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  1. Thanks for the infos and link, hook71.
  2. Thanks for all the work on BG1 and BG2 Tweak packs! Can't seem to find an official thread, so I posted here.
  3. Thanks for your work on this great mod, Jastey! Hope it's ok to post here, as I didn't really know where to post it, without starting a new thread. I haven't completed the game yet, just entered BG. This is one of the mods I installed and very much enjoying so wanted to offer my thanks.
  4. Thanks for all your work on this great mod!
  5. Thanks for your work on this great mod NiGHTMARE!
  6. Thanks for your work on this great mod, the bigg!
  7. Thanks, oddly it seems placed so far back near the entrance, my group was standing on it, which is why I didn't see it. doh.
  8. Wasn't sure where to post a possible bug/issue. Tried to do a google search for bugs releated to this first. Entering the third level of the mines I see the body but it's not lootable. Could be something I'm missing, the quest is in my Journal "Joseph's Wife". Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Thanks Zireael07 that sounds interesting. Appoligizes for not knowing but what are NToSC and TWM, tried looking in the forum list? That would be amazing, thank you! Is there a way to allow Arrow keys to function while writing posts? The cursor seems to disappear forcing me to constantly put my right hand back on my mouse, while trying to type. Tried holding down, shift, control and alt with no luck. Thanks.
  10. Interesting. I'm personally more of the mind that alienment is a descriptor of personaltiy and not loyality is there is a way to disable Perma Leave? If Viconia is constantly telling my PC, she is the only one worth trusting why would she run off, it really makes no game play sense. Not to mention the great equipment I gave her and left in her inventory, when I asked her to wait. It seems to take away "Our" ablilty to RP, by reacting to NPCs despite our Alignment differences or Belifs (i.e. Reputation). It's important to me to have NPCs who constantly challenge my desisions. Afaik this only happens if they are opposing, but it doesn't mean I agree with them or want to act like them. If it's just Reputation or Alignment, would it be that hard to just remove the check from each NPC or maybe remove the Reaction, i.e. Flee? Afaik if the NPC doesn't know it can leave, it won't.
  11. Can't remember is this the mod, that allows the choice on wether NPCs stay where you dismiss them if you tell them, it's just temporary? If so any chance you guys could add Viconia to this list, when I tried to leave her at Friendly Arms, she ran off without me getting dialog asking her to wait. Thanks.
  12. Ouch, I see what you mean about a nightmare.
  13. Too bad, it would have been nice. Her dialog and barks are much more toloable than most of the others. Thanks.
  14. Ahh too bad, thanks for the infos and links. Yeah, I meant actual NPC character actors. I don't necessarly know if their picture would need to be there. Why couldn't instead of summoning a wolf, couldn't we summon a NPC like Viconia or Mnsc? Seems the timer be hacked to never expire, then it would pass all the program NPC checks, since the summoned wouldn't regester as a typical NPC.
  15. Tried to find the correct forum for this question. didn't know where to post it. Is there a romance for Viconia in BG1 (even vanilla version), so far all the mods and wiki seem to only talk about BG2 and TOB? Currently playing through, with Tutu and have several mods installed like BG1 NPC Project, BG Mini Quests and BG2 Fix Pack. Seems like she is very interested and inquisitive, saying the PC is the only one she can/could trust. Thanks.
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