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  1. Please oh please don't force Minsc out of Full Plate! If he wants to wear it, let him. Besides, as has been noted before, there's enough incentive to wear light armours, and esp. with Item Revisions. I'm not too fond of being herded to the green pastures, I'll make my own way there thank you! (A philosophy you should bear in mind for all kit revisions IMO.)
  2. Raise Dead: How about a CON drain which wears off after something like a week?
  3. Spiritual Hammer It is pretty powerful. I find the touch attack (+4 Thac0) feature quite spurious. Is it a pnp thing?. Consider 2nd level Branwen has three of these up her sleeve. The ranged effect is truly awesome though. Otherwise I think this level's spells really are pretty solid - I may even come around to barkskin one day.
  4. Thakns for clearing that up, I had a feeling I had completely missed the point. Faerie Fire I'm happy with the PnP explanations for this Strength of Stone I had thought movement penalty was already around 20%, so I guess I'm happy with reducing it to this figure. Magical Stone Does it really use dart prof? I would suggest making it no proficiency. Command I need to check next time I play, but I remember opponents waking when hit. In this I guess there is some compatibilty problem with TobEx (but it probably has been addressed by now).
  5. Armor of Faith I agree with most of your suggestions but spell failure? Really? I don't think I would ever use it in that case. Command With awaken on hit tweak it really becomes much weaker. What do you think of a choice of effects? Entangle A very useful spell as is, don't touch it. Faerie Fire I don't really understand why the AC penalty? A sparkly opponent is easier to hit? Glitterdust's dazzle effect makes more sense. But is an anti-invis effect not enough for a first level spell? How about slightly larger area of effect (10') and remove AC penalty? Strength of Stone
  6. For the record, I use DEX penalties, no movement speed penalties - I find them annoying. I would probably welcome attack speed penalties also.
  7. Demi, As you know spell icons come in three diffrerent colours, red for offensive, blue for defnsive and white for neutral. I'd like to suggest a makeover of all the spells so that they are tied to their school's casting colour instead. This is something I can do for you, but I may need someone to hold my hand through the technical steps.
  8. Mmm, leaving aside hardcoded issues (I think this cannot be done) the end result would be pretty much strange, as you'd have a blinded character simply suffer -10 thac0 and still able to do pretty much everything else normally, like casting a spell at a target 30 feet away from him. You're right. Not sure about this... Because despite the spell's name, it actually removes the vocal component from casting. Its the vocals that a deaf caster has trouble with. I think that is an awesome idea Totally Its just that a "magical field of force" doesn't sound very conjure-y
  9. Some more thoughts: Blindness: Is it possible/would you consider only affecting visual range for the player? This way AI can deal much better, pretty much as the player would. Deafness Might be interesting to add some beneficial effects, and turn it into a utility spell. I'm thinking immunity to Command, Bard Song, Chant, greater command, Power word spells etc, Siren's charm. Things you really need to hear for them to affect you. Also vocalize should cancel the spell failure part. But I don't get why it should penetrate II: what's the logic? Failing that, how about swapping these two a
  10. Chill touch/Shocking Grasp: I think the main problem with melee spells is it puts your wizard right on the front line. Of course there's nothing wrong with that if you're a F/M or even bard, but then your going to have (hopefully) some pretty good weapons on you, and probably dual wieding, right? So you could tailor chill touch to these classes by making it dual-weilded (Your wizard has two hands, don't they?). As for Shocking Grasp, if my mind serves, BG1 this spell didn't need an attack roll, which is a much better implementation IMO. Friends I think the only way to make this truly use
  11. He can in my game, am I missing something? Because base classes are up for revision as well. And if you say "a ranger needs a wisdom of x to cast divine spells" then you are really only affecting 1 ranger in the entire game. And you could argue that Minsc's berserk ability already balances any disability he might get regarding loss of spells.
  12. I agree Minsc would have been a barbarian had the class been available in BG1. But as it wasn't, the designers went with the closest fit, and the character was developed accordingly. He still has many ranger-esque qualities, not least of all his affinity with animals. Ability to cast spells however is something I do find ridiculous... hmm, would it be too presumptuous of KR to deny spellcasting to Minsc?
  13. RE: Rangers and armour restrictions, I would still grant true rangers access to heavy armours, I'm all for versatitlity in unkitted classes. Oh and otherwise Minc's classic line "Full Plate and packing steel!" would make zero sense.
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