spell that just needs...something, anything, and it thematically at least sort of works (plus it's a good opportunity to use one of my favorite graphical effects, the "ghost rising out of corpse" one...even though Wail of the Banshee already uses it at this level). 5. Ring of Danger Sense: Well, more IR-related, but also a ring that just needs something a little more concrete to be used more, and though +1 AC is generic, it makes perfect sense for it. Other ideas I like but am not totally sure of: 1. Protection from Petrification (specifically, making it more like Protection from Evil in that instead of blanket immunity, it gives somewhere between a +2 and +4 bonus, while Potions of Mirrored Eyes and Wraithform keep the outright immunity). 2. Mantle (not yet sold on this exact implementation, but it's at least on the right track re: player vs. AI disparity, and there's stuff worth trying out to see if it's better in there - also, his implementation doesn't work for non-EE players anyways). 3. Luck. This is a spell I've never had a good grasp over how powerful it actually is in SR. Making it an AoE buff a la something like Bless or Chant is an interesting one, especially since it's an arcane spell, but I think our numbers would end up at different places. 4. Vampiric saving throws: ...But I'd make it more severe - not a neutral saving throw, but -2 at least and maybe even -4. This is vampires' signature ability, after all. Perhaps it could depend on the "quality"/age of the vampire, but it might be rather annoying to patch each vampire manually depending on what you "think" they should get. If level drain wasn't so broken, I would've loved to have made a Shapechange form for like an Ancient Vampire or something - alas. It's just as well, since I only ever wanted 5 forms for Shapechange, although I'm still not sure how useful the forms I made are because I've literally never played Throne of Bhaal with SRR (though I did get really close one time). Speaking of which, I still never had a good idea for the seventh and final form of Polymorph Self that I wanted...sigh. @subtledoctor Neutralize Poison does kind of suck...I'm already sold on the idea of giving Lesser Restoration stat restoration, and fatigue/drunkenness (lol) would actually make sense as well. Neutralize Poison could easily become Neutralize or Protection from...Ailments? Wait, isn't there already a scroll with that name? Blimey. Anyways, protection from disease wouldn't be unwelcome.
  14. IR Revised V1.2.7 released. Changes: As previously mentioned, BG1:EE shields get their original graphics restored. All wands now correctly max out at 10 charges (as opposed to some of the crazier numbers like 50 in BG1!). Big thanks to Luke for the code for this. This is not, at this time, a separate component, mainly because I would've eventually forced this change on a case-by-case basis at some point anyways. However, if there are problems with the implementation, then we can certainly look into making it one. Installed fine on a BG1:EE and BGT game from what I tested. A number of weapons had animation percentiles (what percentage they would either thrust, overhand, or backhand) that were inconsistent with IR's custom percentiles. Most were fixed with the exception of a few oddball cases, e.g. Staff Spear (which will continue to use spear percentiles). Mostly disabled the Spellhold Token Machine tweak. If you prefer having a few pairs of doubled boots, I won't stop you! Fixes: Going along with number 1 above, I just fixed the order of some of the final fixing tweaks of IRR so that the BG1:EE graphics restoration actually sticks (previously was being overwritten and therefore not showing up due to a poor order). Spell Deflection on that one amulet had 10 charges instead of 9. Some more SR-Haste consistency fixes (these will seemingly never stop, for there are so many sources of Haste!). Mithral Field Plate Mail +2 was in a weird state of being half between +2 and +3 - now fully +2 again (but still retains the Mithral +1 AC bonus, so kind of effectively +3 still?). Arrow of Detonation had an incorrect -2 saving penalty. Werebane had an incorrect "drain type" (harmless?). Marek's Potion should hopefully be fixed for BG1:EE games. Adoy's Belt had some kind of typo I've already forgotten the details of, but it was fixed. Firetooth +5's special AoE fire effect was only firing with 15% frequency instead of 100%. Made Horn of Kazgaroth's description consistent and more clear versus its effects. Fixed the BG1EE double class requirements/limitations bug.
  15. Throw in a food and health crisis for good measure... Best of luck!
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