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  1. i just downloaded net'thenal and i cant cpmplete his quest, the sightless eye quest.... i killed the beholder, but i couldnt find the other half of the rift device, so i shodowkeepered it into my inventory, but when i go to the temple with the diseased ones, the avatar doesnt show up, and they say there is no end here.... i really dont know what to do, or if the mod will work properly if i just leave it uncompleted. some help would be great thanks
  2. Dark Nocturne

    romance help!

    hehe maybe im a dark and terrible person lol. sometimes i like a lil slash in my rpg. sides after hearing about it im just dying to find out lol
  3. Dark Nocturne

    romance help!

    yay you were right, i started a tob game and he started again, thanks!!! only problem now is idk how to get the circle mod to work
  4. Dark Nocturne

    romance help!

    no i cant really remember, but i do remember it was 1 or two after he asks your favorite color
  5. Dark Nocturne

    romance help!

    so i decided to join gibberlings =D still need help tho lol
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