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  1. Indeed there are. I think every single store that offers this spell as a cure in my game was broken. UHMER03.sto (Umar Hills), TEMTALOS.sto (Temple District), TEMSUP.sto (Trademeet), TEMLATH.sto (Temple District), TEMHELM.sto (Temple District), SUELF10.sto (Suldanessellar), SLILMAT.sto (Slums Disrict), SARTEM01.sto (Saradush), SAHPR1.sto (Sahuagin City), PPUMB01.sto (Brynnlaw), KPCHAP01.sto (De'Arnise Keep), GOVWAU01.sto (Government District), GARLENA.sto (Watcher's Keep), DOGHMA.sto (Docks District), BHELM.sto (Bridge District), AMCLER02.sto (Amkethran) all call SPPR215 'null' and all us
  2. I see. Thanks for the explanation. In my game Cure Moderate Wounds is indeed SPPR216.spl and there's no SPPR215.spl in my override folder.
  3. Update: I've just noticed problems with other spells in my game -- e.g.: Jaheira's got two different Conjure Earth Elemental (SPPR618 & SPPR622) and two different Conjure Air Elemental (SPPR617 & SPPR621) spells in her spellbook. In both cases the latter spell comes from aTweaks' "PnP Elementals" component. I'm not sure what exactly happened there with SPPR215, but perhaps v33.7 of SCS couldn't solve the issue? Maybe the problem is on SR's end?
  4. After looking at that store in Near Infinity I can report the following: The blank item in WILMAT.sto is actually a spell for sale. SPPR215.spl. Its name is listed in NI as "null". Changelog told me that it wasn't touched by any mod, probably because it didn't actually get copied to anywhere from SR's folder. --- Looks like it's a broken spell in SR. Its name in NI reads: "The blade of Sarevok..." Hmm... some kind of broken index? This thread in SR forum seems relevant.
  5. Plain (non-EE) BG2+ToB I get a crash when I'm browsing the items being sold by Priestess of Ilmater in Waukeen's Promenade (WILMAT.sto). One of her items for sale, which costs 40 gold, has a blank icon. Sometimes I get the crash immediately after I click on that item and sometimes I don't get an opportunity to do even that, as my mouse stops responding after I click on the buy/sell healing tab. In the latter case I get spammed by message boxes with broken text in them after I Alt-Tab. I did a --change-log and learned that only the Store Revisions component of IR touches this store. S
  6. Does this mod add area icons to the worldmap outside the city of BG? After reading the teaser I've been left with an impression that it probably does. Does it?
  7. Nice looking map! Although it's a bit weird to see the Trade Way road cross the Wealdath so far away from the coast. Mosstone has become a true backwater -- the town now sits right in the middle of nowhere.
  8. 1-A does not need further explanation. It's just PST that is playable in EET. 1-B & 1-C variants both require character import. Here, Charname is importable into PST after ToB finishes. Or perhaps even before that. Both 1-B & 1-C are very much writing intensive, with the latter variant requiring more new plot connections than the former. Both presuppose that all PST PCs are recruitable in-game. Both variants are in certain ways disconnected from the rest of the Bhaalspawn Saga, which is not something I personally want from EET. --- 2-A is very ambitious. It's about as cl
  9. Huh. Well, as I see it, there are 2 main approaches (with their assorted sub-approaches): Approach 1: PST as a standalone game in EET. 1-A: PST as a standalone game in EET, completely unrelated to the Bhaalspawn Saga . (Leeux's approach) 1-B: PST as a standalone game in EET, which is a non-integrative extension of the Bhaalspawn Saga with TNO being Charname. (bob_veng's approach) 1-C: PST as a standalone game in EET, which is a non-integrative extension of the Bhaalspawn Saga with TNO separate from Charname. Approach 2: PST assets in EET as an integral part
  10. When specific directions were given in dialog.tlk regarding certain areas, I tried to strictly follow them where possible. In a few cases it wasn't possible though for one or other reason. I deemed an error margin of up to 40 degrees (in select extreme cases) acceptable. That is, where dialog.tlk says an area is South of some reference point, I might've put that area SE of that point on this map instead. There's only one exception to this: Neera's Clearing in ToB, which I'll explain in detail later. --- ORIGINAL BG1:TOTSC AREAS BG:SOD AREAS ORIGINAL BG2:SOA AREAS
  11. @DavidW Your comments are very much appreciated. I'll post my (still incomplete) list of detailed notes on area placements first and then address your two points in a separate post.
  12. I have 4 large standalone maps of Faerûn as references before me + the map of FR Interactive Atlas + a few regional maps from lorebooks + a few custom-made regional maps from various online sources. One is dated 1357DR (late 1st edition, I think); two belong to the 2nd edition, one of which is dated 1367DR (which is pretty close to BG1's timeframe) and the other one's undated; the fourth belongs to the early 3rd edition and is dated 1372DR (well past the events of ToB). They're all different! All 5 of them. It is my impression that S.Breit's map (the one we're discussing here) largely use
  13. @Sam. I have. FR Atlas is a useful source, but it does not cover some regions (like eastern Amn) as well as I hoped it would.
  14. @K4thos Wow. Why, Beamdog? Those mighty walls... gone? That's... that's the heist of the century, I'm sure. ----- I also see that some trees have been replanted and the paved road has been tampered with (?re-routed?) as well. Hmmm.
  15. One elegant solution would be to shift the rectangle encasing Baldur's Gate City to the east. As it is, the city is placed rather far to the west of its original location, so it's only fair to do so. Ulgoth's Beard should be shifted south in this case. ----- On a related note: @K4thos I proposed shifting the rectangle with Athkatla to the north and putting in on top of Alandor river. I'd still like to hear your opinion on this.
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