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  1. Okay, just ran your installer, and it seems to be working fine. I can manually patch the descriptions with NI later. Then used NI to fix Spirit Armor save type and also copied the vanilla blur effects to Cloak of Displacement. All working fine it seems. Thanks a ton for your help! As an aside: I was careful to retain the ability conditions for the Cloak (i.e. Instant/Equipped), but I didn't understand what the "power" value on each Ability did. I changed it to 3 (from 0) to match the latest spell values, and that seems to be correct.
  2. Yeah I guess I wasn't there to follow the logic behind their removal. I can certainly work with those. My main challenges were around blur, banishment, spirit armor, slow, and (improved) haste. I guess your tweaks handle all but one of those. The code you pasted.. is that supposed to be run as a .bat file in the base directory if those are the only spells I am concerned about?
  3. Oh hmm that's interesting. I can just plug in those changes from your tweaks and see if I can live with the spell deflection for now.
  4. Oh wow those exactly address 4 of the spells I mentioned. I can take a crack at Improved Haste and the turning spells myself. I am a software developer and am quite open to writing some code. Is there a quick wiki on IE modding code I can refer to?
  5. Well it seems that the latest version has 3 deflection spells: Minor spell deflection (L3, similar Vanilla behavior) Spell deflection (L5, replaces minor spell turning) Greater spell deflection (L7, replaces spell turning). The latter two are the ones I would prefer to revert or restore. I am unsure if I installed the aoe absorption component, but I can check later.
  6. In Vanilla, if I cast a spell against it, it gets redirected at the caster. In SRV4, the spell is simply absorbed but not reflected.
  7. Oh that's a good point. What is the best editor to use for modifying individual spells?
  8. Perfect, I'll dig into the mechanics behind that and see what happens. I can always spin up EEKeeper to verify if the changes actually worked. I can look into this if the above doesn't get the job done. Of course, doing this is more useful long term.
  9. Yeah I will likely not mess with it at this point. I'll just look to replace individual spells. Does that involve just removing specific 2da files from Override?
  10. Yep figured it was too deeply baked at this point. I don't particularly like the changes to: Haste + Improved Haste (targeting changes, apr changes, save changes) Death Spell -> Banishment Changing the Save type on Spirit Armor to death Changing the save on Blur to +3 spell, which I actually find to be too strong now Removing the bounce effect from Spell Deflection (which used to add more challenge to mage fights for me) Maybe a couple more I'm missing. Is it possible to restore just those to their vanilla versions?
  11. I have an EET installation with IRR, SR v4b18, and SCS, having a save with over 50 hours that I'd like to preserve if possible. After making my way through, I realized that I in fact don't like several of the changes from Spell Revisions. Is there a way to preserve IRR and SCS (with its spell changes) but just yank out Spell Revisions? I'm guessing since SCS installation has specific checks about SR, I may need to do something like this: 1. Uninstall SCS 2. Uninstall SR 3. Reinstall SCS. Will that wreck the save, or is it fairly safe to attempt? If that's koo-koo, is it possible t
  12. Ahh yes, I haven't tweaked the ini files at all. Will take a look today! I do have other mods installed like BG1 NPC project, Ascension, EET Fixpack, a few tiny quest mods, etc. Plus for the current installation, I am going for a solo ROFLstomp playthrough just to get back into things after years of absence from the game. Once I am ready for a more hardcore playthrough, I'll likely pare things down quite a bit and customize the install more.
  13. No worries, I will figure it out somehow. I took a look at my old installation, and I have SCS + IRR + SRv4b18, which should be good enough for now. Now that you mention it, I remember installing this last December using EET install tool and extracting on top of the item_rev folder before starting the install. EEkeeper seems to have the right items for now
  14. I have a terribly out of date installation and would like to run the latest of SRR + IRR + SCS + EET + any essential fixpacks. What's the best way to get that set up? Manual install or EET Install tool? I'm having a tough time finding up to date info across all the different mod forums.
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