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  1. what I want: Solaufein and Valen for BG2EE Keto for TOB (yeah dream on) some tactical mod(s) with custom creatures and handcrafted encounters like Improved Anvil but with reasonable difficulty level and that's it, not too much I hope.
  2. nobody knows shit, eh? just as I suspected...fucking modders....
  3. Yeah, we are all modders and this WAR!!! is like modders against modders. Modders banning modders, modders giving modders a middle finger and "leaving forever", like in that scene in Mass Effect when Shephard Modder sticks a tool in Sergeant Modder's back and he says: "you are modding/moderating too hard..."
  4. hhahah :DDD Yarno, actually I completely agree with you.
  5. How can I miss such entertaining thread? There was always something fishy about these skeletons, something was like not right, even off....strange....all these years....no resistances....Bioware, oh Bioware, wherever art thou, you lazy bastards?
  6. I have a bug which is probably caused by Improved Slayer Transformation, I think. Bug is that my protagonist will gain the ability Slayer Change (I am in chapter 1, lvl 8 character) and is has 52 charges, basically I can transform to Slayer 52 times a day. I can remove it using Shadow Keeper but after area change it will be back.
  7. It is just a joke. Come on! "No updates for Christmass" ROFL
  8. No problem. SCS 31 When Foundling is installed (i was using v4.2 but new 4.3 version gives the same error) SCS installs fine up to the "Smarter General AI" component which will give exactly this "resref_QD_MCF03_KIT Effects remove", patching failed ...1.cre ...2cre etc. etc. MCF026....MCF027 etc... ect... then it will screw up the smarter mages and the entire AI portion of SCS practically which means entire SCS basically. Sry for english.
  9. and you are right, it was Foundling. Bless you, Jarno, you have saved at least a couple of hours of my life. 32bit? Nah. I simply prefer v31 fixed by community for now. Thx again!
  10. I had enough. This is the last chance. Gonna post the weidu log: one of these mods or two or three or maybe even more is giving me so much pain for so long that I can barely even walk, I mean "kit effects remove error" in SCS 31 Smarter General AI. The question is which one??? I dunno LOL Someone help?
  11. That is simply not true. And quite disrespectful to a lot of people. As for all the rest I don't understand what is really your point? Are you really that much concerned about modding and games or you just need to express yourself in this exaggerated, exalted manner? I can understand the second but not the first. Are your modding achievements really that great to justify all this wall of txt? In general I found your post too abstract and vague for any emotional reaction, which is ironic because this kind of posts relate rather to emotions than intellect.
  12. Picture has great historical value becasue it is clearly visible that Quayle has finally managed to hit something in melee. After more than 20 years it is finally done. Gratz Quayle but don't forget to thank the charname! but I must correct some misconceptions. Who is actually too far to make use of the rear? Archer or Quayle? I'm not sure if the archer is too far to make use of the rear at least as long as he plan to shoot Quayle, not punch him with his bow. Also don't forget that if archer will get too close to the enemy he will receive -4 penalty to ranged attack and defence. Both Quayle and Imoen are in danger, the Gnome's rear is defenceless against arrows and Immy's rear is at the mercy of bandit's fists (he replaced bow with his fists when approching the rear, smart move!). Xan seems to be fairly safe but he is doomed anyway so archer will probably kill him with arrow to the rear, he will stab him with the arrow like a true archer should. Charname is looking at something - the 2.6 patch???
  13. Good luck with that. but before they move beyond D&D, there is at least one thing they absolutely should do. FIX THE BROKEN PATHFINDING! This "minor detail" is actually a stain on their reputation as a game developer in a purely professional sense. In my opinion there is really no problem with lack of modding support on some smartphones or orther shit (if I understand correctly, probably not) but in the main game which somewhat created/consolidated Beamdog as a company, when you play and you want to "gather your party before HA! moving beyond" but you can't because your party is completely stuck in one place and you are forced to use ctrl+j cheat to fix this utter idiocy.... facepalm. "Enhanced edition" for fucks sake. Fixpack implemented, oh, the irony... The ridiculous problem (which is in my opinion the real problem, problem with the game) is not good ol party members turn around and go back in narrow spaces during out of combat movement, problem is party members randomly stuck everywhere even in battles! which was non existent in the original game! Major bug introduced by enhanced edition... in the patch.... facepalm 2 So, you tell me that the plan is to just leave it and move beyond? I don't even.
  14. Wait, what? You can acces BG1 when playing BG2??? What sorcery is this???
  15. Dice? Turnip for Carsomyr, eh?? I'll show you dice, you little twerp!!
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