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  1. Sounds fair enough. I'm also early enough in the game that it's not a big deal to reroll this one.
  2. Asking a similar question here as in the IRR thread. I just got back into BG and set up an EET install using the EE Mod Setup tool a few days ago (when g3 was still down). I'm running SRv4 b16 currently and am 3 hours into the game. Is SRR considered essential enough now that I should be nuking my install and redoing it with the "Revised" versions?
  3. I'm sorry if this question is a bit naive, but as someone just getting back into the BG world, is IRR something that's considered essential at this stage? I got my EET game set up using the EE Mod Setup tool a few days ago (when g3 was still down), and I seem to be running IRv4 b10. I've started a game and am maybe 3 hours in? Is IRR considered essential enough now that I should nuke everything and reinstall using this?
  4. I'm just referring to this document here: http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/534-big-world-english/ Try installing component #60 of spell revisions after the Big Picture stuff, and then start your SCS_SR install. See if that works.
  5. Sorry if you've shared this before already. Are you using big world setup to install it?
  6. Oh that's great to know. So I just select SR and SCS, and it takes care of it huh. Cool
  7. That is odd. Just recently I used BWS to install my favorite modes, including SCS and SR. Something changed in the last two weeks? SCS is there for sure. Just that this custom version of SCS by Kreso is not listed in BWS, and I want this one
  8. I'd like to start a new playthrough of BGT using SRv4, IRv4, SCS-SR, BP-Ascension, and a few NPC mods. Since the modlist is small (and scs-sr isn't in Big World Setup), I figured I'd do a manual installation this time. What would be the recommended install order? Or is there a way to make SCS SR work with Big World Setup? EDIT: At this point in the game, would you recommend doing this whole thing with BG:EE and EET instead?
  9. Quick question: Are thief kit revisions not at all implemented at this point? I have beta 20, and I notice that assassins still go up to x7 backstab, there are no "dirty tricks" gained, HLAs aren't granted at level 17, etc. Basically these changes in the OP don't show up at all. Also, looks like HLA's are still granted for every level above 3,000,000 xp. Is this intended behavior? As it stands, multiclass characters are still able to gain HLA's beyond level 13/13.
  10. Having played around with KR for a while, I notice that most things here aren't "incompatible" with other mods, but some KR components do rely on each others' presence when it comes to game balance. For example, installing the revised THAC0 progression without the nerfed XP progression would end up tremendously beefing up Thieves (especially the multi- or dual- variety), as their base THAC0 is better by a whole 5 points from Vanilla. Vice versa, if you take just the XP progression, you pretty much set yourself up for Hard Mode the whole game. All in all, the revisions mods seem to be building towards a certain uniform standard of game balance / challenge (what exactly is that standard doesn't seem to be defined yet), where each mod or change relies on the others' presence to a certain extent. There are of course some components that can be included or omitted without a massive difference, but there are those that are so drastic that they necessitate the presence of other balancing components.
  11. Do you mean that Protection from Evil makes the evil creatures blind to your presence?
  12. I didn't realize about gust of wind actually. That can work. Also, can you point me to which snare ability you referring to? I don't see it in the kit descriptions. I was thinking about how it's common for archers IRL to poison their arrows or light them on fire. A sufficiently advanced archer should be able to do that to a small degree without having to rely on "magical" arrows. What about offsetting the bonus to hit and damage with missile weapons? Right now, you get bonuses at 0, 4, 8, 12, 16. Would it make a difference if we do 4, 7, 10, 13, 16 (meaning archer doesn't start with that bonus)?
  13. The way ankheg behavior/AI works, once you get 2 apr, it's very easy. When they first show up, they pop up at range. If you have auto-pause on enemy sight and attack right away, you will get both attacks off before they even try their ranged attack. As soon as you fire the second arrow, walk out of sight (just a few steps is enough, as the next round will begin soon). They will dive underground without attacking and again pop up at range. Repeat till ankheg dies. This works even inside the cave. After I got to level 4, most ankhegs would die in 3 rounds (exactly 6 hits). In case you linger too long and the ankheg decides to come up to your feet, wait for it to pop up at your feet (and time the rounds correctly). As soon as it pops up, fire an arrow and walk out of melee range. The oddity here is that once an ankheg "decides" to melee, it will almost never fire ranged attacks at you. As soon as you go out of melee range, it again dives underground. Repeat this until the ankheg dies. By level 3, with 19 dex and early THAC0 bonuses, you will almost never miss against an ankheg. That's an easy 20 to 25 thousand xp depending on how often you return to the map at night (to reset the spawns). I can also think of a good many BG2 fights that cram you into tiny spaces. If we can make up some excuse to give the archer a spell / ability that shoves an enemy away, would that help balance the positional issues you mentioned? Being a ranger, even an ankle snare type ability would be fitting. The other approach could be to make the archer's glass-cannon-ness even greater, allowing it to be the undisputed champion of bows at high levels (meaning there is no way a fighter should be able to match up with a bow). Increased critical hit rate, adding alternate damage types, bleeding side effects, etc. are all options to consider, IMO.
  14. Also, I wanted to echo that Archers are outlandishly powerful in early BG1, but I'm not quite sure how one would mitigate that. A lone elven archer with a longbow (quickly upgraded to a composite) and regular old arrows can juggernaut through the entire first four chapters of the game without breaking a sweat. You can solo the entire Ankheg map (especially at night when they come out) and cave starting from level 3, and you'll easily end up close to 6 by the time your joyride is over. At level 5 (just a couple of thousand xp away from level 6) with nothing but a composite bow, the archer attacks twice per round with an astonishing 7 THAC0, and I've barely just made it past Nashkel. I haven't even picked up Long bow of marksmanship or any useful bracers/gauntlets. Perhaps things will balance out towards mid to late game, as other classes start to shine. But going by Kreso's feedback from earlier, it would be good to give some boost to the later levels, while balancing out the early ones.
  15. There are very few who can, since two magic missile castings will kill you, and Horror is very hard to resist at level 1. Namely, clerics (Command), mages with familiar, stalkers/thieves apart swash, berserker. Others have to rely on luck I'm afraid. Fwiw, the best deal for level 1 character is rush to Beregost, speak to Marl for 900 exp, give the book to mage for 300, help that evil bardess kill the actors (300 exp + 3 defense potions), kill spiders in house with ranged weapons (lure them out), kill ogres south of Beregost with range weapons and give letter to the chick. That should give you level 2 at least. Now go to FAI, if you're a monk use stealth and return spider, boots and wine to guy at top floor. That should give you level 3, usually enough to kill Tarnesh solo. Or pick up Viconia to tank his magic. Good to know. Will try that next time I play an iniyially squishy melee character.
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