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  1. ^ Sure that adds up too. Overall regarding the Golem exploits, I'm not sure to what to say. A few added levels are good vs. Rakshasas and a few other foes, mainly because your buffs have a better chance of not being dispelled. With my 3-4 levels above normal, I still couldn't dispel most enemies or perhaps none at all ( at least not with remove magic ). R/C's dispel magic will work even under normal levels ( Orcus for example ). Anyway, dispelling is not really needed that often especially with Necro in party, and protag should be Necro an no other really. Few enemies need dispel that I can think off: Dracolich, Orcus. The first one, is impossible to have high enough level without serious Chapter 2/3 exploits. But even without dispel he is manageable. Orcus fight: Cleric should come out of silence by the time the minions are slain and he should be high enough level to dispel Orcus ( 27 ). Usually the last SoA fight. I'd say it's ok to drain them once in a game, but if I were to play again I probably wouldn't. At least not all. The ones that add a significant "challenge" are: Alhoon Golem, Guarded Compoun Golem, Globe Machine in WK. Globe Machine Ultra's being the toughest to drain I believe (IIRC). Back to Vagrant quests. After Drowned Soul which was relatively easy, comes Master of Mirrors. Sure enough the battle brought back very faint memories Since buffs are dispelled, the battle is not easy, no battles are easy where buffs are dispelled actually. Took quite a few tries to beat him, positioning is very important. Basically you have to get out of the buffed Mirror Master LoS, otherwise he starts spamming ADHW to your fighters under Alacrity. He is like a little Karun the Black but tougher, funny little guy that one. The unbuffed Mirror Master, still uses spells but is more soft, mainly debuffs. Then those Mirrored Ghost/Whisper Spiders, need quite a few hits to go down. Having another Riskbreaker in this fight, would have helped quite a lot, the Archer was a bit weak. Didn't use Swanmay while Spiders where alive, so I didn't "soften" them. An elemental golem spawned by the Swanmay, may have caused more trouble than harm at the beginning of this fight ( I think ). Anyway, 3 Swanmays are needed on Necro for this fight. First to use, after Spiders are dead and buffed Mirror Master used up his PFMW. He is LVL 36 mage, my Cleric was LVL 34, no chance to dispel him. So used up first Swanmay to soften the buffed Master. Don't remember exactly how it went, I think I probably killed the Elemental before I started working on the buffed Master. Then another 2 swanmays for the unbuffed Master. Had to Wish for rest, was kinda running out of summons, and the 3rd Swanmay didn't spawn since I had already 5 monsters summoned. So Wish for rest helped bring that 3rd Swanmay back. Theoretically you could get away with only 2 Swanmays if you summon them at the right time and manage to finish off the Mirror Masters in a decent amount of time. Have to look out for those Swanmays, they die in 2-3 hits, very fragile. Regarding the Vagrant quests. I don't recommend doing them after Auriel + Ultra. Primarily because of no XP. It feels extremely awkward to fight tough enemies and get no XP. None of them give any XP, not even the Master of Mirrors. You get some XP or Quest XP after everything is said and done, but very little. The Axe is worthless of course, can't even sell it. Threw it on the ground as soon as I got it. Only do the rest of the quests if playing with Exploits or if you haven't played them in years/v5. On the other hand I recommend doing the quests up to Aurel + Ultra with a Necro protag each run. They are somewhat interesting, and bring some decent gold and some XP. So instead of draining Elementals, I recommend doing these quests. Also "The Four" mod is recommended. Great items ( gloves + robe ). Can't even imagine playing a Sorcerer without permanent Alacrity anymore. It's just so convenient. The Robe should be acquired after Underdark, even though it's easily done in CHA 2/3. One more thing regarding the editing of scripts: "SCRIPTINGSTATEX" should also be removed from the Vagrant specific scripts. I completely forgot about that one.
  2. Here are the Called Shot files. Extract all to Override Folder. ARCHXXX are the EFF files that the spell uses. Test to make sure everything works correctly. http://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/5CaWUF7VH6sZPYtOzABLBiF1d%2B0TinX9gK9gEGyh23a9jk87qCG7gA Nothing should be lowered more than 5%. Thac0 was further nerfed, should only lower it to like -3 at most I believe. Check to make sure. I can upload 'AID AOE" and "Warcry" as well, if anybody wants it. But it's easy to convert Invoke Courage. Should not be picked more than once imo and 1 character only. Invoke Courage is pretty strong if stacked in some situations. Almost finished all of the Vagrant quests. Swanmay is needed on Necro for the last 3 fights. 1 basic Swanmay is enough tho. Mirrored Vipers: Mass Creeping Doom, otherwise no chance. Didn't use Swanmay here. Mirrored Grandlord: Easy, no Swanmay needed. Mirrored Windmaster: Swanmay needed, as he has 100% resistances to everything. Mirrored Whisper Spider: No Swanmay needed, is vulnerable to Slashing and Piercing. Very easy. Mirrored Elemental Golem: Can't remember, but should have a Swanmay on Necro picked starting with Windmaster. Anti-Ranger: 1v1 vs. my Necro. Necro won xD. One swanmay was used and she survived to the end. Took a few tries to apply the proper strat. I had completely forgot these encounters, even tho they don't give XP, it was refreshing for a change. Drowned Soul: Coming next.
  3. Go to Umar Hills, rest outside of your cabin for several days (a week?). Delon will appear and tell you of some "shimmering light". Rest until you talk to him two more times. Now go to the right of Valygar's cabin, you will find a ranger and a little girl. Talk to them, they will be taken by MNORH. Go to the village (mayor's house), rest outside of it a couple more days. Chief Inspector Auriel will come and give you tasks to accomplish. First task is to defeat an Enchanter in the Druid Grove (just above the Troll Mound) - don't kill his dominated Paladin and Ranger slaves, or you'll lose tons of reputation! Second task is to kill an Illusionist in the Temple sewers, level 1, SouthEastern angle (down-right). Here the battle is substantially harder, you will need NPP and probably PC won't be able to join the gang attack vs the Illusionist, but you'll make it. Next go to Umar Hills and rest again outside your cabin for a couple of more days. Delon will talk to you again. Now go to the Umar cave. Prepare to battle a Mithril Golem inside (only with a different name, Greater Doppleganger, same guy though). Report to Auriel with the proof taken from his body. Now go to MNORH, Keldorn's quarters (there is the Ranger under custody), and talk to the Paladin guard to get the quest xp and reward. Here you will get one half of a note. To get the other half, you need to defeat the Rune Assassins' Guildmaster inside FIrkraag's lair, which is the first Extended Paladin Stronghold task (lady Vanya). This task will be unavailable to you if PC is evil or party reputation is below 20. The note says to check a table in the sewers below the Copper Coronet. Only when you have assembled the two halves of the note, you can find a second note on this table, which says it pretty clear where to look for the Grandfather of the Rune Assassins. Prepare well, for this fight is maybe a bit harder than the one inside FIrkraag's lair (much more Master Assassins). Now I'm not so sure if the Good, the Bad and the Ugly quest can be triggered prior to defeating the Grandfather of the Rune Assassins or without the Ruby of the Gods. Probably not. In short, enter the Ranger Cabin, you will find a Swanmay here asking for your help. For this quest you need to sacrifice a powerful artifact (give away something useless, like the Holy Avenger or the Green Wyrm Plate). The Diviner's location is in the Five Flaggons inn, 2nd floor. The thief for which Auriel tells you outside of the inn is inside Mekrath's laboratory (take the central stair up to find him). He will give you a wardstone (Ugly Stone). Now use the other staircase in Mekrath's lab (the one that's unfinished in the vanilla game). You will find the diviner here who says you will have to fight to save Auriel (she's been lured to the Umar Hills). She's just to the left of Umar's cave. The area is completely closed until you complete the quest, keep that into consideration. You will have to fight an Ultra Golem and 3 Elemental Golems. Thing is, if Auriel dies, you die as well. Tricky, huh? Sikret's not-so-very bright or fair idea was to force you to babysit yet another like your PC. Moreover, you have no control over her. Also, at a certain point (if you manage to kill the Ultra golem, who's the most dangerous of them all, plan for his Purge Magic, that's it) all other golems (including minor summoned ones) will gang on Auriel (fair, yeah, like hell), and even if you spam Heal like crazy, it still won't be enough in most cases. So my advice to ease this otherwise extremely hard (no-reload wise) fight is: use Maze on Auriel, this will effectively remove her from the battlefield for a turn, then kill first the Ultra, then focus on the Elemental golems, watch out for Auriel's re-appearance (use second Maze), since all golems (even if you led them on the other side of the map) will rush towards her location. Travel back to Mekrath's lab, you will find the quest item (some gemstone of the swanmays) here + some nice magical scrolls. The reward from this quest is a decent +4 axe for the Vagrant + 125k gold. To trigger the last of the quest series, you need to have the Ruby of the Gods. Go to the Tree of Life in Suldanesselar with the Ugly Stone in your backpack. Take the only one other stair. You will meet a Swanmay that will give you a mirror. You will also lose the Ruby here. The door the mirror opens is just above the Priest's house in Suldanesselar. I don't advise taking this quest. The reward is small, and the fights are very, very tough. No-reload wise it's not a sound thing to do. Anyway. In this building you'll talk to a ranger-ghost. Long, sad story about the elven race (who cares about them, I'd say let them all die). Problem is, when you enter, your swanmays are cursed. Now each time you summon one, a hostile Elemental golem (no xp) will appear next to it. First - back to the tree. Some magical nuts in a container. Back to the other stairs on the tree. Talk to a squirrel (easy to miss). Give nuts. Travel to Athkatla, Bridge district, Mrs Cragmoon. Buy a special oil from her for 1000 gp. Go back to the Tree of life. Prepare for combat. Many Mirrored Snakes. You'll be meeting Mirrored opponents from now on a lot. Those have undispellable Mirror Image, and are extremely tough. Weakening them is possible with a Swanmay, but they're still formidable. Kill all snakes (no xp, in the end one drops the Ruby). Back to the Ranger-ghost's house. There is a broken mirror on the wall. Use the ruby to fix it: First is a mirrored Skeleton Grandlord. Second is a mirrored Windmaster. Third is a mirrored Whisper spider. OK I may've mixed up the order here a bit. Mirror repaired, you can go for the keys. All fights extremely unpleasant. The Wooden key location: Drowned Soul + a lot of spiders. This fight is only easy to do if you have Cernd spamming Creeping Dooms on the Drowned Soul under Alacrity, otherwise it's borderline insane. Fighting the anti-ranger one on one - for this fight (on Insane) you have to waste a good amount of Barbarian essence potions. Third fight I didn't do, and supposedly there is one last finishing fight of this quest. This is Saros posts on how the quests pan out. What you take from his post, is the areas, basically where the quests trigger. Use this link to match areas with Area Codes: http://gemrb.org/ies...sts/bg2aref.htm Ex: AR1100 = Umar Hills Open Near Infinity: Search -> Text Search -> BCS -> type the area ( for ex: AR1100), results will show the AR1100 BCS file. The BCS file has all the triggers and scripts for specific areas. Click on any of those 1100BCS results. This will pull up the AR1100 BCS file. Then you look for vagrant specific triggers. Usually you will recognize them if you did the Vagrant quests before, otherwise it may be a bit harder. First Vagrant specific trigger in the Umar Hills area, as you can see from the screenshot is the Messenger of Light ( that gives you potions every week ). The scripts work like this: "IF this is true THEN this will happen". Normally it would be "RANGER_ALL". You basically change "RANGER" to "MAGE". So it will be "MAGE_ALL". You do this for several areas, where the Vagrant quests trigger. You do not need to do this to get randomized items from various encounters, ex: Ancient Dragon will also have an "IF" RANGER_ALL, but that's to drop specific items. You don't need to do this. Only try to spawn the Vagrant specific creatures/quests in their specific areas. Mine is already edited, see SS below: Another example, further down in the AR1100 BCS: Every creature that starts with "S!xxxx" is a IA creature. So you can easily recognize them. Areas that need to be modified on top of my head: Umar Hills, Umar Hills Ranger Cabin: AR1100 and AR1107 ( don't confuse Merellas Cabin, with Ranger-Protector Cabin, they are the same house but use different area codes ). Change all RANGER_ALL to MAGE_ALL ( assumming you have a mage protagonist ). You do this wherever you need to spawn a vagrant quest specific creature ( ex. Auriel, Delon, Roshan, Enchanter etc. ) Five Flaggons Inn 2nd Floor: Diviner Same as above, except you may also need to remove the Vagrant variable ( simply delete that line ). It's looks like this: Global("Iamvagrant","GLOBAL",1) . That needs to be removed often in these areas if you see it. Check for this varible also in Umar Hills and Ranger-Protector Cabin, it might be there as well. Also in the locations below. Druid Grove: Enchanter Same as above, also check for the "iamvagrant" variable. Temple Sewers: Illusionist Same as above. Bridge District: Ugly Thief ( his script is located in the Bridge District BCS, even thou you enter from Mekraths Lab in the Temple Sewers, you end up in the Bridge District. That's where Malbar spawns. Same as above. Mekraths Lab: Take secret stairway with Ugly Stone. This is the room where the Diviner is located the 2nd time you meet him. ARIA18 is this room called. ARIA18 BCS needs to modified to get the wetland relic, scrolls, potions after you save Auriel. Same as above. Umar Cave: Elite Doppelganger Same as above. Small Theeth Pass: Granfather of Assassins Same as above Radiant Heart: Roshan/ Half of the Note Same as above Copper Corronet Sewers: Table near Quallo, Reveals Granfathers Location note, when you have acquired both Half of the Notes ( I believe ). Same as above. Possibly Firkaags Lair: Rune Assassins Battle. Half of the Note. Same as above. TRANIA20 and TRANIA21 or Mekrtahs Lab areas: Ugly Stone given to you by Malbar might disappear, check these three area scripts and remove any lines which say "IF ugly stone, then destroy item ugly stone". Alternatively you can go close to the Staircase, pause, CLUA the stone, then quickly click on the Staircase. This will teleport you to the Diviners secret room. This might work, I can't remember. When you edit a BCS file. After you are done editing, click "Compile". Then "Save". The Archer is the same. I'll try to upload the Call Shot files for you. He can Grandmastery from the start. Best to take Long Bow ( Fighter Stronghold has an excellent Long Bow ). It's the main Called Shot Spell File, and 4 EFF files, which Called Shot uses. Arrows only need to be modified from Missle to Piercing. You can bring Enchantment to +2 for Fire/Acid/Cold/Biting arrows, also change them to piercing. So you have something for early game. Arrows of Piercing +4 is what you would use most of the game, until you get Gesen Bow. Remove the "Save vs. Death Damage" from these, and lower their damage to 0D6 +4 ( not sure what regular is, might be 1D6 ). Also don't forget to change Missile to Piercing Damage. You can also look for the Arrows of Piercing in shops, and modifiy their quantity. Also change their price to something very low, like 3-5 GP ( actual price due to conversion or something will be higher I believe, also you will use up several thousand arrows by the time you return from Underdark ). See SS below how to search for the shops that carry those Arrows. "Find Reference to this File". Check the ***.sto results. Remember Enchantment of Bows, don't really matter as far as I know. Only the Arrows. So you can have a +3 Bow, equipped with +4 Arrows and you will hit Kangaxx.
  4. This is rather easy to do. Either use NI to edit his clab file (clabmo01 I think), search for level 5 abilities and remove the one which gives haste immunity. Or, create your monk, save, edit via Shadowkeeper, remove the stuff you don't need. I can't check now (I have Kit Revisions installed) for what exactly you should remove but it shouldn't be too hard. Also, make sure you change those boots of speed to be usable by them as well. Good thinking Batman. That was easy. Thanks.
  5. Unfortunately I wouldn't know how to compile them to make it as simple as just installing the mod. What classes were you interested in particularly? I only made the Archer viable so far. Palandins/Barbarians should only need Grandmastery to be competitive with other Fighters ( that's easily done in Shadowkeeper when you start your game ). As for doing the Vagrant quests as a Necro, I could post some instructions how to do it. You would only need the Near Infinity tool and about 20 mins at most. I haven't done all of them, as I haven't progressed that far. Basically you can modify the stuff while you play/progress with your game, you don't need to do all of them at once. Did the Orcus fight at LVL 25 Mage ( before Supreme Leader and the rest of WK ). Here another RB would have helped quite a lot. Basically the Vampires started spawning before I finished off the initial Grandlords. The Archer was not very viable in this fight with his piercing damage, but that's perfectly fine. He does very well vs. Coins and bigger Golems. This game I had no save to silence, so the Sorcerer just stood idle almost the whole fight. What the fuck is that? Orcus, again, threw Grave Silences (AOE), so everybody except Necro was silenced. Haven't seen any single target Silences as Saros mentioned ( maybe he throws those when Necro is not present, or at much higher party levels xD ) I'd consider making the Monk viable for my next run, if somebody could tell me how to remove his immunity to haste.
  6. This run sure is interesting, not only because of the Archer but other things. I probably wouldn't have played a standard game with just him, so I did a few other things. First, I used "exploits". Lol. I drained Elemental Golems of minions starting with Guardian of the Crown in Underdark. Also a few Ghost Spiders here and there. Except Kruin, I fought all the minions at once ( ie: no B/M under PFWM alone ). Kruins battle: I did the leave area trick, this was awkward I gotta say, leaving the area and coming back with the B/M under PFMW, will probably not do it again. Doing this for the first time, it was a "challenge" but felt awkward nevertheless. Alhoon: killed Alhoon with Fighters in 4+1 rounds as usual, while Necro was busy with the Greater Elemental in a different room and waiting for all his minions to appear. After that, baited all minions to my party, while Necro kept the Elemental busy for a little while more until I finished the minions. This made the battle more difficult and more interesting. Guarded Compound Elemental: drained too, not so easy due to Ambers. Tough fight nevertheless this way. Carston WK Level Elementals: drained too, not too hard as there is lot of room to maneuver and had lots of summons available. Auriel Ultra & Elemental: Mazed Auriel, killed the Ultra Golem before his 2nd Purge Magic landed. Only one Amber gated. Then worked on the minions from Elementals. Not too hard at this point. Did the Great Auramaster duel. He dies in the first round from one Dragons Breath. Reloaded, let him cast a few spells. No go this way, can't let him go nuts with his Aura and Creeping Dooms. Didn't have Alacrity on Necro at that point ( shortly after Underdark exit ). Killed him with two Triggers in 2 rounds. Major let down fight.Obviously designed vs. an Auramaster. However if I had Alacrity on Necro, I'm sure I could have toyed around with him for several rounds more and the battle may have been more interesting. Did the Dracco Ferrus Dragon. Druid quest. Basically a Golem Dragon, gates in Gem Golems, takes quite a few rounds to bring him down. Does not use PFMW IIRC. I wish all Dragons were as resilient as this one. I like the design of the Dragon, but the minions are a let down ( Gem Golems lol ). Supposedly you meet the Grand Druid after this Dragon, but I think the quest is unfinished in v6. Did all the Vagrant quests up to saving Auriel. Haven't done these since v5. They were interesting so far. Illusionists Phantasm Killer in the Sewers, asked me to disbelieve him. Which I did, and it worked since my Necro had high intelligence. I have no clue how that fight panned in my v5 runs. It's been so long Before Hell, I have Twisted Rune, Orcus, Supreme Leader and the rest of WK, Necros Lavok-Post-Mortem quest. I'm LVL 25 Mage, probably about 2 Levels above normal here. Will probably be LVL 26-27 at Orcus. So even though I drained Elementals and did the Vagrant/Druid/Jaheira/The Four quests, I'm still 4-5 Levels behind Saros. I lol. Gold seems to be more abundant this game due to the draining of Elementals. However I also have the Archer who did not require much upgraded items. Being 2-3 levels above normal, also helped with Rakshasas in Elven City and in the Necro Quest ( not being dispelled, my remove magic actually working ). The Archer: Balanced him well I'd say. He definitely does less damage vs. most, compared to the B/M or RB. Advantages: Does not need much PFME, Hardiness ( except vs Assassins. In the Grandfather of Rune Assassins fight he was mostly running away lol ). Basically does not need much buffs, Thac0 is excellent. Has +4 Arrows in Chapters 2/3 ( useful vs. Kangaxx, made the fighter a tad easier due to having two +4 weapons, the other being Phosphorus on the RB of course ). Good HP. Wields Gesen Bow after Underdark ( 10% for 20 Electrical Damage, balanced/nerfed piercing damage a little ). Would be better balanced if he had Tansherons Bow +3 before Underdark, this way I could have made use of those +4 Piercing Arrows after Underdark. This will do however . The Archer is also a little calculator, albeit a little bit broken . For example all mages/liches die in 4+1 rounds normally if you count the rounds. The Archer can be the caculator, however it's not advised to rush the lich/mage after the first Arrow hits, because it may not be enough to finish the mage in whatever seconds are left in that round. So once the Arrow hits simply wait another round to finish the lich/mage off. So 5+1 rounds. Anyway, this may be useful for those who don't count rounds ( not that it's hard to count to 4, but I can see it being a bit more relaxing when dealing with lich/mages ). Overall a nice character for a change. SS after Auriel Golem fight.
  7. Called Shot: lasts 6 seconds: LVL 4: Lower Thac0 LVL 13: Lower Thac0 + Lower Piercing Resistance LVL 16: Lower Thac0 + Lower Piercing Resistance + Lower AC + 5% Chance for 8D6 Crushing LVL 19: Lower Thac0 + Lower Piercing Resistance + Lower AC + 5% Chance for 8D6 Crushing + 2 Extra Damage Wanted to start it at lvl 10, but had to put something at LVL4. Lowers 5% on average the most, for all effects. 5% chance for 8D6 Crushing Damage is for Skeletons mostly, it only lasts 6 seconds therefore will probably almost never trigger ( unlike Riskbreakers Hard Hit which is permanent and also higher damage 10D6 ). Removed save vs death piercing damage from Arrows of Piercing +4, and lowered base damage a bit. Bought a few thousand arrows for about 18.000GP in Chap 2/3 ( they go fast lol ). Modified a few more arrows to do Piercing Damage. Also removed immunity to bullet projectiles from the "Dragon Ring" and made a few late game Sligns do Piercing Damage as well. This way Sligns should still be viable in late game if Mages go under Tenser and they somehow manage to score a hit. I like the Archer so far, does a bit lower damage than the B/M or RB vs. most enemies. Vs. Skeletons does significantly lower damage of course. It's cool to have somebody do damage and at the same time be out of CC 3xADHW sight. Archer Thac0 is insane btw, about -7 ( +4 Thac0 from bow, +4 from Arrows ) while the RB is -5 with Phosphorus. He can indeed get Grandmastery from the start ( I was afraid he wouldn't be able ). He is basically a ranged Kensai concerning Thac0. Later he'll get Contact with Nature and Criticals/Hardiness/War Cry. Didn't want to pick up Mazzy for this run, as she is a bit hard to get for my taste. I wanted to get her for her Invoke Courages. Instead I did something else. HLA "War Cry" changed to be basically Invoke Courage ( sort of like a War Chant/Song that gives courage ). Will pick 1 of those in late game for each fighter. So that will probably be 2x of those before the fight ( no more ). Seems fair to me, better than to stack 3/4 Invoke Courages all throughout the game. Went with Necro, Sorcerer, B/M, Archer, RB, R/C. All Custom except Jaheira R/C ( won't be using her harper pin this game). Insane again, to micro a bit. Can't really change the line-up too much, because there is nothing interesting to play. Palandin average even with Grandmastery, also needs certain tweaks to be viable Thief awful even with multiple tweaks/buffs and probably a hassle to backstab in early/mid game. Monk never lol Bard no go with LVL 5 spells and no permanent alacrity. The B/M is 10x better anyway with Thor/Belm even vs. the older version Bard. B/M has 10 attacks from which 8 with Thor, lvl 9 spells, massive HP, Enrage, etc.. Druid no go, 1APR = pass, besides the R/C is a Druid, a Fighter and a Cleric. Barbarian, I considered him with Grandmastery, but still not enough to make it in my party and much weaker and less fun compared to a RB. Damage Output > Resistances even on Insane. Pure Cleric never, have R/C. Auramaster, maybe if he had 8 APR and Grandmastery I would possibly consider him over a R/C, even then I'd have to test him first. Kensai, his Thac0 is good until you gain Criticals. After that pretty much irrelevant. His Damage bonus I think is sort of worthless due to high physical resistances of enemies. At most I think he will do 1 extra point of damage in late game. Played him in v5 I think last time, much much weaker compared to a v6 RB. Also poor AC. Vagrant, still good and versatile imo even as non-PC, but I played him not too long ago, had no room anyway in this run for him. Too bad he can only GM in Axes, this is his downfall. Will never play a Vagrant PC again, due to retarded quests ( too many golems and no xp lol). Necro's quests are 10x better. Protector, may look interesting and good on paper for the untrained eye. But I'm certain he is average and not much fun to play. Mental Equilibrium is a solid spell for sure tho in early/mid game, wish it was available to my R/C. Bersker, lower damage compared to a RB, not a good tank compared to a B/M or R/C. Would take a Barbarian with Grandmastery over him. As you can see, not much to work with. The other thing I thought about was, taking 5 NPC's changed them to whatever my current party is and not use any of their special items. Basically for their quests. I don't like to change NPC's and tag them along only to trigger their quests one by one. This way, you get the quests, you get the banter, you get the soundsets, but essentially they are like Custom/Multiplayer created NPCs. AId ( Cleric Spell ), as AoE after lvl 14 is really cool. Shadow Jailors AID also goes on the Skeleton Lords and Wolves. Drow Ambush Underdark also AID on spiders. Awesome imo, makes the minions a bit tougher. There are numerous other such Clerics that will buff up their minions, these were just two examples. I will only use it as prebuff, never during the fight, as I mentioned in earlier posts. There will probably be no modified items this game, except Dwarven Thrower and Rimed Club ( removed dragon scale component ). Has anybody played a Druid protagonist? Or know anybody that played one? Curious, because this run I will try to trigger the Great Auramaster duel which is only available to druids. He will fight my Necro if I successfully manage to trigger the encounter xD. Should be fun, as I never did this quest before and I'm always up for a good pit fight xD
  8. You could modify the Arrows of Piercing to not allow a save vs death. Called shot: Lowering all enemy resistances by 1% for 10 seconds may be a good replacement for the useless -1 to str. If you're going to give up the Riskbreaker for an Archer, then it's pretty conceivable that an Archer could benefit from the RB's pool of abilities. You could implement the "risk increment" to some extent - something like an AC penalty of 1 for 10 seconds under Called Shot. You could also apply some version of "Hard Hit" instead of that stupid -1 to save vs spells. I have other ideas but they all look very imbalanced - like 5% chance of triggering Limited Wish on each Called Shot. With the Thac0 penalty I did: Called Shot lasts 6 seconds and lowers Thac0 by 1 point for 3 seconds. It's lowered by 5 on average for a short period ( you have to keep using called shot to maintain the lowered thac0 ). It takes about 3-4 seconds for it to be lowered to -5 points where it lasts only for a very short period, after which it slowly goes up again, unless you activate called shot again next round ). This assuming you are under IH and Grandmastery. At lower levels ( can't Grandmastery from the Start with the Archer, only 2 Proficiency points ), it will probably be much less effective. Yeah RB style Called Shot sounds interesting, will post here the final version of the ability once it's all tested. LOL saros, 5% Limited Wish, that's about 40% chance in a round. xD.
  9. I'm afraid I would have to charge premium membership for it ( fees, server costs, lunch money, and all that ). The other option is to release only to friends who supported me during hard times. Also you would probably need to have the adequate "tactical reputation" to experience the new version, which you don't, and therefore are not worthy kreso. Sorry. I lol.
  10. Not a big fan of multi-classes, considering IA level progressions. I don't know, I find it a bit odd to backstab with a crushing weapon, and as you say crushing maybe be a bit too much under assassinate, but with piercing only it's lackluster. Therefore the Thief is a definitely a big pass, as it needs buffing/balancing from multiple angles. Too much hassle. Critical + Backstab will not work at the same time, unless Eloquence comes into play. Which I would never wear on Thief. One has to be retarded to mess the thief up with the robe, for a few rounds of damage. The Archer will be very fun I think. Arrows can be reduced in price a bit and made more abundant in shops. But needs some nerfs to Called Shot. Right now it does -1 Thac0 for over 10 seconds, considering the Archer gets about 9 Attacks under IH, probably looking at -12 Thac0 on average for the enemy that the Archer hits. A bit too strong. Probably will lower the -1 Thac0 to 4 seconds? What do you think? This way ( assuming the Archer hits each time ), the enemy shouldn't have a his Thac0 lowered by no more than 5 points at any given time. 4-5 Thac0 decrease to little maybe? Thoughts please. Called shot also gives -1 to Str for about 10 seconds ( worthless in IA, as most if not all IA monsters are immune to stat modifications ). This will probably be changed to something else. Tell me a useful ability to replace this one. I was thinking -1% resistance to magic damage resistance for 10 seconds or so. This to possibly do slight damage with offensive spells to bosses and other such enemies which have 100 Magic Damage Resistance. But I'm not very convinced. Would probably make more sense to soften the target ( lower piercing resistance ), by maybe 1% for 5-6 seconds. This way he would be able to do some damage to enemies that are 100% resistant to piercing. The damage will be very little when their resistance is lowered to 95%, but at least he would hit ( probably do around 1-2 damage ). Have to keep in mind he has limited number of Called Shots in mid-game, so he would be able to damage them for short periods only. There will also probably not be another char with piercing weapon, so he would be the only guy doing piercing damage. Called shot also does -1 to save vs. spells, not sure if this is imbalanced. What do you think? Maybe replace it with something more useful? Remember I will be probably giving up a Riskbreaker for the Archer, so he needs to be very viable throughout the game. The +2 Damage from Called Shot is pretty nice, translates to +1 damage which is added on top of his normal attack. So vs. a Warlord he does 5+1 damage. This will stay as it is.
  11. Finished EDE with that party on Insane. Standard items to the end pretty much. The only difference compared to Hard was Elemental Backslash did a bit more damage ( while working on the Supreme Golem ). Made no difference otherwise. Had all barbarian essence potions and probably used up half of them in EDE. As long as the Prince is constantly surrounded by summons, little damage is done to fighters anyway. Did a bit of testing with the thief after EDE. Assassin with Grandfather Dagger +5 ( removed the +1 backstab multiplier ), does exactly 8 Damage to an Elemental Golem under Assassinate. Lmao. The B/M with Thor does 4 damage. But the Thiefs Thac0 is so poor he barely hits, not to mention his APR. The Stalker with his quadruple backstab multiplier, does about 6-7 damage with Grandfather Dagger +5 to the Elemental Golem. Stalker has Racial Enemy Golem so +4 to Hit. vs. a Skeleton Warlord, the B/M does 30 damage with Thor. The Stalker does 9 without backstab and with backstab does about 20, with Grandfather +5 dagger which is piercing. The Assassin does approx. 25 damage with septuple damage to the Warlord with Grandfather +5. So even with backstab immunity removed from the certain items, the Thief is still worthless. I was thinking to make a F dual to Thief and give him Jans Armor, but after these tests I won't bother. The Stalker could be a bit more appealing with Grandmastery in a Thief weapon, possibly a few more "Assassinations" and maybe Jans armor, since he would also get Hardiness, Contact with Nature, Critical Strike, Good HP, Good Thac0, Good APR ( with Thief weapon that is ). But even than I'd rate him subpar compared to a Vagrant or Riskbreaker. Since Critical Strike rarely does double damage, since most IA monsters wear helmets, I thought Assassinate might bring in a boost. But with a Thief it's just not worth it. With a Stalker it could be viable, but even then only the in certain SoA fights and very little in ToB, and the reason is because Beholders, Marilithis, Dragons, ToB bosses have native immunity to backstab and I don't feel like going through and removing those ( besides it makes sense that Beholders be immune to backstab ). All in all, the thief looks to be a big pass. Now on to the Archer. Did a bit of testing with Gesen Bow ( piercing damage ). The Archers can get Grandmastery with Bows. vs. Elemental Golem does about 2 damage, the B/M with Thor does 4 damage. vs, Warlord does 5 damage, the B/M does 30 damage. vs. Grave Lich does 8 damage, the B/M does 18 damage. The immunity to projectiles from the Dragon Ring, is for non-enchanted arrows, surprisingly. Gesen Bow since it does piercing it will do damage to all ( that are not 100% to piercing ) and does electrical damage on every hit ( sort of imbalanced, considering most meele items have been nerfed to 5% ). Assuming you have somebody with Grandmastery in Bows, Gesen Bow should still be viable ( especially vs liches/mages ) in the vanilla IA game. With Gesen Bow at least damage seems to be ok, would probably nerf the Electric hit of 100% to probably 15% or so ( to be in harmony with the other elemental nerfs in v6 ). Basically to make the Archer viable I have to change some Arrows from Missile to Piercing. Definitely will change arrows of Piercing +4, however I'm not sure there are enough arrows of Piercing in Chapters 2-3. Will probably make bigger stacks of them in the places where they are already available right now. Plus they will also get a slight nerf to damage I think. As they are right now they do a bit more damage than Gesen Bow for example.
  12. ^ What could you not tell, lol, pause the video. Should still make out the text and everything else if quality is set at 1080p. It will be a bit fuzzy, but still ok. I just watched it on my 60" TV from several feet away. On a 1600p Display in Original quality it looks like in-game, text and graphics are sharp as I recorded at high quality. Necro: Turning, SI when remove magic came, then Spell Strike and Breach from scrolls, then Alacrity, then rebuff and breach at the same time, Resist Fear, Fire Potion when Fireball landed, and Prot from Energy on a RB. Sorcer: Trigger, and summons, at the end he Prot from Energy a RB. B/M: Trigger ( failed due to Efreeti fireshield I think ), at the end, SI, GoI, Turning, and lastly CC ( Tenser, Prot from Energy, Foreknowledge ). R/C: tried to summon a viper, but was at max. summons already. I agree my fight wasn't very well executed. Didn't have Spellstrike or enough Breach memorized, as I didn't re-arrange spellbook before fight on Necro. Hence why he was naked for a few rounds as he had to cast from scrolls. If I had those two memorized, I would have started Alacrity earlier and kept buffs up at all times. The fight would have lasted less too. However it's still not a problem for a few rounds, as long as you put pressure on the dragon ( besides I didn't let him cast Lower Resistance and Fireball until that point, so there was no danger for Dragon Breath ). Dragon only did a Lower Resistance and Fireball in this fight, that's all he could. I just don't use the B/M alone with PFMW, don't find it necessary, maybe Oasis fight. Found an unlimited xp/gold exploit in ToB accidentally. Will not post which, as the "vultures" are probably watching and it's better to let their "testers" figure it out. Besides you probably are well familiar with them Saros, so no point mentioning them anyway There was one more unlimited xp (not sure if gold too, can't remember ) in ToB, that I noticed in my previous runs. I guess they didn't bother blocking those, since they figured you won't be able to solo SoA if they block those. In of my previous posts, I mentioned making the Archer do Crushing or Slashing damage from Bows. However recently I looked up one of the enemy items I think, the "Dragon" ring most IA enemies like to wear, and I noticed it has a bunch of immunities to Projectiles ( Arrows/ Bolts / Axes / Daggers etc. ), besides the fact that they are 100% resistant to missile damage. I lol.
  13. I do keep notes and re-watch my videos naturally. For previous no-reload runs, i just keep notes on occasional pitfalls and major mistakes, which I tend to forget. That makes it possible.At least for v6 that is. V5 simply needed adjusting my solo style a bit to the IA requirements and presto. Then I suppose it's really level dependant. In my fights Orcus shoots Silence of the Dead on each arcane caster he sees. I fight him with characters above 9 000 000 xp each. Except for Mazzy but she's dead...This is the last fight I do in SoA because there's nothing to be gained from it with immediate impact on the game, unless your PC is a Necromancer naturally. With a Necro PC, this fight is *always* too easy for me. The Necro can easily restore removed or breached ProFire and other important buffs. Without a Necro PC, you can't have a 100% chance probability of success vs him with a low-leveled party. And by that I mean mages of level below 32. OK probably there is a way to develop a 100% working strategy even for such a low-level party, but it's so bothersome to even begin developing one. Sure, I'd like to see if you have a video on such an attempt, it may spark a few ideas and try to create such a strategy together. I agree about Aerial Servants, but Wondrous Recall is never useless. Unfortunately it has a long casting time. It's not very hard to make even a lower-level B-M invulnerable. I've already found out that PFMW scrolls are useless to hoard, so seeing one can obtain roughly 80 of those without having to buy any, you should have enough copies for even the toughest fights. But yeah I use him alone vs enemies that have no way of harming him - like Elemental Golems and their minions, and not only. Since the B-M is the supreme tank, it's logical he'll score most kills. You obviously use him more like a mage than a fighter. I deploy him as any fighter/mage should be deployed: as an invulnerable fighter. There is nothing bad in finishing an opponent with a spell, but in IA, brute force is much more effective almost on all occasions. For example, try to cast Hand of Undoing with the B-M at an Elemental golem, then attempt 4 hits with Poseidon's wrath. The latter will always be more damaging (if you buffed properly, that is). I don't find Mazzy's Invoke Courages to be imbalanced. OK they stack, so do many other things. Like dragons' Greater Doom for example, and that's not imbalanced But the Invoke Courages have a serious weakness in addition to the advantage - can be easily dispelled. The thing that keeps Mazzy in check is that she's notoriously weak on Insane - not too many HP, crappy stats, the fact that she has to be a frontliner to do any damage...If you make her a R/C, that would be completely imbalanced. The thing you could do however if you want her in your party and wanna try an insane run is make her sword upgrade give her some stat boost (Str set to 18/00, +25 max HP) and probably some innate resistance to physical damage (15% should do it) If you're looking for a thief, an Assassin dualled to Fighter at level 23 is the perfect one. He can backstab extremely effective, but that's not his main strength, because with UAI, this may very well be your best tank. Also, the feat of keeping such a character alive throughout most of the game is not a small one. Don't worry that you'll actually have a useless fighter throughout most of the game. Once activated, the Use Any Item ability remains active even after dualclassing. Another good and very simple idea is a minor tweak - making a Swashbuckler be able to obtain Use Any Item. There is your thief. He won't be able to backstab for more than *2, but will be extremely resistant to damage and thus a perfect tank. Not to mention great AC. About backstabbing in IA - yeah, you might call it imbalanced. I remember eliminating a large group of improved Spiders in IA v5 with my F/M/T after activating Assassinate and backstabbing with the Treefolk's Arm +4. Any other good club or staff will do. Not to mention things like Iron Golem's fists or the Black Blade of Disaster...so IMO removing that backstab immunity from most enemies can spoil some very hard fights. Still if you use a pure backstabbing thief, he can never have that amount of APR so maybe backstabbing won't be so unbalanced. I thought about a pure thief only because of the fact that he could cast scrolls at much higher level than any mage. But since Remove magic, PFME, PFE, Improved Haste, Wish and other important scrolls are severely limited, and there are enemies who are actually immune to Remove/Dispel magic, I considered not worth it at all. Anyway, use a thief only if PC is a necro. Because the Scarlet Ioun Stone is wasted on a necro. Only a character with UAI can make most of that item. I'd rather reload a few times times than check notes or watch videos. To each his own. For Orcus, he uses both I think, but starts with Grave from what I see in this run. I really can't remember about the previous runs, even though my previous run was a few weeks ago. I have 0 incentive to play anything else than a Necro PC. Items, quests, spells, and immunity to silence makes this kit as a PC gold. Even with Save Silence, I would still go with a Necro PC. He is fun to play too. Wondorous recall, I used that vs. Dracolich only in this run and maybe vs. Lavok. To refresh death wards. Definitely didn't use that after Underdark, don't think I ever did. I use the B/M as a fighter of course, since he can barely cast 3 Stoneskins and 2 Fireshields at level 24. Almost never under PFMW, so that he can absorb hits. Always stays with the Group, never alone. Why would Mazzy as R/C be imbalanced? Besides the fact that she is hard to get her early on, I would never play a plain Fighter, and especially not with her proficiencies. So she would have to be a R/C, RB, B/M or maybe a Vagrant worst case. The other option is her to be Paladin with Grandmastery amd Immunity to Fear. Regarding the Thief, it would definitely be a Fighter dual to a Thief at 9 probably. But the problem is many have immunities to backstab natively especially in ToB, that is even after removing the immunity to backstab from the select few items IA monsters wear (Backstab multiplier of 5, if found to be imbalanced indeed, could be nerfed to 2-3, might be a bit difficult to do but it's theoretically possible ), I'm still not convinced for now. Riskbreakers passive damage works on all, his Risk Decrement works on all except Greater Bone Golems. Spiders are only a slight problem in Chapters 2-3 and maybe the Drow Ambush to some extent. Even Spider Queen encounter is not hard ( With 3 Mages you can unleash instant 18 ADHW and 9 Chain Lightnings, that takes care of minions and leaves a few Ghosts and then the Queen herself ). Anyway... the Thief needs to do damage in the important fights, I have no need to backstab in the easy or average fights, as fighters chop off things quickly there. Ancient Dragon video: Well that was painful to record at 1600p, even with an i7@4.5Ghz. Tried both to HDD and SSD, made no difference. Barely got 24 FPS, but the lag/jitter was the worst of all. As you can see fight is not very interesting the regular way, didn't even use Auto-Pause. The B/M was idle most of the time and only went in for the final blow. Not even sure the Dragon tried to silence him, even if he did and didn't get silenced due to the save, it doesn't matter as he was already buffed and basically only needed to attack for the few remaining rounds. Viconia, one of the Riskbreakers, got Breached at the end just before the 3x ADHW hit. I paused right when the ADHW got triggered, but instead of retreating her ( which she could easily do as the Trigger went towards the other Riskbreaker ) or quaff a magic shielding potion, instead I activated her Critical Strike, as I figured it's best if the bitch dies, as she was already dead during the Graveyard/Bodhi Quest in Chapter 6, so she missed out on a bunch of XP and is now quite a bit behind the other Riskbreaker. I figured I make the gap wider, lol. All in all, I'm probably 1 Level above normal with my party as I did all the Four encounters, Jaheiras Encounters and Romance, and some minor XP rewarding encounters from Edwin/Viconia. As you can see items are standard, Staff of Fire is 1-handed ( this so you don't have to remove off-hand weapon to erect the Fire Shield ), Ring of Greater Djinni Summoning is Quick Item instead of Ring ( this also to avoid the hassle of removing rings, besides Efreeti Bottle is quick item, I simply forget to change the icon to the Efreeti Bottle as I just forged Greater Djinni not long ago ). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFihuynFKJ0 Best viewed in Original and on a 1600p display. Watching it on anything else will be fuzzy.
  14. ^ Why are you so stiff about no-reload. It's not like anybody can verify or conclude whether you actually reloaded or not. I find it rather moot to keep mentioning "No-reload". I can't even remember what I did yesterday, never mind remember the different "tactics" and positioning in several dozen fights in this game. You must have good memory? if you manage that, I guess... r you look at previous notes/videos. I don't know, seems silly to claim no-reload, unless it's your first time with the mod, in which case it would be close to impossible not to reload. Anyway.. That was exactly my point about JD Sword. Orcus uses Grave Silence at least two times. Fight with him, save -6 Silence, was more manageable, yet slightly more fun. Still encounter is quite bland compared to others. I already ditched the "serious" changes I had intended for this run in Chapter 3. It's back to a normal game and a normal pretty much, except the Cleric Spell Changes I mentioned earlier. Not sure why you think my game is easier than yours ( 7 levels above normal, 2 Greater Djinnis, etc. ). Having another +3 Club in Chapter 3 is nothing special. Or why is there an extremely powerful +4 Falil in Chapters 2/3 that's good all the way to EDE? Why should you have two good +3 Axes in early game ( Stonefire comes a bit later, but still well before Asylum/Underdark ), yet only one plain +3 club ( Treefolk is Ranger/Druid only ), or no +3 Hammer / +3 Longsword. Yes you can forge Sikrets plain/penis +3 Hammer, it's also more than half the price of the Dwarven Thrower +3 (30.000 GP+). The loss of permanency scroll is not a big deal, as those are abundant after Underdark. For example in this run, after forging Treefolks and Phosphorus, I had a spare Permanency Scroll since I didn't want to forge Amulet of Hades before Spellhold. I could have easily used that Permanency scroll to forge Sikrets Hammer, but I didn't, because the Dwarven Thrower +3 adds "emotional" value and some nice feats ( great vs. Gem Golems ), as opposed to a plain +3 Sikret Hammer. Making Celestial Fury +4 is also nothing special. By the time I did Guarded Compound I already had a +4 Bastard Sword ( albeit Paladins only ) in my bag of holding. So Celestial Fury +4 was used briefly in off-hand before it was consumed. I already had a +4 Weapon in main hand during that time. Big deal... I'll try to record a video of the Ancient Dragon fight for you, if I manage to record without issues at 1600p. You'll see I have no tweaked weapons at that point, yet the Dragon will probably fall relatively easy (standard fight, not waiting him out) on Insane in late SoA. Party around mage level 24, not 33. Save Silence will most likely be irrelevant in this fight, as I will keep my Mages ( except Necro ) and the R/C out of the Dragons LoS at all times. This so you can understand, that the game is already "no so difficult" for me personally, after having it played a few times. Tweaking certain items ( in a balanced matter, and I try and test here to make sure they are ) adds replay value and diversity to the game, also makes things more refreshing. The purpose is not to make it more easy but more fun. Again 7 Levels above normal, possibly more gold ( not that big of a deal ), and for example using 2 Greater Djinnis in a fight, and other such things, I find that significantly easier than having a few items tweaked here and there. If you wanted to bring more challenge to your game, you do a party of 6 and progress normally ( level wise ), you could also not forge certain items like Phosphorus/Judgement Day or tone them down... Ok Aerial Servant is good, but I have mages doing the Summoning job. And by the time Aura, Shield and Globes become available ( post Underdark ), I will have no need for Aerial Servant due to better and more abundant Mage Summons, therefore a lot of room at Level 6. While at Level 7 I will 2-4 slots for quite a while after Underdark. You may use the B/M differently, probably because yours is several levels higher during the most part of the game, and may have more spells slots for offensive damage. You also have a party of 5, which makes the party kills higher for a single character. I mostly pre-buff then he fights pretty much. Of course I was referring to Tensers Partial. May try out Mazzy as a R/B or R/C or even B/M in my next run, you thing the Invoke Courages are imbalanced ( considering they stack )? I'm also thinking about a Thief for my next run. Someone that can backstab to be more exact. After removing the immunity to backstab from a few enemy items, Backstabbing should be possible again for the most part ( I'd say 80% from a quick glance, but could be different upon further research ), except for Dragons and Certain Bosses, also few other IA creatures as well ( example: Master Assassin, Vaxall, GuildMaster, Coordinators are all immune to backstab natively ). I haven't used Thieves tho since maybe over 10 year ago, when BG2 was released, therefore I have no clue how to use them properly or how the backstabbing works. So I'm not sure if Backstabbing is imbalanced, or more exactly would be imbalanced in this mod. What do you think about Backstabbing in IA ?
  15. Hard -> Insane not that big of difference I'd say. You wait him out just as you do Dracolich. Remove Magic is the least of the problem. He throws few of those and rarely. Problem is Wing Buffet + Getting Thrown in the Corner, that's where it gets tricky, you have to grab his focus with other stuff. And of course the Dragon Breath and Malison combo. Nevertheless it's doable in late SoA this way. Did that many times. I'll say this again, weapons don't make the game. Even Judgement Day is not overpowered in the sense that it does a lot of damage, but in the sense that it provides a bunch of protections/buffs/stats. Against an Elemental Golem and up all weapons will pretty much do the same damage, this is valid vs. most bosses as well. I scrapped that party btw, as it's still not enough to make game fun. I did have a Riskbreaker and 2 B/M's and a R/C. So it' wasn't "full" arcane. Fun seems to be a balanced party with 2-3 fighters included. ADHW bypass Magic Resistance is pretty cool btw and gives some offensive spells in late game. This will not work on bosses again in late game, as they have plenty of Magic Damage Resistance. It will work on lesser foes, even lesser and medium golems. Not so much on Skeleton Lords and up, those have high Magic Damage resistance as well. Still it's pretty cool with 3xADHW in contigency from 2-3 mages. This also requires PFME to be up on your party, otherwise Magic Resistance will not save you. So double edged sword. Made it to late chapter 3 with that party, and did kill Torgal, Shade Lord and Steam Elemental Prince ( + Phosphorus of course on the Prince ) with Magic only. No Meele at all ( except Elemental Prince). No new spells were used, as those were levels 6 and up. Still it's significantly easier and more efficient to meele them. Fun would be a combination of Meele + Magic, however lowering magic resistance, magic damage resistance and elemental resistances is too much hassle, as it proved in late Chapter 3. May be be easier with 3-4 Sorcerers, since B/Ms have few spells slots early on. Lower Elemental Resistances was Level 6 and amount was 5%. Lower Magic Damage Resistance was Level 6 and amount was 10%. ^ It was too low imo, you have to cast quite a few of those, lots of rounds lost without Improved Alacrity. However once you have Alacrity and Triggers you can shoot a bunch hence even 5% might be overpowered. What is the limit ? The more shoot you, the more damage your spells will do afterwards. I don't think there is a perfect way to make it balanced and fun. If the retard didn't give most enemies such complete immunities to elemental and magic damage, the game would be a lot more fun with arcane. There would be one more option which I think is worth mentioning. Cast Elemental Damage Spell and at the same time it sets elemental resistance to a certain percentage ( 60-70% ). This would make it more consistent across all enemies. It also removes the need to lower their resistances first. However I'm not sure if the lowering of the elemental resistance will kick in right away or properly, to make the Damage part of the Spell actually do the damage. I am assuming it will, but needs testing. Might try this next time, depends how the tests pan out. Fact is offensive arcane needs to be efficient and worthwhile in battles. Remember you also need to PFWM, and maybe keep a few buffs up in the battle, also probably summon some stuff. That's why it needs to be efficient and quick. As for Silence, set it at -6, still fail the save fairly often unless fully buffed. The only difference is, enemies have limited number of those silences ( I believe ), so 1-2 may get wasted but the 3rd will hit. So you may end up with Mage who can actually be in the midst of combat, since the enemy may have run out on silences on your other chars. Will definitely keep it like this at -6 for all my future runs. The other option is to make Vocalize remove it and make it an AOE spell. Of course there would have been other ways to make it more tactical challenging as you say "SI:E", but some many things could have been made more tactical but they weren't. There is one more thing I despise about Silence, is it's AoE. Orcus comes to mind and my Fighters. Have to keep the R/C and Mages spread away from Riskbreakers, otherwise you have dead RB's very shortly. Will see how it goes at -6 in this current run, I'm right before Orcus ( changed party a bit from lots of arcane to a few only and ditched the new spells, basically a normal part again. 2 Mage, 2 RB's, 1 R/C and 1 B/M ). Playing on Insane as well in this run since Saros keeps babbling about Insane xD, also because it's been (v5) since I played Insane. Not that big of a difference from Hard as I said earlier. Positioning needs be prioritized one notch higher that's all. Here's some stuff I will permanently have in all my runs: Silence at -6 save Dwarven Thrower: No short race restriction, remove ranged ability. Well spent 33.000 GP on this. Does about 8 Damage to Gem Golems, while Treefolk does 6 and Phosphorus does about 7. To Coin Golems, Undead, Skeletons and others it makes no difference. Golems are "GiantHumanoid" that's why and Gem are partial to Crushing . Really awesome Hammer in early-mid game vs Gems. Another +3 Club before Spell Hold, since Treefolks Arm is Ranger or R/C only. This run I made Wyerns Tail ( Temple Sewer Party - Late Chapter 3 ) to +3 and changed it to Club from Morning Star. Weak item but interesting nevertheless, does 5 Poison Damage if they fail the save ( don't think it ever did vs. anybody that counts ). The other option is Gnasher or Bone Club. The latter comes a bit late ( late Spell Hold ). Possibly Stonefire Axe +3 changed to a Club +3. Rimed Club: Remove White Dragon Scale component. This way available shortly after Underdark, assuming you go to Watchers Keep Level 2. Otherwise this Club comes too late. B/M: With Hammers instead of the usual Staff or Halberd. Once you get Crom you have permanent 25 STR that means permanent -5 Thac0. Without Tensers and other stuff. With buffs he has same Thac0 as a RB. Belm off-hand for 10 attacks ( 8 with Crom/Thor ). Doesn't get any better really. With Staff or Halberd the B/M would have -1 Thac0 or so without buffs. I'm looking at the party kills and he has the same kills as Riskbreaker almost, which is usually half when using Staves/Halberds. Robe of Eloquence after Underdark only, even thou it's doable before. Edwin the Evil Sorcerer. My God what a monster he is. Abundance of spells with his amulet. Just perfect with Eloquence after Underdark. Make Clerics "Dispel Magic" party friendly ( as Remove Magic ). Not much to say here, Remove Magic worthless in IA on Mages since they are low Level. The R/C is generally a bit higher level and has a chance for example to dispel Noble Rakshasas in the Eleven City ( if you delay going there a bit ). Also the Shade Lich in Teshals Lair if you delay as well. He will still not dispel any boss in a normal game ( with normal levels and party of 6 ). Nice tweak I'd say, will definitely keep this in all runs. Ice Storm and Cone of Cold party friendly. Used once only in this game, Ice Storm has so bad damage. Bypass Magic Resistance. Aid ( cleric spell ). Make it AoE from Level 14 and up. Basically becomes tedious after a while casting it on each member. Usually cast at the begining of the fight only, not in the midst. Once Cleric gets access to Aura of Flaming Death, Shield of Archons, Globe of Blades copy them to Level 6. This way you can actually use them. Never really used them at Level 7 except mid ToB or so. Restoration is too precious in late SoA and few level 7 slots are available, while level 6 are abundant. Besides theres nothing good at Level 6. Blade Barrier ( Cleric Level 6 ) make it party friendly like Globe of Blades. Unchanged otherwise. Useful now, almost never does damage tho as they all save xD So rather worthless actually xD. But there is nothing good at level 6 early on. Smite: Remove Wing Buffet Effect. Boots of Woodland: Useable by Neutral as well, not just Good. Few some other good tweaks I might try in the next runs: Make Carsomyr a Bastard Sword, useable by all. Make Celestial Fury Bastard, change it to +4. Good weapon in late SoA part of the game. Get's consumed later on, but might provide some nice +4 enchantment in late SoA for the time it's available. Poseidon Wrath changed to Two Handed Sword or Hammer. Hammer to have two good Hammers in late SoA. Depends on party proficiencies really. Could be changed to anything. There are already some other good halberds anyway. Or Adamantine Staff of Strenght changed to Hammer, Club or Flail. Stonefire Axe +3, possibly changed to a +3 Club. Think this would be perfect, comes after Chapter 3, but before Underdark. Just perfect I say. Gnasher may come too early and Bone Club comes a bit too late. BTW, when I do these changes, I change everything, from proficiency, to icons, to animations, to speed factors to damage to range, basically everything.
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