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  1. Thanks DavidW. That'll teach me... to trust the internet so easily. P.S. Here is my WeiDu log.
  2. Hello, Just wondering is the faster bear component supposed to affect druid bear form, or is it just supposed to affect normal bears? I have got Refinement shapeshifting fix installed, so is that a possible cause for the druid bear form to be moving at the original slow pace?Thanks.
  3. Hi Berelinde, yes I an using v10, and no worries, take your time. Here is my WeiDU log if it helps.
  4. Hi, just a quick question. If I go to Spellhold through Aster's root, is the chapter 3 supposed to be triggered? Currently it is not in my game. Is it normal? However, if I sided with the shadow thieves I could still get the cutscene. Thanks.
  5. My gratitude was meant for you David, sorry if I didn't make it clear in my previous post.
  6. First thing first, I just want to say thank you for this great mod, and for all the new updates. This is the feedback topic right? After hours of playing I thought to myself, if both Insect Plague and Creeping Doom spells have been nerfed why didn't Summon Insects? I know Summon Insects is a low level spell, but all three spells belong to the same family of spells, so wouldn't it be logical (maybe just logical to me ) to have Summon Insects handicapped by the same effect? They all involve bugs, so shouldn't they be subjected to the same weakness (fire)? I guess I just thought that would be more consistant. Again, this is just my humble opinion.
  7. Thanks Kulyok, I guess my mind was playing tricks on me.
  8. Hi all, I just have a quick question, and hope to be enlightened. As stated in the title, I am wondering if there is any inter-npc banter that is PC class specific. Spoiler alert... I am asking this because,... I think I have exhausted all party banters in my current game (Ctrl+I anyone ), but that particular banter never showed up. Any reply is appreciated.
  9. Thanks, I'll just get back to my adventure then.
  10. Hello again, so the problem is still there even if I started a new game with a new character. Other than that this is by far one of the best mods I have tried out. Thanks so much. I just want to double check that, does the hot fix involve setting "Global("DREAM","GLOBAL")" to 2 or is there anything else? Thanks again for this great mod and any help you could provide.
  11. Hi berelinde, yes it is very much reproducible across reloads. I loaded a few different earlier saves before the dream sequence, and each time I rested, got the dream sequence and waited for 5 minutes, then rested again, and waited for another 5-minute. Unfortunately, still no talk from Imoen about the dream. The only time Imoen seems to talk about the dream is when I manually set the "Global("DREAM","GLOBAL")" to 2. Funny thing, when I did that it also triggered Xzar's dream-related talk.
  12. Funniest thing, when I type in "GetGlobal("X#ImoenDreamResponse2","GLOBAL")" into the console it said that Global("X#ImoenDreamResponse2","GLOBAL")"Does not exist". As for Global("DREAM","GLOBAL"), the console informed me that it is set to -1. Sorry, as I mentioned I am still new to this all these mods, I'll be grateful if you could explain what this means.
  13. Hi cmorgan, thanks for the reply, unfortunately I have tried that (five rests in succession after the dream sequence) and still no dream-related talk from our beloved Imoen after pc's first dream sequence.
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