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  1. well, having just solo'd bg1 with a wiz. i'd say selective combat and frequent withdraws isnt just for the clergy
  2. quick suggestion. make sequencers and triggers able to target the ground.
  3. technicaly its not cheating as BG2 uses a nerfed memorizing table, or a hybrid between 2ed and 3rd ed?
  4. you're right, of course. The AI isnt as much a concern to me as the spell being used is capable of almost unlimited cheese when used by the PC. thats why im partial to advocating the removal of SI in favor of already established spells in D&D sourcebooks. like nondetection. im sorry for articulating poorly; has a less cheesy feel to it.
  5. its abusive in the fact that it makes it a do-or-die situation to have a mage WITH the right spell selection at hand to deal with in a timely fashion. a cleric, no matter how epic would be wasting his true sight. its abusive because it requires a few key spells to be memorized at all times. im sure there are various ways to deal with without dispelling and/or targetting, but im seeing it from a solo-play point of view. I just feel that the SI is too powerful (im not saying that its wrong to use it, especially not in the context of 'smarter mages') but as a whole it has a feel of dictating th
  6. well, no. the dynamic of remove magic is that it is almost useless half the time. SI:I is useful ALL the time. well, an example serves better in the context of defining cheats/abusing in the game than quoting the dictionary...
  7. low cost, high effect. like SI:I the trick where you can make the project image immune to divinations is very abusive.
  8. one could make MB only affect the caster, that would put it sub par CC in terms of team-buffing. it was discribed that way in at least one of the rulebooks. SI is a right mess and should be deleted.. in most cases it does work, but for it to work to specs it should in reality block timestop too...
  9. the effects of the 'greenstone amulet' is basically mind blank.
  10. source: tome of magic, advanced dungeons and dragons 2.ed. still, my point is in effect as 'tome of magic' would be published after the players handbook.
  11. well, it would be a copy, in a sense. but i havent seen CC in the 2.ed handbook. so in terms of 'reality' CC would be a copy of mind blank.. the effects of mind blank should be as described, but im unsure if it should effect GM though. but i think its about high time wizards got their own counter to mind flayers and those charming lady-demons
  12. being used and being useful isnt always the same thing. but i guess its all how you prefer to play anyhoo! still, being immune to any and all mind affects for a day is vastly more useful than a mazing someone, in my mind atleast.
  13. pw blind was op, and i dont concern myself with cheesy spells. simulacrum doesent work for everybody, it depends on how you play. i never use that or project image because it makes me feel like a dirty cheater vanilla pro energy offered 75% protection from everything. that meant you could "almost" shrug of anything. combinded with pro elements you would be immune to everything but acid, but that hardly matterd as the 'take damage' animation would still be in effect and disrupt any and all but the quickest spells. maze has never been a spell worth a 8th level slot, and i suspect thats why ALL
  14. not so. as solo sorcerers and solo mages, mind blank would be incredibly useful. especially with the amount of mind affecting magics out and about, not to mention that once charmed you're dead in the eyes of the game. mind blank would be invaluable. vanilla 8th had nearly no good spells, save trigger, wilting and incidiary. now with the pro-elements we have 4. arguably ggoi is usable, but its not part of 2.ed afaik atleast. mind blank is. and least of all it should not be kept out of arcane spell selection because something simillar is in the divine. i've given my suggestion due pro
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