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  1. Glad to hear this mod is still in the works Very intriguing, and yay for full voicing! Looking forward. Qwinn
  2. Hello all Just finished this quest in my current run through, and it reminded me of why I consider this in the top-tier must install quest mods Well written, a lot of fun, and yielding a reward worth the effort (last time I played it didn't have the final reward, nice touch) without being unbalanced. Excellent work! One tiny issue, maybe just bad luck: I don't care for Haer'dalis as an NPC, and sent him to the main floor of the Five Flagons. When the cut scene started for me, the halfling that runs around taking everyone's drinks was stuck because he/she was placed almost exactly on top of, and blocked by, Haer'dalis. So the halfling couldn't move to take the drinks. I dunno if the starting position is random (as in, mebbe that halfling wanders around randomly). I managed to get past it by dropping Minsc from the party and picking up Haer'dalis briefly to move him out of the way, at which point everything proceeded normally. So not a show stopper by any means, just thought I'd mention it. Otherwise, I didn't encounter a single bug of any kind And here's a question I'd like to throw out there (SPOILER): In the final fight, is there any advantage, reward, cute followup conversation, etc. if you somehow manage to keep any of the 3 gibberlings alive, assuming it's even possible? It would be pretty damn hard to do - it's a pretty tough fight, and you can't control their movement, but I -am- curious and would rather not try it a million times only to find out there was nothing for it, heh. Thanks for all the great work! Qwinn
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