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  1. Borsook, there's no need to test v6 and BG1NPC at the moment as the dreams are still occuring one chapter too early. If you're doing it anyway, remember to start changing the globals beginning with chapter 7 and working backwards to chapter 1 Otherwise you'd end up with all variables being for chapter 8 Which is what happened to me at my first try Nim
  2. In this Thread it was noted, that . The Berserker gains 15 HPs upon Raging on all difficulties, but loses between 8 and 30 HPs depending on difficulty when the Rage wears off => Novice -8 HPs; Normal -12 HPs; Core -15 HPs; Hard -22 HPs; Insane -30 HPs. Can this be fixed ? Nim
  3. Sure you can get it, as I said, just don't fulfill his wish to see Athkatla a last time. That's not the same as killing him.
  4. You should be able to get the stronghold by not bringing Lavok outside. At least that's how I managed to get around that bug.
  5. These are the fixes from the Fixed Bugs section that might apply to Tutu too: Skalds not receiving their +1 damage/THAC0 bonuses All battle music did not loop properly; ended and looped to "intro" sequence instead of set looping point Three battle musics did not go to proper "end sequence" due to invalid tags The Greenstone Amulet's beneficial protections did not the bypass Magic Resistance of the character using it, so could fail The Greenstone Amulet also did not suppress portrait icons, animation and battletext reponses for any of the effects it protected against Free Action spell was broken in the same ways as the Potion Of Freedom: Free Action effect expired immediately, extraneously protected against Charm, and did not prevent Haste spells from affecting the character Normal darts were giving a STR bonus when thrown and doing slashing instead of missile/piercing damage Nothing major, maybe, but those things fixed is still nice
  6. But the goal is to make baldurdash obsolete, isn't it ? Baldurdash is strongly advised for Tutu, so I don't see any harm in using the Fixpack instead. I'm using the Fixpack with Tutu for a few months now without probs.
  7. Nalia-Kivan The Coronal believed in mythal, but most he believed in the equal alliance between elves and N'Tel'Quess! Should be 'in the mythal'. The 'but most he believed' part sound strange, but so far I can't think of something better. ----------------------------------------------- I hail from Shilmista, Nalia. No, a Mythal was ever raised over my homeland. I suspect that you know more of it than I do. Should be 'never'. ----------------------------------------------- Kivan has ''Friend Talk'','' Global'', 1 ' over his head while initiating some of the banters with the PC.
  8. Nim

    Help wanted...

    I'd be happy to help
  9. I've had the problem too. Chateau Irenicus, Immy, Minsc and Jahs were in the party. When Minsc dropped under 50% he stopped fighting and moving. I've uninstalled the 'NPC wounded dialogue' component for now and everything is fine again.
  10. The ThAC0 bonus works, the haste immunity partially. If I activate Offensive Spin and then Improved Haste everything is fine. But casting IH first and then OS I get the additional attack from OS and it is also doubled ( 3 ApR base -> 6 ApR after IH-> 8 ApR with IH and OS). Any idea ?
  11. It doesn't work that way in the game. You can cast MMM and keep them for hours. I thought they shouldn't be poisonable because of this part of the spell description
  12. The price is okay,~ 600 GP is nothing in BG1. I had 200k at the end in my last run, had I picked up everything magical it would have been a lot more.
  13. An Assassin/Mage can use his Poison Weapon ability on Melf's Minute Meteors. Bug or feature ?
  14. It's a Rogue Rebalancing Bug, just tested this on a clean ToB-install with only RR. The song works one round, the next one not and then it works again, and so on.
  15. Cam, here's the reminder to fix the Blade's Offensive Spin. This is what Baldurdash does: Blade Offensive Spin Ability Fix adds the missing THAC0 bonus of 2 that's missing from this bard kit's special ability, and the bonus is also now visible in the character sheet when the ability is used. The Throne Of Bhaal update to this Shadows Of Amn fix replaces the Haste effect with a movement rate and attack/round modifier to prevent the suppression of off-hand attacks. Note that the off-hand will still only get one attack/round; this is (so far) unavoidable.
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