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  1. Thank you for the quick response. I downloaded it but cannot find the setup file. Maybe I downloaded the wrong thing? I have all the files but no way to install them. Not sure what to do, help would be welcome Edit: Nevermind I got it to work.
  2. I don't think so. I've looked everywhere and can't find it. The link on the in progress page has been there for awhile too. Sadly nothing is there I've clicked it several times to check. It seems we'll have to wait a bit more. Just know your not alone in wanting Aran. I've been stalking this forum for days.
  3. Great! I will wait for everything to get set up then. Do you know how long it will be until the beta starts?
  4. Thank you for explaining that. I will probally keep things as they are for now at least. I may change my mind later though. Also I've started work on how Velcan will react to Bioware npcs. I figure I'll come up with a general outline for where I want everything to go before I start the actual banters. Anyway the new stuff is posted over at petals and thorns for all who want to look.
  5. I wasn't aware that was an actual way to format dialog. I was just trying to get the sample banter out there in a way the I and hopefully everone else could understand. I will do my best to make him likable but that said he will defiantly act like a jerk sometimes. He will have endearing moments also though. I don't want him to be one sided and boring after all. I want to make him real and believable. Also I hate to admit it but it was Vico from ADWR that got me into evil characters and helped spawn this idea. I loved his character and he is a part of the insipration for this project. I'm not trying to make another Vico though. One is plenty. We do need more evil in bg2 that isn't so.... I can't think of the word but something has always seemed a bit lacking to me when it comes to evil NPCs. That is why I'm going make the attempt to make a truly evil yet charming NPC. After all not all chaotic evil does not have to always be crazy mass murderering dwarves.
  6. It's not discouraging its helpful. I want to know if I'm doing something wrong so I can fix it so thank you. I have an edited version of this on petals and thorns since I couldn't figure out how to make changes to the first post. Here it is if anyone is interested. http://www.petalsandthorns.com/thorns/view...p?p=91435#91435
  7. Okay his name is Velcan. I finally came up with one. Unfortunatly I can't seem to edit the fist post anymore so I will have to wait to remove the question marks and fix a few other things.
  8. Oh I didn't know that thank you for telling me though. I'll fix that as soon as possible. Edit: Okay I think I got all the parts that told what charname was feeling If i missed something please let me know. Actions are okay though right just not feelings?
  9. Thank you for all your votes and opinions. I have decided to put this idea on hold as I have another idea that I feel much more inclinded to work on. So from now until I decide otherwise I'm putting this on the back burner.
  10. Lately I've been thinking about the lack of evil romancable Male NPCs in Baldur's Gate 2. I have an idea for one but he doesn't have a name yet. Here are his details and until he gets a name he will be refered to as . I like the idea but I welcome opinons and constructive critisim. So please feel free to make suggestions. Also he is chaotic evil and by no means tame. If the mod is made there will be stuff that children should not see. There is nothing too extreme here though.There is also a sample banter included. Enjoy! Name: Gender: Male Age: 32 Race: Human Class: Blackguard Alignment: Chaotic Evil Birthplace: Westgate Deity: None Background: Born in to a Westgate whore he never knew his father. He knew no love as a child and was raised by his mother who threw him out at age seven. She made it no secret that she had not wanted him and had no desire to support him further. He was a hateful bitter child and took to stealing and lying better than someone twice his age. He was picked up by the Night Masks shortly after his mother abandoned him. He grew up in the guild taking quiet easily to jobs that required intimidation and violence. He rose through the ranks becoming an enforcer by age nineteen. It quickly became known he had a taste for violence of all kinds especially when it came to women. He had no problems convincing others to do what he wanted but he preferred using force. He was also known for several very violent hate crimes against dwarves. He spent many more years in the guild before he was assigned to go to Amn to see about a local thieves guild leader that wished to join their organization. It was there in Mae’Var’s guild that you met him and he offered to join you lured by the promise of blood and coin among other things. Personality: While he can be charming it’s normally when he wants something that can’t be gained through violence. He is bloodthirsty and cruel, far more used to taking what he wants than negotiating for it. He is a womanizer and enjoys mocking people and corrupting people as much as he does killing. He has an extreme hatred for dwarves and more than often will attack them on sight. He is curious about the dark arts and has studied them as much as he could. He is also quite fascinated with Bhaalspawn and finds their dark nature intriguing. Romance: Female Humans, Half-Elves and Elves Sample Banter: You are walking along quietly the group marching behind you and can’t help but notice ’s stare. He is looking right at you making no attempt to hide his interest. Glancing at him out of the corner of your eyes you see him give you an evil smile that makes your blood grow cold. Stopping your march you turn to him. Charname 1:“What are you staring at?†Charname 2: “Is something wrong ?†Charname 3:“Keep looking at me like that and I’ll cut your eyes out.†if 1: “I’m staring at you I thought that was obvious my dear Charname.†He smirks looking you up and down with an intense gaze. if 2: He frowns his eye meeting yours pinning you with a critical stare. When he speaks his voice is mocking. “No Charname nothing is wrong. I am honored that you seemed to care about a lowly warrior such as myself. Now come on let’s find something to kill. END if 3: He chuckles moving close till your bodies are almost touching. He looks down at you smirking his tall frame hovering over you. “I would really like to see you try that but you are far too amusing to die just yet. Charname 1a: You blush furiously under his gaze finally you turn away Charname 1b: You smirk back. “With a look like that one would almost think you wanted something.†Charname 1c: You glare at him. “You’re here to fight not stare at me now keep your eyes on the road!†. END Charname 3a: You look up at him coldly. “What makes you think I will be the one to die.†Charname 3b: “I um…ah excuse me.†You stammer and turn away quickly. END Charname 3c: You slap him roughly across the face. “Get back in line!†END Charname 3d: You smile impishly running your hand over his face before slapping him playfully across the cheek. “You thought I was serious? You should know better! Now come on we have stuff to do.†END if 1a: He laughs his eyes shining as he watches you like a cat would a mouse. “One of these days Charname you won’t be able to run anymore. I wait eagerly for that day.†His eyes look you over hungrily giving you the impression that he may not wait at all. Shivering you try and remember what you were doing feeling his stare on you the whole time. END if 1b: His smirk widens and his eye continue to roam your body. “Maybe I do†His eyes meet yours and his hot stare turns into a cold look. “Then again maybe I don’t.†He turns away with those words leaving you to wonder just what game he is playing. END if 3a: He snickers looking down at you with great amusement in his eyes. “That’s what I like about you Charname you’re daring, suicidal maybe but that’s kind of cute too. He smirks and turns back to the road. END
  11. I am having problems downloading from nwvault. I keep getting a website that says. Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. The nwvault site is working as are all other sites and downloads from other sites. I have tried firefox too and it does the same so its not internet explorer. I cannot find anything on the forums that say anything about this. Is anyone else having issues? Or is this just me? If so any suggestions how to fix it are welcome.
  12. Brei

    Gavin for gay men

    I think its an awesome idea myself and would love to see it happen. I would like to help you if you decide to carry though with the idea. If you want help that is.
  13. So let me know if you like her, if you would like to see her come to life. She can be snarky and testy to those she does not get along with and even to her friends at times. We all have bad days. If she does like you however she won't push her problems onto you, she's too indepentant for that. She also won't whine and she only complains when she's angry or drunk. She probally won't kill anyone in your party but expect some....interesting things. She hates asking for help even when she needs it so excpect some arguements and a lot of drama. Basicly this is my first mod (if it gets enough support and I actually do it) I'm tempted to make her a romance option but that is a disscussion for a later time. So people.... Brei....Or no Brei?
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