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  1. All of the IR/SR "effect when struck" spells/effects are a bit long, IIRC - deliberately so, I guess, though I'm not a hundred percent sure why (although out of everything, I think Cloak of Nature's Wrath makes the most sense to have a long range given its nature). I don't know for certain if that's it, though, especially because what you wrote suggested that it started happening before you even fought with Shadow Patrick? Maybe? If so, that wouldn't fit.
  2. ...Shadow Patrick? Is someone wearing the Cloak of Nature's Wrath? I've had weird issues with that cloak that made me enforce that it never targets friendlies - if some kind of effect is firing every so often, it might be triggering that cloak into erroneously firing.
  3. It is incompatible. The Tweaks Anthology component is not designed for SR spells.
  4. @DavidW I think I read you saying once upon a time that atweaks' P&P Fiends component is no longer compatible with SCS, or at the very least has problems due to it being unmaintained over the last decade? I still use this component, so I'm wondering if I should remove it (if the incompatibilities are bad enough) or possibly try to fix it...but uh, I don't actually know what the issues are.
  5. Does SCS still use the Protection from Evil mechanics in a non-SR game, or is that out completely with/without SR regardless?
  6. There's no possible way to do so that I can think of - it's an unfixable engine problem with the maze/imprisonment effect. So...you'd have to replace the spell with an entirely different effect - an unresistable Otilukes, perhaps? In the meanwhile, if you use IR/R, there are boots that make you immune to Maze and Imprisonment, though I'm blanking out on what/where they are. @pochesun Will check them both out and tag you when I get to it, but there have been cases of the EEs having wrong text before, so won't be surprised if that's the case again.
  7. Roger that, thanks. There's actually a number of items I'm aware of missing stuff like that (that, and message suppressions e.g. "Stunned") that I've been meaning to go through and add, but it's a lot of work for small cosmetic gain. I'll get to them eventually, though.
  8. ...That one I have no explanation for. Thanks, fixed. Fixed the Chaotic Commands issue. Oddly, it affected some levels of the spell, but not all, so it might disappear as you keep leveling up - but I didn't pay enough attention to tell exactly when that might happen. Thanks, that would've made me quite crazy when I play, .
  9. It's actually a vanilla thing: they weigh one pound each, and they're in a damage class higher than normal bolts (1D10 instead of 1D8 - 1D12 if you use weapon changes), plus they have a valuable stunning effect (although probably not *that* valuable by the time you get to the underdark). Might be more trouble than it's worth, though.
  10. All of what you said re: Edwin's # of spells is correct, and is what happened when I tested with these items in BGEE. He had 2 base spells (1 from being a level 1 mage, +1 from specialist), broken amulet that was giving 2 spell slots instead of 1 (so 4), then doubled from Ring of Sorcery (8, or 6 on a reload). With a fixed amulet, it's instead 2 (base) + 1 (amulet) * 2 (ring) = 6, or 5 on a reload.
  11. The disk graphic is baked into a certain effect, opcode 197 "bounce projectile", which is the opcode that will block a specified type of projectile. Every instance of this opcode being used will automatically get the disk graphic. The problem with this spell is that effects 29 and 30, which are both "bounce projectiles" opcodes, are set to a duration of "while equipped" instead of the proper amount of time. "While equipped" is I guess permanent when used by a spell, since there's no way of unequipping something that couldn't be equipped to begin with. Anyways, if you fix those durations (or use a different version of the spell from a mod e.g. Spell Revisions), then the spell is fixed. BG2EE's version of the spell is a bit of an unorganized mess with a number of repeated effects, too, so that doesn't help.
  12. Yeah, getting +2 spells is definitely a bug that I'll fix. ...And I figured it out, done. But in regards to other thing, I'm pretty sure that I've confirmed that there is nothing I can do about it. The number of spells from the amulet is not being "rolled back" - if it was, then level 1 Edwin should only have 4 spells, not 6, as 2*2 is 4, not 6. What seems to be happening is that the game is re-equipping these items upon a reload in a non-optimal way that I can't change. Edwin has 2 base spells, gets 2 more from his amulet so now he has 4, equips the Ring of Sorcery so now he has 8. Upon a reload, it equips the ring first, so now he has 4 (2*2), and then equips the amulet afterwards, so now he has 6 (4+2). To be honest, this is arguably how it should be calculated to begin with anyways - the Ring of Sorcery should double the number of base spells, not an already modified amount.
  13. @pochesun Sorry, I don't remember: are you on a BGEE or EET game? There are some EET-centric fixes (including one regarding Edwin's amulet) that I had coded up but erroneously never enabled until very recently that might explain the inconsistent number of spells it adds issue. If instead a BGEE game, then I'd need to look into that. The BG1 form of the amulet is supposed to be +1 extra spells, the BG2 form of the amulet is supposed to be +2 extra spells. But in regards to the memorization bug itself, I suspect that there's nothing I can do - if the amulet works correctly by itself, and if the ring works correctly by itself, but they're funky together, it's likely because of a fundamental engine bug arising from the doubled number of spells effect (which AFAIK was never used in the BG2 engine to begin with) that I can't do anything about.
  14. I've added some icons that I've been working on to the latest repository of IR Revised. A couple of notes: 1. The Scimitar icon in the first picture is the one used for Scimitar +3 which IR stole for Sword of Flame +1 and made no attempt to substitute (they either shared the same icon or Scimitar +3 got a wacky like rainbow-colored Scimitar). It's a minor tweak (was supposed to have a sort of burnt look to it, but it didn't come out that strong) of that icon meant to just help differentiate them better. 2. I previously did Runehammer and Dagger of the Stars, but I have gotten a bit better at doing these and decided to give them another try - Runehammer turned out very well, and Dagger of the Stars better but still needs some touching up which I'll probably eventually do (some of the finer details are a little blurry, IMO). 3. Club of Detonation's icon is the original icon from ToB, only re-aligned and cleaned up a little. If people prefer the other one, I can restore it - but I've actually come around a little on this one, given that it actually matches the general shape of other clubs like Blackblood as opposed to the weird rod-esque appearance of the EE/1pp one. 4. Storm Star, K'logarath, Firetooth, Dagger of the Stars, and Runehammer's icons are all simple realignments and cleanups of the originals. I especially like how Firetooth came out. 5. I'm not too pleased with how that bow (Short Bow +3) turned out...but I guess it's still better than the awful original one or the IWD-style one. I had an alternative red one instead, but so many of the generic enchanted weapons are red already that I decided to go with the green one. 6. That morning star icon is currently used for Everard's Morning Star (wastar). It's a recolor and clean-up of Kiel's Morning Star (...and boy did it need it - that icon was a mess). Are there any other really bad icon situations in the vanilla game? (...No, I'm not fixing any EE icons unless they could also be used for non-EE games.) I've been slowing chipping away at them over the years, and I think I've basically got them all, but I might be forgetting something. I think there might be a few from the bonus merchants that could still use their own, but the ones left are mostly bad weapons (...though I'll probably want to do something for Dak'kon's Zerth Blade at some point). (e): Also, some other changes since I last posted an update: Fixed Bucklers +2 and +3 having the wrong amount of penalized AC for missiles (a bug from me importing these from the EEs!). Splint Mail +2, Scimitar +2, and Dart +2 and +3 have been backported from the EEs into the vanilla games and therefore added to a number of stores via Store Revisions. I couldn't help but notice that there was actually quite a bit of a dearth of darts in Store Revisions, as Store Revisions removed much of them from vanilla stores and did not provide too many places to buy them. This is not great for me because I don't go to Watcher's Keep until the beginning of ToB for balance reasons, which means if I have a character that uses darts, Store Revisions has removed a lot of them from the game. There are a handful of more places that now carry a better inventory of them, with a focus on places that were already carrying all three of arrows, bolts, and bullets. Darts +2 and +3 get the correct quantities for EE (80) and vanilla (40) games. Also, they won't crash the game if you're using them on a vanilla game. Wakizashi +2 did not have colors matching its icon - now it does (side-note: if anybody notices any noticeably wrong colors on items, be sure to let me know).
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