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  1. Glad to hear it's not as long as the first, but all reported inconsistencies/bugs are always welcome, . No, I don't think the targeting would be used either, so no need to change.
  2. ProftE & Imprisonment: Fixed. Imprisonment's was especially messed up, both clerics and thieves could use it. Amulet of Form Stability: For some reason, no anti-polymorph items (I checked three) have this opcode, so I'm inclined to leave it without. Amulet of Spell Warding: Fixed. Arrow of Slaying: Fixed the monk usability, the hidden THAC0 bonus is intended (vanilla gave it a whopping +15 bonus...but the slaying effect only affected ogre mages, so this is a compromise to give this very rare, very expensive item a better chance of working). Arrow of Piercing: Fixed,
  3. Thanks! Will take a look at all of them and respond to each one at a later date.
  4. I must be thinking of a different mod that I tried, that added some new innate cantrips that refreshed themselves. Weird. Thought it was yours, but I guess not!
  5. I believe the idea is "cantrips AT level 1", not "cantrips take up level 1 spellcasting". I tried this mod a long time back, and thought the cantrips were...neat, but eventually realized that without a character script that would automatically cast them for me, there's no way I'm actually using them because it's too little benefit for how much effort it is to keep casting them. However...if SCS AI automatically uses said cantrips in an appropriate manner (i.e. after exhausting all of their normal combat options), then that sounds like a worthwhile idea again.
  6. When we're talking about the secondary components of IR/R and SR/R which only apply some global tweaks, then I don't see why not. Is there a particular issue you have in mind? The main components should absolutely be installed way earlier, but my installation order already says that.
  7. Not at this time. The only outstanding issue I have for SRR (that I can remember...) is that I wanted to make a more fair Dispel Magic, but I don't particularly want to work on that arduous process right now. I have no advice to give on EET, for I have only installed EET a total of one time, and it was in a very barebones installation. I assume people who use EET will be able to figure out where EET should be installed based on other people's superior knowledge and advice. If it were me, I would assume that it would go in about the same place as BGT, but I'm not about to recommend that
  8. V1.3.300 released. Changes: Blackmist now applies Blackmist's blackmist on 15% of attacks made with Blackmist (instead of being manually activated via an ability). The blacksmith's Blackmist's blackmist blackmists the blacksmith's Blackmist's blackmist. Boots of the Gargoyle no longer have 3x Stoneskin, but rather have a 5 skin Stoneskin that triggers every turn. Is this a terrible idea? A warning is given in the description that it should not be used with other Stoneskin effects. Ravager has a makeover: loses the Cloak of Fear abiltiy in exchange for a Terrifying Aura t
  9. Friends: Strong for sure, but I was never able to come up with a formula that I liked for spanning both BG1 and BG2 for being effective, and like a lot of things when I can't find a good formula for it, I tend to just leave it how it is. Potential options I thought of were +1/per 3 levels (max of +5 at 15th level), +2 + 1/per extra 3 levels (max of +5 at 10th level). Enchanted Weapon: I'm nearly a hundred percent sure the enchantment level does not stack (i.e. casting the EE verison of Enchanted Weapon on a weapon that's already +4 does not make it +7, and in fact, I wouldn't be surprised
  10. That seems logical! I think I ended up adapting that code for a few other things of my own as well, so thanks!
  11. Well, that seems very annoying. Oddly, I feel like I didn't write the fixed code myself, I think someone else did for the base version, but it must've never gotten included? Not entirely sure.
  12. Apparently, the official version of IR's Store Revisions is not currently equipped to handle the dynamic location of SR spells. I don't even remember changing IRR to be able to account for this, but it's already fixed there. IR: ACTION_IF comp_sr=1 BEGIN OUTER_SPRINT $temple("cure_medium_wounds") sppr215 OUTER_SPRINT $temple("cure_serious_wounds") sppr315 OUTER_SPRINT $temple("cure_critical_wounds") sppr401 END IRR: ACTION_IF comp_sr=1 BEGIN ACTION_IF (FILE_CONTAINS_EVALUATED (~SPELL.IDS~ ~[ %TAB%]CLERIC_CURE_MODERATE_WOUNDS[ %TAB%%LNL%%MNL%%
  13. The "name" ("The blade...") is just an unset string - these are set when the mod actually installs it into your game. The way SR installs new spells is not static - what is SPPR215.spl in the mod's directory may not be installed to the SPPR215.spl slot depending on whether there are currently more or less slots used than the mod expects (for example, you may already have a mod that installed a spell to SPPR215; SR would then attempt to install SPPR215 to something like SPPR216 if that's currently unused...or something later instead if it isn't, or somewhere else depending on a number of other
  14. CGI has its place, though using it to construct like 90% of a scene seems to usually look phony and visually exhausting to me (but I don't really care that much, since I'm not the type to really watch the big-budget CGI action movies/shows anyways, and have not kept up with anything Star Wars or Marvel or pretty much any other big movie franchise - I enjoy smaller movies more, so that's what I stick with). From what I've seen of human CGI examples, it seems to be currently at an uncanny valley level that's weird, creepy, and immediately scene-ruining due to it garnering a "...wait, is this CGI
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