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  1. For a dual classed pc, the npcs match only the players active class xp. (as opposed to original class xp + active class xp) For a particularly extreme example - if you pick up an npc right after dual classing they will be brain drained right down to a piddling few thousand xp.
  2. Somewhere between the end of durlag's tower and the end of cloakwood I lost half my reputation. Probably a innocent got caught in the crossfire during that annoying cult battle. Thanks for you help.
  3. I seem to be getting stalled in the Dynaheir romance repeatedly. Currently I'm having trouble getting lovetalk 22 to activate. Going by the guide it's supposed to an outdoor at rest dialog. I've tried resting in various outdoor locations to no avail. (It's been several hours since the last lovetalk - at least 3 or so. Probably relevant: I think I picked a wrong choice in LT 18/19 - I reloaded several times in that sequence and I couldn't seem to find a right choice. No matter what it seemed like Dynaheir ended up angry. (Oddly it seemed like all 3 of my possible responses in LT 19 were are a bit douche-y) After 4 hours of no LTs and noticing that the flirts were inactive I deleted the X#DYNAHEIRROMANCEINACTIVE variable - and the romance kicked back in. Not sure what variables would be relevant at this point but X#DYNAHEIRROMANCEACTIVE 2 X#DYLOVETALK 43
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