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  1. I also have 7zip, and not WinZip, but I usually use WinRAR. I just tried extracting it with 7zip and not WinRAR as I had before, but it still failed, this time saying "Can not open file as an archive", and not extracting anything. At least WinRAR was able to view and extract some of the files before hitting the error. Talking about FP_V5.0b.zip, not FP_NeeshkaRomance_dir.zip. The latter extracted without error.
  2. Okay, I didn't understand before that the Neeshka directory was meant to be a subdirectory of the main Flirt Pack. I have both of those zips you sent, and the Flirt Pack does have corruption, but the Neeshka one doesn't. There is no subfolder named "Shared" in the files I received, no files newer than 2009 in the script folder of FP_V5.0b.zip, and no subfolders at all in FP_NeeshkaRomance_dir.zip
  3. The mod was not corrupted when I downloaded it from the link you gave me, but I notice it doesn't include the scripts I sent you for firing Neeshka's dialogue in the docks. If by coding the texts you mean copying the lines into dialogue nodes with their responses linked as intended, yes, that would be a help, but I'd also like to know which dialogue files themselves are specific to the Neeshka Romance, and which are common to the overall OC Romance or Flirt Pack. And did you mark your additions in any way in the dialogue files, such as adding non-displaying comments to the nodes? To help pick up what was left undone, I need to know what was still unfinished, and what was not started. Was there any sort of discussion archived or written about the general arc of things, what you wanted to happen, etc.? In other words, the design philosophy?
  4. Hey there. Last we spoke in PM, Domi, you mentioned that there was some working sub-forum for the mod that you were going to talk to someone about getting me access to. I checked a few times, but I haven't seen that forum appear on the list, though I may just not know where to look. If there's information in there about where you were going with this mod, discussion on its direction or anything else that might help make sense of the files, it would be useful and welcome.
  5. Yes, please. And you can leave it in directory format if that's the way it is.
  6. A blanket permission sounds good, though how are we to know which ones are Berelinde's and which are yours? If you send me the files, I'll curate them for this purpose.
  7. By that, do you mean it isn't ever happening (as far as you can see), or that it isn't happening for the time being? If the former, could you release the source files so that others may pick up the torch?
  8. I think I have a solution, and you'll have it soon.
  9. Yes, there are, but I agree it's off-topic for the thread, so I'll take it to PM, or else move it to a DA:O thread if there's one here.
  10. I've probably played that companion mod and the quest mod you're thinking of. I've played a lot of Dragon Age adventure mods, and many of them are good fun. I love sculpting and texturing the scenery, personally, but if it's not your forte, you could always use one of the many nice pre-made exterior areas ready for use on the Vault and elsewhere. "Just add encounters" one series is called.
  11. DA:O is moddable, yes. I modded that game before I started playing and modding NWN2. Compared to NWN2, it's more limited, has no dynamic lighting, no day/night cycle, a barely-working baked-shadow system that causes more headaches than NWN2's walkmesh, a fraction of the assets and resources to mod with (creatures, placeables, texture amounts, etc., both with, and without counting custom content), a less-developed and more limited dialogue system, etc. It has better animation, better movement and pathfinding, arguably better graphics, and a dynamic face creator, etc. It's also more oriented toward cinematics, which may be a pro or a con depending on your preferences. On the whole, in my opinion, the added benefits don't make up for what was lost. When I learned, after playing and modding DA:O, that NWN2 was a party-based game and not a solo hero game with uncontrollable henchmen like NWN1, I tried it out and was so delighted by how much more I could do in it, I made it my home, and despite playing many other RPGs, I have yet to find one that has so many of the features I want in a game, and such freedom in making new adventures for it.
  12. There is something lacking in those new games that NWN2 supplies in abundance. There is no modern substitute for NWN2.
  13. I generally don't see voicing as necessary or expected in my games, and I would rather have silent content than lose content just because it's not being voiced. The books I read aren't voiced, and they move me just fine.
  14. Ah, I understand not wanting to spoil the love talks for the players. In that case, we should take it to private quarters, where I can explain things in detail and write some scripts. There is no canned post I can point you to, as this is a rather advanced technique that hasn't even been mentioned much on the forums, let alone documented, but I've helped one other person get something similar running, and he had little experience with scripting at the time. I'll just need to know some things, privately, such as where and when you want the first trigger to be (in detail), what the conversation file is called, and which node begins the talk.
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