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  1. Right, another issue: I have revised specialists installed, but my necromancer has no description for his rebuke undead aura other than the repulse undead icon appearing on my portrait, and my necromancer doesn't have his touch attacks. Spontaneous casting seems to be working though. WeiDU.log
  2. This has been driving me nuts: the choose your own familiar component directs me to a list of my prepared spells and tells me to choose from those. Here's my weidu log. WeiDU.log
  3. Oh wow, I thought I'd installed the component already. Thanks Mike, you saved me the trouble of combing through all my mods.
  4. I'm having a strange bug where I have two different Dispel Magic in my 3rd level spell selection screen, and my 4th level spell selection screen has both Monster Summoning 2 (SR's version, which is present in the 2nd level spells screen as well) and Monster Summoning IV. Is there a fix?
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