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  1. VERY Serious, thank you very much. I am new to modding, though trying hard, and this would be a coding lite kind of mod. Still considering my options. 'Taur
  2. I got this idea after playing Both Jerry Zinger and Hublepot in tandom. Although the pauses might take some intricate scripting and it would require some good voice work, hows about someone do a new (modding) take on the story and make the adventure a musical? Iranicus singing - "The spawn and I" Minsc and Boo (Duet) - "Hampster love makes for furry friends" Viconia - "Respect me now for I am Drow" Et all. Oh, if you all don't like my idea? Be thankful I can't figure out a way to make avitars DANCE! Minotaur
  3. Well, I suppose not, but... How do I do dat? The tutorial I am working from (that I have always worked from) sez on the very first page: "I am assuming you already have the bitmaps in question" - which is great if you DO, but if you DO NOT then it can be a lil confusing. I have my DLTCEP set up for BG2 but it would be a small matter to guide it to my PS:T setup, then....? I'll play with it, but advice would be nice. Minotaur
  4. I really did not want to do it this way, but... I have been playing with making areas with DLTCEP, following the tutos and doing pretty well thanks, but... For a mod I am working on I need to get the Dead Nations area bitmaps from PS:Torment and I am having a hell of a time. I have tried using NI to get the bitmaps from PS:T that I need, but whenever I try to open up an area file I get an error message pop up. Likewise, I have tried to get the bitmaps I need from the Area Download section at dragonlance (I think that is it) but although they have some PS:T bitmap areas, the Dead Nations are not among them. Can someone post the maps or instruct me on how to go about grabbing them? Thanks 'Taur
  5. Thank you all for the prompt replies. So the long name short name is character name, for instance Jimmy might be jimmy, or Jim (short, if it matters) OR I could use it to hide my NPC via long name Bar Drunk, and short name the character name (It IS a good idea.) The thing that concerns me is the String references - is it okay to leave them blank or what? I am terribly afraid of accidentally overwriting something else in the game. Like if I needed to make fifty rats or something, just as background folk who say "Go talk to our King" I could leave things pretty much general (Or take an already made in game rat Cre. and tweak it as needed, saving it under a different name (NewRat1 NewRat2 et all.) For my Main NPC I have gotten the Cre. thing, pretty well, (Thanks to tutos Ghreyfan! ) but I am now populating a new area or two and trying to do background characters in bulk. Hmm....What about making ONE CRE. that I need (The rats, say) and then using COPY/PASTE, then changing the name and minor details. Would that work? Thanks Taur
  6. Before I screw it up again... Trying to make CRE.'s with DLTCEP and just wondering about the "Long Name" "Short Name" and related strings for them, thing. Is this the Name of the CHARACTER? And do the strings do Anything? Had a scrren shot but no way to post, so...
  7. Hi friends, I knew this at one time... I have pulled a bunch of needed sound files out using NI... But I need a way to convert them so I can listen/edit. I have tried AMC2Wav but... It opens in a black DOS box and closes in an instant - literally before a key can be pressed. Ditto for Vobris tools. Infinty Sound Converter? - Error code 13 MISMATCH Audacity? - Cannot open file 32 ( ! ) "File conversion/decompression programs from download.com? Don't do a thing... Look, I AM sorry to ask, and I knew all this once. Can someone explain to me how to hook in ISC properly or give me a hint on how to open the black DOS boxes? At one time I had - whatnot, a program called SMARTWAVC - on my comp and it converted it, and ISC worked and in the end I could edit with windows media recorder. Now I cannot remember how. Compressed waveform sound??? Okay, now to UNcompress it and get it so it can be played/edited. (On a BRIGHTER note, I am now getting REALLY good at Areas!!! ) Minotaur - with apologies - needing info/link NEVER Underestimate OCTOBER - Just because she's lost doesn't mean she's no good! (NPC in the works Plug!) _________________ Feel the authority of my horns
  8. And UNFORTUNATELY it DID NOT work. I D/L the latest ToB path AND Baulderdash fixpac and installed each (in turn...trying to install after each one) no luck, I keep getting the same error message. I have the debug file if you would like. Minotaur
  9. Vlad and Domi, Hey y'all I think I either got a bugged copy or I am doing something wrong. I used the link in this thread, above, to DL the TS Weidu and then put it in my BGII folder extracted it etc. BUT when I tried to install it I got an error message and a rollback. The error was: ERROR FAILURE ("Resource [musiclist.ids] not found for 'COPY' ") and it wouldn't install. Am I doing something wrong here or is the mod download I got running goofy? Thanks and love the stuff. Minotaur
  10. Hello all, Newbe here. (Yes, you might've seen this post other places. I am getting just slightly desperate at this point so I am posting at every modding forum I can find. Forgive me if I am breaking a rule.) Anyway... For the past six months I have been banging my head against my desk, striving to learn not only how to do an NPC but how to use the tools that ENABLE one to make an NPC. MAJOR learning curve but I have gotten through thus far with A LOT of help and advice from modders who are more "in the know" as to what they are doing than moi. Anyway, I am at about 80% of complete and I am at the stage now where I need to start thinking about voicing my NPC mod "October Chill". I am looking for a lady who knows how to voice act in character. October (Tobi) is a dimension hopping ranger type and a card carrying member of an adventuring group called The Silver Blades. She is a little bit of a s*** disturber and slightly a smart ass at times, but loyal to the group and has a good heart. I am thinking she needs, perhaps, a slight accent, but anyone who can voice "In Character" will do. Please, if you're interested, PM me or drop me a line here. Also, more than likely I will be asking a bunch of "How-to" type questions, and hoping that y'all might be able to help me out. With respect and thanx Minotaur
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