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  1. There is no banter between NPCs in BG:EE. Kaeloree's Neera expansion only adds PID's and a few love talks to Neera, no banters. I am currently working on a mod that expands the 4 EE npcs (continuing Kaeloree's work), but I am not going to be adding banters with the original Biowares, mainly because the authors of the BG1 NPC project could probably do a much better job than I could. I came here hoping that BG1 NPC was being ported to EE so that everyone comes alive again.
  2. Sorry to hear this, Domi Kivan is and probably always will be one of my top mods for BG2.
  3. Jastey, I didn't even think about the rep check. I went in the first time with 14 rep, tried @ 18 rep and he's there. Sorry for the false alarm, and thanks for the fast reply! <3
  4. I have to second that. Any chance this will be updated for BG2:EE?
  5. Not sure if anyone has reported this yet, but Bjornin is missing from the Radian Heart HQ. The whole place is completely redesigned, so maybe I just can't find him, but I swear I looked everywhere.
  6. Yes, please! Too much drama going on in my party
  7. ...Doesn't seem to prevent Anomen from going ballistic when Dorn is in the party, and Mazzy has a hernia over Hexxat, etc etc etc.
  8. Looks like all my favorite ladies are here in one thread! Good to see you all
  9. Rob... how's this project coming along? I'm anxiously waiting for this to be released. Anything I can do to help, please let me know. I'm dying to meet this guy
  10. I got to the very end of ToB where my PC has to make her choice (to ascend, or not ascend... that is the question....) but something went wrong with Gavin's dialogue. No matter which option I picked, it kicked me out of dialogue mode. My party then proceeded to beat on the already defeated Melissan, for lack of anything else productive to do. I have a save just before this occurs, so if you need any information/screenshots/savegame/whatnot I will be happy to oblige. This was pretty game-breaking for me, as I consider the epilogue to be my reward for a game well-played. Bummer... I was really looking forward to settling down with Gavin and popping out a buch of little Gavinspawns I have encountered this bug, but this has nothing to do with Gavin. I'm pretty sure it's the tweak pack "make wilderness areas available before ch 6" component. I've un-installed that particular component in my own game, and have not encountered this CTD since. Encountered this bug when resting outside de'Arnise Keep. CTD during the area transition, and I couldn't figure out why until I remembered that you had released a hotfix for this area. In my game it didn't matter whether it was night or day. I just had to rest at an inn, *not* in a wilderness/outdoors area (I picked the Copper Coronet, but I don't think it makes a difference as long as you are in Athkatla). I have to try resting in Trademeet or Umar Hills next time I encounter this bug, just to check if it makes a difference. It didn't occur to me to try that at the time. Gavin: Danger just around the corner.... yaddah yaddah [trying not to post spoilers]... I actually laughed out loud at this conversation. It's too cute to take out, Berelinde.... you simply must keep it! The mental image of Gavin trying to fight off the evil denizens of the dungeon in such a state made me laugh. My poor, sweet Gavin! LOL!!! And I'm pretty sure it's "discreet", but I could be wrong. I love this NPC. Hands-down, the best NPC ever written. I'm totally in love
  11. Well, if you ever find your way to the West Coast (US) we'll have to take you on a brewery crawl.... I'll drive since I don't drink!
  12. ... How old are youuuuuuuu??!!!...
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