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  1. Oh baby, now you're talking. Yes, I've spoken with DavidW on a number of different things and full SCS compatibility has always been one of my goals, so in cases where I change something that makes SCS not use it quite right, I have reverted or otherwise adjusted it (and similarly, when non-Revised SR has done stuff like make spells that used to have a long cast range instead have a short cast range and break sequencers/contingencies, I've also changed them so that won't happen). I've also always advised everyone (including him) to never worry about specifically SRR, as I would make sure
  2. Uh...for those of us in the back wearing dunce caps that don't know what the heck a LABEL is and are just trying to piece it together from subtext in the above post, this thread should help:
  3. Poke around with Mirror Image (SPWI212.spl). https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/1y4kcoku0iejaqw/eZ4Zj4hq0g.mp4 Every header is essentially a new spell, and which one you actually cast is tied to what level the casting character is. The first header (required level 1) does its four opcodes, creating 3 images; the second header (required level 6) also has its opcodes, but they do not necessarily have to be the same opcodes - in this case, they are, except the Mirror Image opcode (#159) is changed to instead create 4 images. You can probably start to get a grasp of how exhausting spell
  4. Let's say you did that - you add a -2 saving throw to *just* opcode 5 (charm). So you cast the spell on an eligible creature, and they fail their saving throw for the charm effect - but NOT the others, because the saving throw/bonus for them was different and the creature successfully saved against them. So now the creature is charmed, but the other opcodes, #142 (Display Special Effect Icon) and #215 (Play 3D Effect), do not fire. For this particular spell, this just means some graphical effects will not play so ultimately it will be visually inconsistent but relatively harmless. For other sp
  5. Rather than using opcode #37, look at all the other opcodes for the spell. For example, spcl311.spl has opcodes #142, #5, and #215. Each opcode has its own individual saving throw setting - look here in DLTCEP (but it's the same for NI if you're using that, just the UI layout is different): Change the saving throw and bonus values on each opcode to match instead - it's how everything else in the game is handled, and is less likely to cause problems (...although if you have a particularly complex spell with hundreds of opcodes used, it can be pretty annoying to change every single one
  6. In regards to Dispelling Screen, I did not like the weirdities in SR with regards to the exact spells that would be blocked/could dispel Dispelling Screen, and ended up making it so that only a dispel magic (e.g. Dispel Magic, Remove Dispel, Reverse Magic, etc.) OR full breach effect could remove it. I believe I waffled on whether SR's weird hybrid Pierce Shield would be blocked by Dispelling Screen, and ended up making it so it would not - I'm still not sure if that was the correct decision, but it is what I went with.
  7. Yes...and @subtledoctor's point is that this is a thread for a proposed optional mod for people who do like these sorts of changes, so what's the relevancy? This isn't for you: that's perfectly okay. I am starting to see why subtledoctor had a viscerally negative reaction to my post, especially seeing how that post started in contrast to how it ended. Everyone that isn't actually interested in the sorts of changes proposed by the OP, could you please vacate the thread - this is not the appropriate place to dump your axe-grinding.
  8. Haven't ever had any issues with Nishruus or Hakeashars, they almost always die super quickly and seem like one of the weakest summons for those spellcasting levels. Also, don't they get instantly slain from any kind of Dispel Magic? Though I feel like...I have an inkling of a memory about some kind of self-healing problem they had, but I don't remember if it was fixed either in SR or SRR or what, and I can't say I've ever run into it myself. Not a hundred percent certain what exact conditions trigger their self-healing, either.
  9. Completely agree with subtledoctor's unstated but definitely there opinion that purple should always be used for the best versions of things. Though I might be slightly biased, seeing as my favorite color is precisely that, .
  10. I don't mind at all, especially since nothing else is going on in this thread right now. But yeah, this should probably be its own mod, since the idea works perfectly with or without SR. It's a great idea, especially seeing as SR has gotten a number of "how the hell do I tell what anyone has running they have like 15 different buffs and some of them don't have any clear graphics for them good lord" -type feedback over the years, and this would presumably prove helpful.
  11. All well and good, but note that the second paragraph specifically gave context to the first, which was that I'd prefer to see alternative design that opens up new possibilities rather than spending significant amounts of time on technical solutions to shut down exploitative ones that no-one with any kind of good sense for balance (like the people who would be interested in these sorts of tweaks, such as literally myself) should be engaging with in the first place. For example, the idea of doggedly spending time to try to eliminate the various ways you can kite in these games (...especially wh
  12. TnT...seems to be your mod? I see we've had a number of similar ideas, including Slayer form, True Sight, and Otiluke's. Does that Project Image tweak work for non-EE games? I would imagine not, but just making sure. I also feel like your statement about it accurately captures how I feel about many exploits: "To clarify, the purpose of this component is to give a normally working spell to the players who don't want to cheese in the first place. The purpose is not to close every possible PI exploit." Especially because I was about to ask you about your Otiluke's tweak and how you would prevent
  13. A number of these can be solved by just...deciding to not use exploits/cheese. Not all of them, but a lot of them. You don't have to steal everything and create a never-ending loop of gold, nor do you have to engage in kiting (one of the game engine's oldest and most powerful exploits), nor do you have to use the old "talk to" exploit, or lay down a million spike traps with meta-knowledge, etc. People who would install something that would disable those...shouldn't be using them to begin with, right? So it might be a bit of a waste of effort to try to actually implement them. The people w
  14. Yeah, whoops, I think it's actually just the delay in between using items, but not in between using spells. Still, the overall point stands - OG Haste is significantly more powerful than SR Haste.
  15. @you & @Ser Thomas You may do that - the mod should really have some kind of fix applied to it as it seems to be a very terrible practice to forcibly install a component like that. Alternatively, if it has already installed itself, you can simply go into your weidu.log, and find the following line..: ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #9000 // Fix Areas -> Creature References: v5 ...and delete it entirely before attempting to re-run the Infinity Animations setup.exe to install all the other components. That way, it doesn't attempt to remove itself (and t
  16. Haste is not even in the same stratosphere in terms of power compared to the vanilla game. Haste in the original game..: 1. Gave +1 APR. 2. Set move speed to 2x. 3. Halved item/scroll casting time. 4. Halved the delay between item/spell usage. 5. Doubled regeneration speed. 6. Some other miscellaneous speed effects (not all positive, such as poison running at twice speed, but mostly still positive). 7. ...For 3 rounds + 1 round/level in a 30' AoE. 8. +4 real fatigue after expiration. In both SR and SRR, Haste..: 1. Gives +1/2 APR. 2. Gives a +4 bonus to movement
  17. Yes, that is my Glitterdust redesign, . The only specific complaint I've heard is with Dispelling Screen for party AI. Beyond that, I wouldn't personally know, since spellcasting is something I never allow to be party-scripted. For non-party script, I'm not sure what specific complaints exist (especially since a number of spells that used to be troublesome for AI, such as single-target haste or spells that had their range cut too short compared to vanilla, have since been reverted).
  18. I decided to mess it up even more instead. I think my Glitterdust is a bit more powerful than vanilla's, not less. It automatically reveals enemies and makes them suffer a -2 THAC0 penalty even if they make their saving throw, while failing the saving throw only additionally makes it so they can't turn back invisible. Not only that, but it lasts over twice as long (1 turn instead of 4 rounds) AND has a bigger area of effect (30' instead of 20'). True, there is no blinding effect, but blinding effects are dangerous to use on account of how ridiculously potent they are in ToBEx games (-10 T
  19. Isn't that tied to a saving throw? Well, it is in SRR at least. Glitterdust: (30' AoE) This spell creates a cloud of glittering golden particles within the area of effect. The sparkling dust dazzles all opponents within the area, revealing who are invisible and causing them to suffer a -2 penalty to THAC0 for 1 turn. Those affected must also save vs. breath to avoid becoming completely covered by the dust, which cannot be removed and continues to sparkle for 1 turn. Creatures failing their saving throw remain unable to successfully hide themselves until the dust fades. Multiple castings o
  20. That's specifically what I meant with regards to the context of what he said - whether they could reveal an Invisibility + Non-Detection creature. I don't think they could do that, but admittedly, I don't remember the exact specifics of how Non-Detection all works in whether it completely protects against the force visible opcode or whether it's just a specific list of spells, or what. (e): Okay, so actually, both Faerie Fire and Glitterdust pierce through Non-Detection to remove invisibility (but not improved invisibility). Interesting. That sort of makes sense, since they're more of a..
  21. This is all a matter of language, but "detection" is whether other characters/creatures know where they are. In other words, if you are invisible and do not take any hostile actions (which would reveal yourself and make it so you have been detected), and you have Non-Detection up, then nothing except a Spell Thrust that incidentally hits you that's targeted at a nearby creature can take down Non-Detection and make it so you are detected. But the spell is "Non-Detection", not blanket "Non-Divination", so detection is what it's there to protect against. Although now that I think about it, Non-De
  22. Never found a good formula for Goodberry. 1 hp/level, for example, is 50 HP per cast at at 10th level, plus it can be used by fighters without needing to be cast. What then would be the point of Cure or Regenerate Light Wounds? They'd both be so vastly outclassed. This is a spell I've been very frustrated by in attempting to find where it fits between balance and usability, and generally when that happens, I leave it alone until I find something I like. I was unfortunately never able to find anything I liked for Goodberry, and though there were a few suggestions by others, no consensus was rea
  23. I've actually already done a number of divine revisions, it's just that I never got around to putting exactly what they were in the original post, . Here, I just edited in the the level 1 revisions in the original post - progress! Goodberry is one that was discussed a lot, but no consensus was ever made on how to make it more valuable without either making it too valuable over similar spells. The only thing I really ended up committing to giving it was a longer duration, unfortunately.
  24. Not at all, it's just that the way it installs is kind of funky, so it's not handled by download/install-it-for-you tools. Basically, you download and extract SR (but not install), then you download and extract SRR on top of the SR folder (replacing its files), then you just install SR as normal via the install-spell_rev.exe (or equivalent for other OSes). So unfortunately, if your megamod installation is already complete, that means you'd have to do something rather risky in extracting SRR to on top of the SR folder, and then telling it to reinstall SRR...which would then uninstall and reinst
  25. Grandmaster's Armor +5 applies Improved Haste, which gives an additional +2 bonus to AC not considered to be a part of its base AC bonus. Will look into the scroll problems, thank you. Because of SR adding and shuffling around some spells, I might have to make it so SRR fixes some of these IR scrolls upon SRR being installed.
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