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  1. Yes, it was first npc I installed and first npc I uninstalled after 3 hours masochhism with the servants of the unholy Eclipse (oh, the memories holy friggin hell!!) and then almost immediatly reinstalled because I just herd that Teleport field is the BEST SPELLL!!!! true story actually but I have a question: How does it work? http://www.shsforums.net/topic/60747-solaufein-flirt-pack-for-the-solaufein-romance-updated-to-v12/ original is included? or I must somewhat create myself original mod compatibility with ee?? o_O
  2. imo this component is baaaaaaaaaad...Bodhi is so sure that you will die there that she would not bother to take anything from you.
  3. If you spam it regulary. he he seroiusly, there are other spells you must cast if you want to dispel si:abjuration. if enemy has si:abjuration + spell turning + spell trap + si:divination+improved invisibility, you can't just spam remove magic, you must put some effort into the game, especially that you also can't just spam Inqusitor's dispel magic, btw. let me be reactive and ask you this: are you trying to saying that spamming Inqusitor's dispel magic every single encounter on the enemy mages is something that is regular?
  5. AFAIK critical miss has kinda minor effects 1) on backstab, you become instantly visible after a critical miss. normally you can miss 2 or 3 times before become visible. critical miss when backstabbing is like "ohh, fuuuuuu" and THUD! you fall flat on your ass, impossible to stay invisible. 2) if you critically miss, you miss no matter how low your THACO is and how high your oponent AC is and then you can't attack again in that round. JUSTICE!! I hardly found it incredibly frustrating, imo it's fun I agree.
  6. In SCS on max difficulty all that will not work so great because enemy will use Improved Aclarity+Timestop - Comet, Dragons Breath, Abu Dalzim, Reload or Ragequit. except point 4. for example sneaking under haste on Tolgerias on crack and chunking him via backstab before he can flood you with Glabrezus, Planetars and Cornugons is the best cheat, ooops, hehe I mean option. btw. Timestop plus Summon Dark/Planetar near the most squishy Jan, Aerie or Viccy (always) is a dick move to be honest, I would kinda complain.
  7. Ranged sucks blue balls in BG2. Only useful archer is Mazzy killing Fire Giants offscreen with Gesen bow for free xp. For Valygar much better option is Wizard Slayer Rebalancing - Relieved Wizard Slayer-->Make Valygar a Wizard Slayer. Well, he is the best archer, thats the thing, the best archer is fighter, especially using throwing axes instead of bows or crossbows, true story. Can mess up mages pretty good by simply switching to normal weapons and using his special ability. He can use Azuredge like a boss, quicksave-enter-pause-throw-unpause=dead lich.
  8. No. first, high difficulty like "insane" is called insane for a reason as simple as that. second, no, PFMW even combined with spell protections is not really a problem (I assume that if you are installing tactical components you actually know what you are doing), Improved Mantle can be a problem. In case of Improved Mantle plus spell and combat protections you probably really need at least two mages I mean for real before enemy mage will wipe the floor with you with abu dalzims and comets. In case of Liches (innate immunity to normal weapons) you have good ol cheese Mace of Disruption/Azuredge still working like a charm. If someone does not want to spend some time learning the spell system, how it works etc. then in my opinion he dont like the game overall or at least the gameplay mechanics and that is what the story mode is for.
  9. InKal

    Delete my account

    If you downloading and using mods do not delete your account! Let them all coding monkeys do their dirty work and you just download, install and play for free, hahhaha ;PPP - there's no need to be angry or upset, trust me. Modding is no fanfiction! Coding is teh hard! Boo for President!!!
  10. dude, it was actually community who made BGEE, only the name was a little different then - BGTutu IIRC
  11. How the f.. sorry I mean f..roddents attacking wolves??? hmmm... actually reminds me of something, let me check my bookcase .. yep, there it is and you better use swords, doh
  12. Can you summon him in ToB? Could be useful against those dragons and demons. Need some item/potion to permanently raise STR to at least 19. Some ideas for unique HLAs Mangle: 1k8 damage deals max damage Bleeding 1 HP for x rounds prerequisite for Fenrir Bite: 1k12 damage critical/max damage Bleeding 2 HP for x rounds Deafness Blindness Spellcasting failure Fenrir Howl: just like Bark plus Greater Malison
  13. Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. O_o
  14. what I want: Solaufein and Valen for BG2EE Keto for TOB (yeah dream on) some tactical mod(s) with custom creatures and handcrafted encounters like Improved Anvil but with reasonable difficulty level and that's it, not too much I hope.
  15. nobody knows shit, eh? just as I suspected...fucking modders....
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