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  1. No idea, really. IRR hasn't modified that component, so if there's a problem, it comes from the base mod. Right now, I have a number of things I need to look at and fix, but haven't had any serious time to do so. I'll try to take a look at how that component does in a number of situations at some point, though.
  2. If I recall correctly, the actual elemental conjuring spells are overwritten by atweaks entirely (I *think* - big "as far as I can remember" there).
  3. That ring replacement has been a thorn in my side for a while, between BGT, EET, and BG2 Fixpack all having their own implementations (...and the Ankheg Armor replacement is new, so it figures that it's not 100% foolproof). I'll look into them (and anything else I see in that thread) as well, thank you!
  4. @Azoth @YuMing Will look into all, thank you!
  5. Direct damage: this is actually how the original games handle "save vs. half" damage effects, so SR is merely re-using it. I presume "special flag 256" is an EE feature to simplify this(?), but it would mean designing two different approaches depending on whether you're on an EE game or not.
  6. Spell Revisions does not revise characters' spellbooks outside of removing invalid spells from party members. A different mod is responsible.
  7. It applies to both IR and IRR, thank you.
  8. 1. IR already uses externalized spell effects. Not sure why that would change what kind of saving throws wands use - changing wands to use saving throws from their normal type (i.e. mostly vs. spell) would just make the vs. wand saving throw type completely useless, since there'd be...no wands that make you save against it. 3. Don't understand why wands would be affected by caster level. They're not cast by the spellcaster - they're charges prepared in and cast by the wand. Logically should not be affected.
  9. I did consider that, but NTotSC is such an old mod that I didn't even bother to check that those items were already in there as I assumed they would be. I just did now, though, and...only ntplat01, some ntleats, and ntchans are? Kind of surprises me.
  10. Grodrigues is correct - outside of the scope of the mod (...and I don't use NTotSC, so it's kind of out of my interest as well). IR only deals with vanilla game items for actual revision, and it's already difficult to come up with unique and useful design concepts for just those - it would become way too much to start revising other modders' items on top of it.
  11. Thanks for the demonstration, I'll have to look at that other mod to see how it does and possibly replicate it, .
  12. It can be pretty difficult to write succinctly as well as accurately, . What launchers with their own magical ammo in particular are letting you use other ammo?
  13. @n-ghost Thanks for the silly tilde error spot - that was a recent addition from not too long ago that I clearly did not test with SR pre-installed, . Nothing to worry about with the opcodes - just means you're not on an EE install, and that it's patched them out some opcodes that would otherwise crash the game! I'm actually going to silence them since you're not the first person to be concerned about that. @DrAzTiK Ring of Energy: I had wondered this a while back, too, and was tempted to change it but left it be seeing as Robe of Arcane Might is 25% MDR as well. Magical Stacking Ammunition: I was under the impression that this was already fixed by simply not allowing ammunition to be equipped while the given launchers are being used. Is that not the case? +HP items: Yeah, I don't love that little "feature", either, but the "add bonus HP" version of the opcode is bugged in at least ToBEx (and non-ToBEx) games to basically be an infinite heal via multiple equipping exploit (though I'm not sure about EE games). I don't really fancy changing Adjatha the Drinker, Defender of Easthaven, and Axe of the Unyielding all to be Regeneration at this time, though (also, Axe of the Unyielding already has regeneration...), so it's unfortunately an issue that'll still continue to exist. If the normal mode opcode works correctly in EE games, I could at least patch those to use the correct mode when detecting an EE install, though.
  14. The basic gist is that way, way back, I kind of redid rods and wands, but ended up reverting some of it. I intended to revert the class requirement (hence the description still mentioning that anyone should be able to use it), so thank you and fixed. If you need me to correct yours in particular so you don't have to reinstall to fix it, let me know.
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