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  1. So, I noticed that there wasn't an appreciation thread for this mod. (Or maybe an old one got buried. Sticky? ) I think it deserves one! I've finished the rescue of Amber from Ymmrt (sp.?), and I just love that area. You sure put a lot of work into that. I enjoyed it immensely. Granted, it took me awhile to figure out how to kill the mage himself; BUT once I swarmed him with melee, he went down quick. I was heartily impressed with the storyline and quests so far! Excellent mod!
  2. So, I've rescued Amber from the wizard. Even though our favorite resourceful Tiefling managed to escape the window by herself. I enjoyed the nice loot though. Anyway, after rescuing her, she's started the dialogue about why I rescued her twice. I chose the option nicest of the options, cuz I'm an eligible bachelor romancing her. But just thought I'd let you know about this minor bug.
  3. I installed this and didn't find her. So, I restarted a fresh game. Well, suffice to say, I was miffed. Then, I noticed an annoying thing in the readme. "Note: She will not appear to evil characters"! What? Come on! You're killing me. Edit: I was able to use Shadowkeeper to switch to my evil Charname to a good alignment. Then, after picking up Auren, I simply switched back to evil. (I always liked my charname to be lawful evil, lol.) However, maybe you should make it more clear that she won't show for evil Charnames.
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