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  1. Sounds great! Might be more like 8:15 but close enough! Yay! This is gonna be fun!
  2. Well... I missed that post... Sadly, I will not be free for a few weeks I will keep you posted. I am coming up on the end of the game, and I have one night where I am free. Are you available monday night anytime between 7PM and 5AM Central time? I have that entire night free. I really hope we can sync up, since Angelo has been a big part of the LP, but I understand if you are busy
  3. Well... I missed that post... Sadly, I will not be free for a few weeks I will keep you posted.
  4. Sounds good! Until then I shall just have to wonder what the hell is going on between Angelo and Imoen!
  5. I hate referring to myself in third person but come on.... It rhymed!! Just wanted to let you know that I started TOB and I would love to do another Session with you voicing Angelo Sister!! It was a blast last time! I should be doing the game for several weeks, so let me know when you have free time
  6. I'd forgotten that bit! I was /so/ close to telling Imoen to find her own way back Don't be mean to her! She had had a long day
  7. I had fun watching it and I DID make it so.....
  8. I'm intrepid? Why does no one ever tell me these things??? And I just has socks made that said Un--Intrepid Squee!
  9. What? they were asking for it!!! And I won.... eventually. And Beregost is not my fault!!!!! How was I supposed to know that you actually had to go south.... to go south... Ok, Beregost is my fault...
  10. I will be sure to do both of those, but I will try to space them out. It works better I think if it's not all done at once. Don't worry about frustrating fights, my lack of skill make every fight that way. Even worse, I like frustrating! You didn't see, but I once spent 20 minutes in the first BG let's play running around in circles trying to kill a vamp wolf at level 2. Poor Zavrain still has Palm prints on his face
  11. Thanks for watching, and even more thanks for the character! He is very well made and one of the more entertaining members of the party!! Rest assured he will be with me till the end! Oh and the Imoen Courtesan stunt? Perfect example of when something is "Too Soon"
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