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  1. Hi Demi, I haven't forgotten about you, and one day soon I hope I can get around to making more icons. I'll organise those bams and send them to you.
  2. Please oh please don't force Minsc out of Full Plate! If he wants to wear it, let him. Besides, as has been noted before, there's enough incentive to wear light armours, and esp. with Item Revisions. I'm not too fond of being herded to the green pastures, I'll make my own way there thank you! (A philosophy you should bear in mind for all kit revisions IMO.)
  3. Pacek

    New Icons!

    That's ... actually very insightful. I can see it now, like a called shot in a game of snooker. Thanks Jarno. I'll have something in a few weeks, Demi.
  4. All this is true, Assassins and Bounty Hunters would prefer to disable or kill their opponents before the fight breaks out, but when going toe to toe would resort to whatever works - dirty tricks. I can hardly picture a Swashbuckler as an honourable fighter as well.
  5. Really enjoying the discussions on these new kits. All I have to offer is this: I love the dirty trick idea, but conceptually (and even balance-wise) can't see why it should be restricted from theif kits. They even might have more claim to it IMO.
  6. Pacek

    New Icons!

    Thanks everyone!
  7. Pacek

    New Icons!

    Here we go: Called shots: Disruptive Strike: Inner Focus:
  8. Pacek

    New Icons!

    Won't have anything for you before the weekend, I'm afraid. I had some sketches for fighter's stances, maybe you'd like them too? Send me a wishlist.
  9. Pacek

    New Icons!

    I'll see what I can do.
  10. Thanks! But no, I didn't use any tutorial. I would recommend checking out Miloch's Bam Batcher, it has some useful resources (including some tutorial links I think) I use Illustrator to make vector art and import to Photoshop on a blank icon background, add some layer effects and such. I still don't a have really solid workflow I'm happy with, it's a bit ad-hoc.
  11. Pacek

    New Icons!

    No worries, been too busy lately to work on these, might have a spare minute or two to post some more in a month or so.
  12. Pacek


    What if clicking the stealth button caused blindness, which would then be cured when the stealth check triggered? Perhaps every hostile enemy in sight reduces hide by 100%? So you could load your hide skill to stupid levels just so you can hide in plain sight! Yeah I know it's engine restriction but this is why we have TobEx requests right?
  13. http://www.sorcerers.net/Games/BG2/index_misc.php/ You need the official patch, either ToB or SoA depending on which version you have. DON"T use v26499.
  14. I don't think darts and slings should ever be balanced to be the equal of bows, there's a reason bows are restricted towards the more martial classes.
  15. Pacek

    New Icons!

    Something like this? I thought for Disarm (so aim at the hand)
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