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  1. You mean ToB final boss? IIRC Ascension Mellisan will cast Timestop everytime one of the Five is dead. So the best tactic is to bring them all to near death and then kill all of them at the same time.
  2. Did you try Improved Irenicus Tactics remix from SCS2 v21?? Imo even harder than Improved Anvil version of this fight.
  3. Agree on almost everything exept 5, 6 and 7. Chain contingency is high level spell and should stay as it is. High level caster should be able to just nuke stuff because it is fun. Rest actually is spell management and what can you change?? Imagine that you can not rest in Firkraag dungeon because "unreasonable location". Lets say that you can win every battle there without resting, you are just like that, tactical genius. Can you also beat the dragon without rest?? well, I must run all the way back to the exit and rest? Nope! also "unreasonable" location! So, I must go to the Garren house and
  4. to be honest: - don't install Dark Side of the Sword Coast, it is a buggy mess that can even crash your game. - I don't like Dragonspear UI++ inventory screen. The idea is good but executiion very bad imo and it also slows your game. just my opinion. - you should install Ascension and prioritise it I mean if a mod is incompatible uninstall that mod. but I don't think that there is such mod. - imo Song and Silence is kinda obsolete if you have Rogue Rebalancing installed which you should btw. and there are two new mods I would recommend: Lava's Shades of the Swor
  5. pretty sure the op means the "talking head". impossible in BG1/2, I think. but it would be awesome! I am not sure if there is a mod that adds portrait to Cromwell?? Dearos Trollkiller Sod Items mod gives him new outfit to make him look like a proper dwarven forge master and thats probably all.
  6. You can also install "no xp for traps" from Rogue Rebalancing
  7. pretty sure your goblins are insomniac. ;pp you are playing this game YOUR way. respect and good luck!!!
  8. I agree. Moreover I don't recommed HoF not only on first playthrough, I don't recommend it at all. Only play HoF if you like to chop wood with your bare hands.
  9. oh, but goblins are totally completely affected by Sleep. as I said I played HoF from scratch and them little buggers slept like babys. Two handed weapons are the best for one simple reason - highiest damage. you dont need shields and ac coz your fighters gonna get hit anyway, with THW you killing them enemies quicker than they are killing you and thats the way to go. if you cast proper combat buffs on your fighters they dont need any friggin shields, if they are hasted they are killing machines. of course there are exceptions. some one handed weapons have extra elemental damage and/or very go
  10. in the beginning the best ekhem tactic is to use ranged weapons with ALL your characters. use sleep spelll on goblins and pelt them with bullets, arrows and bolts, only switch to melee if some of them survived and get close to you. later in the game, after gaining some levels, you can swich to melee and make a good use of all them Hackmasters +12. Do not equip your fighters with daggers unless you are crazy. ;pp give them two handed weapons for max damage. the best most effective party composition is four fighters and two casters (divine, arcane). cast cleric buffs, cast mage buffs, cast haste
  11. Well, good luck in Heart of Fury with pre-made characters. You'll gonna need it. I played HoF from scratch with Burial Defender lead party. Get bored in Severed Hand and to be honest I would not recommend HoF that much at all. IWD:EE is much better with IWDNPC and Lava mods in my opinion.
  12. I would recommend installing two mods: 1) Kaihiri NPC by AionZ (custom Pyromancer) extremely!! useful and fun to play and 2) I hate undead kitpack by Raduziel. My favorite is Burial Defender, barbarian dedicated to destroy undead. IWD is all about destroying undead, forget about wolves.
  13. https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/31731-betatesting-needed/ nice mod
  14. hmmm... pathfindng seems to be improved. no, I am not joking. juicy weidu log: All works just fine for now. Ventrure forth...
  15. installed 2.6 beta and gazillion of mods on top. lets roll.
  16. depends on actual stats, difficulty level and installed (tactical) mods and your understanding of game mechanic. There was once a playthrough of IWD- party of six or four gnomes lvl 1 (no leveling!!) can't remember the stats, pretty average or 9 in everything. Basically, player's knowledge about game mechanics can be absolute and he/she can do crazy stuff no matter the stats. Also, you have items like Crom Fayr so you can make very interesting playthrogh as claric, fighter/cleric with STR 8 for example and maxed WIS, CHAR, INT.
  17. pretty sure 40 lvl mage (but not sorcerer iirc) has like 10 more spell slots than 20 lvl mage and both mage and sorc has higher lvl simulacra. but Jarno is right, all progress past lvl 20 is pretty much about HLAs.
  18. IMO "improved" refers more to the game mechanics than actual phenomenon. well, the question is: how the fark can you say improved when enemy actually can see you? I was angry for this on Bioware for years...;PPP two points: 1) mentioned above game mechanics 2) highly magical world with creatures that can see invisible (which is a part of game mechanics actually) gives us the juicy conclusion: if you are just (plain?) invisible the undead madafaka (lets call him by his real name) can target you with spells. if you are improved invisible he can still see you (every
  19. Not a bug!! just an observation/information: Starting her quest can be a problem on higher difficulty settings, that Lich means serious business! Nice mod, quite original. I tweaked her to be a Deathslayer and now she is lvl 15 and I don't need my protagonist anymore hahhaha, she just rolfstomp everything .... well, almost.
  20. dunno if this information is useful to you but I ctrl+Y all motherf... habgoblins. "SPARE NO ONE!!" yeah, rrrright.....
  21. Thanks! Nice mod, installed by accident of course I mean really nice, had so much fun with her ;pppp All right, tweaked her to kenasi/mage and she is like a female version of Weimer's Solafein in terms of how op she can be, no joke.
  22. Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes........... ... you are completely wrong. SCS liches are casting Improved Invisibility like the crazy bastards they are on higher difficulty settings and I suspect on lower also. I can even post screens but imo no point really. Speaking more acurately: they have Imp.Invis. in sequencers and triggers, I am not sure they renew it by just casting the actual spell or by again sequencer or trigger.
  23. Windspear Hills area outside is ok but interior Firky dungeon is such a bugfest I have decided to reinstall. There are three types of "new" enemy in the dungeon: skeleton warrior, revenant and banshee. Skelly drops Dragon Halberd, Revenant drops Stonefire and Banshee drops Peridan. Now, I have about ten Dragon Halberds, Peridans and Stonefires. Revenant looks like human knight and is initialy neutral, no red circle until attacked, skeleton is BG1 skeleton very weak, banshee looks like dryad and headbutts you, well, she is trying but can't hit anything, skelly and revknight are not that m
  24. Oversight version doesn't work with SCS, Roxanne's pretty sure does work. Imo there is no point even installing Oversight version (no point installing Oversight at all but thats just my opinion) on SCS game.
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