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  1. I sent a message, but I'm not sure it got through as my computer was having problems. I'd be happy to help with the beta testing; I used to work as QA tester for a software company and enjoy the work. Drop me a line!
  2. Sevariat

    Haer'Dalis and birds

    *sigh* Haer'Dalis, that little tiefling gigolo...
  3. Sevariat


    Good things come to those who wait. Buenas cosas vienen a los que esperan.
  4. Sevariat


    Good to hear about the progress! Just out of curiosity, how is finding the other voice actors/actresses going for you?
  5. I'll wait, of course, until you have material you wish to test. It's your mod! I worked as a professional alpha tester for a time, so I'm used to huntin' bugs. Just let me know if you ever need help of any kind.
  6. Don't know if playtesting is still going on, or what build we're on if it is, but I'm always happy to help. Otherwise, I'll wait the for the complete package. Keep up the wonderful work!
  7. Amen! The default portrait is absolutely *perfect*. I'm especially fond of how the colouring was done.
  8. I *know* I won't be disappointed, just from what I've already seen here.
  9. *grin* Thanks for answering my random questions. *laugh* And also for putting up with random language jokes.
  10. ....creó Dios los cielos y la tierra. Errr, wait. Wrong subject, wrong language. Actually, what I was wondering is: How does Delainy's relationship with the PC start out? In most mods, and with the Bioware NPC's especially, you've got this long "getting to know you" period to start out (with the exception of Jaheira, with whom you have a *really* long "defining the relationship" period). But what about Delainy? See, from what I recall playing Tales of the Sword Coast, the two have definitely already got a bit of a spark going. If memory serves, she kisses you goodbye when you leave the island. Of course, this sort of history could lead to all sorts of things at first, from flirtiness to awkwardness to Heaven knows what kind of relationship. But we're definitely not in "just friends" territory. I'm also curious as to how Jaheira and Minsc will react- I'm guessing you'll make the assumption that they accompanied Everyone's Favorite Bhaalspawn to the island? And what will Imoen say about it when you rescue her from Spellhold and....there's Delainy? I'm assuming they noticed the "spark" between their leader and Delainy back on the island, as you'd have to be oblivious not to. (Though I suppose this means Minsc may have no idea. ) This should be especially interesting with Jaheira if she's already becoming a bit "interested" in her former ward, because she'll *know* Delainy is a threat!
  11. Sevariat


    Been awfullly quiet around here as of late....
  12. Any mage worth his salt ought to be able to cast Polymorph Self and should be considered for inclusion in this. I don't recall whether the BG2 engine allowed Wolf as one of the Polymorph forms, but I know the Pen and Paper variety does. Of course, a polymorphed mage isn't supposed to be quite so comfortable with his new form as a shapeshifting druid, so that's something to consider.
  13. Eh, just wanted to say I'm really looking forward to this release. I remember being *pissed* in Tales of the Sword Coast when Delainy wouldn't come with me. When I saw this mod, I was absolutely overjoyed. I'd be happy to help with playtesting or anything else. All the writing I have seen posted for this mod is top-notch!
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